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32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions – Tennis Inside the Zone


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32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions – Tennis Inside the Zone

32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions – Tennis Inside the Zone, is the first book of its kind, enabling the athlete to be the player, coach, and champion of his or her sport.

This highly interactive approach provides you with tailored mental training exercises, professional quotes about their own experiences, fundamental principles, and solutions to help you get beyond genuine difficulties on the court.

Athletes have unmatched confidence, flexibility, and freedom during competition because of this special mix, which frequently makes the difference between winning and losing. These 32 cutting-edge mental training exercises were created using years of experience with elite athletes to help you find the extraordinary spirit of your game.

They will help you establish your own style, story, and skills. By transforming your skills, Tennis Inside the Zone enables you to enjoy the pleasure of reaching your own peak performance. Finally, you’ll achieve your personal best on and off the court. Prepare yourself to succeed in ways you might not have previously imagined.

About the Author Rob Polishook, MA., CPC is the founder of Inside the Zone Sports Performance Group. He is a well-known workshop facilitator and speaker who has spoken at ITA, USTA, and USPTA conferences.

Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, Tennis Channel.com, and ESPN have all featured his work. He is a qualified professional life coach and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, and he holds a master’s degree in psychological studies with a focus in sport and exercise psychology.

He works with athletes and teams, from young players to professionals, as a mental training coach to help them understand the power of their mental edge.

What Changes Happen to Your Game

  • Adapt & Adjust under pressure during a game?
  • Recover quickly from failures and defeats?
  • Use negativity as fuel by rephrasing it?
  • Stop focusing on things you can’t change.
  • Focus on the here and now rather than the past or future.
  • Compete valiantly in the most trying circumstances?

Specifications of The 32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions – Tennis Inside the Zone

  • Number of Pages: 226 Pages
  • Paper Cover
  • Idiom: English
  • Publication date: August 28, 2017

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10 reviews for 32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions – Tennis Inside the Zone

  1. Stacy230

    While I don’t play tennis, I do work in a very competitive sales industry. I like to read books that can help me with sports psychology and competing, because i live that reality every day.I also dont have a lot of time to read, so I like books that get to the point quickly and give me helpful exercises to improve my success rate.One of my favorite quotes in this book, and there are too many to put in this review, is: “Sometimes the best choice is to stay patient, stay in the point until an opportunity presents itself.“This advice seems so simple, but for me, it provides the biggest challenge. The author wrote this point so beautifully. I keep the quote on my desk in front of me at all times.There are so many jewels of wisdom in this book. It is a book to read slowly, digest, and reread later. The knowledge you will get from it will deepen over time, as you mature in your sport, or in my case, my career.I liked the book so much i bought several others by the same author. 5 Stars!!

  2. Todd Cherches – BigBlueGumball

    While most athletes and sports coaches — tennis or otherwise – tend to focus on the physical part of the game, they often overlook, or underestimate, the all-important mental component. In his excellent book TENNIS INSIDE THE ZONE, author and mental training coach Rob Polishook shares with us his secrets of success in the form of his 32 innovative and interactive mental training workouts. While guiding us systematically and sequentially from off-court, to pre-match, to match, to post-match, Polishook’s insights and exercises are designed to help us elevate our performance both on and off the court. Like having a mental conditioning coach in a book, Inside the Tennis Zone is an indispensable personal development resource that will help any athlete take their game to a whole new level.

  3. Nijah

    Rob’s book is extremely helpful for anyone who wants to get the most out of their athlete. His workouts are simple yet they encourage you to dig deep and get to know yourself. If purchasing for your young athlete, I recommend you purchase a copy for yourself as well so that you may do the workshops with the athlete. It really helps. I promise!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Robs insight into modern day sports psychology is eye opening. His ability to personalize the book to the individual is unique, something that’s very hard to do. What makes this book great is the interaction piece in addition to the reading. The chapter by chapter workouts allow the reader to fully engage in an experience that most sports psychology books simply can’t do. Robs focus goes beyond just catering to the athlete. He views the athletic experience as a life experience. For me, it helped out a lot with my match play on the court but also with my approach to work. I’d recommend this book to athletes of all sports, not just tennis. I look forward to what’s next in store!

  5. John W. Wood

    This is a book not to be read, but to be studied and thumb-worn over time. There are many, many golden nuggets here to be incorporated into everyday life — not just tennis. If a young person were to read this book thoroughly he/she will be rewarded hugely, no matter what ‘game’ they are involved with.I am an older player that loves the sport of tennis. Reading and analyzing what Mr. Polishook has written makes me now a better player — I think and hope. If I had had this book when I was younger I would be a much, much better player and person.

  6. Ethan Saal

    I have read many mental training books, but none of them really connected to me as personally as this one. There are so many life lessons to be learned in each of the workouts. After just reading and doing a couple of workouts, I felt an immediate change of attitude on the court. The joy of the game came back and I suddenly felt more curious out there. All judgements vanished, perfection out the window, and creativity streamed in. It’s an incredible feeling that every athlete should take the opportunity to experience through reading this book! And of course, the biggest message of all: More Than An Athlete (MTAA). To find out exactly what that means to its entirety, take a moment to click on add to cart and give it a read. Promise it is worth it. Be curious, not furious.

  7. Daniel R. Warner

    “Tennis Inside The Zone – Mental Training Workouts For Champions” by Rob Polishook is an indispensable and beautifully presented guide to advancing one’s ability to achieve one’s full potential in tennis. The greatest impediment to not reaching one’s maximum level of accomplishment and enjoyment of the game is falling short on the mental aspect. Most players (regardless of level) have at one time or another played in the “Zone”. In general, they have no idea how they got there or how to get there again. All they know is that they want to stay in the Zone as long as possible. They are like accidental tourists in a mythical land. Rob’s book is a lovingly written, eminently understandable guide to get you back there again, but not just accidentally. Whether reading the book cover to cover, or focusing on isolated segments, the reader is presented with principles to reach one’s potential. The only suggestion I would make is replacing the word “Champions” in the title with the word “Everyone”. I highly recommend this book for every person who wants to improve in their chosen sport, whether tennis or otherwise.

  8. Kay Alexander

    This is a MUST for anyone wanting to improve their game. Saw results immediately.

  9. Simone

    I really enjoyed the layout of this book, it made it very easy to look through and follow the prompts. If you put in the time to really self reflect and think about the concepts discussed in the book it can help any athlete improve their mental edge. Very easy to apply outside of tennis.

  10. Mark Butler

    Mr. Polishook’s book (hehe) has helped me mentally prepare for many situations in life, not just tennis. I’ve grown and improved at dealing with anxiety and overcoming adversity. I have been able to prepare myself for when these situations happen. It has helped me grow as an attorney and deal with the fierce competition in litigation. This book can only help you improve your professional and personal life. You do not have to read this book cover-to-cover. You can cherry-pick chapters as you feel they are applicable to your life. I highly recommend it!

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