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Adidas Alphaskin Head Tie


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Adidas Alphaskin Head Tie

The Adidas Alphaskin Head Tie is a great option for tennis players who care about their appearance and want to avoid getting sweat and hair all over their faces. You can’t afford to have hair in your eyes when you’re playing tennis. With its elastic, moisture-proof, breathable fabric, this Adidas headband saves the day. Be on your way after tying it at the rear.

Specifications of the Adidas Alphaskin Head Tie

  • Sizes: One Size, Adjustable
  • Colors: Black/White, White/Black, Royal Blue
  • Nike Dri-FIT eliminates perspiration for quicker evaporation, keeping you cool and dry.
  • Adjustable design offers a personalized fit.
  • Length: 39″
  • Width: 2.5″
  • Material: 91% polyester, 9% spandex
  • Hand wash
  • Imported

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one size


Black/White, Collegiate Royal Blue/Black, Red/Black, White/Black

10 reviews for Adidas Alphaskin Head Tie

  1. Deborah Whitis

    Got this for my daughters spirit day at camp.

  2. Amazon Customer

    When i’ve put it on, Metal Gear Solid quote run through my head straight away:“In giving up her life she abandoned everything she was as a soldier. I will not make the same choice as her. From now on call me a Big Boss”

  3. Trey

    One handed and sneak +5.

  4. James S.

    This is an excellent product which is very absorbent and maintains its color after repeated washing

  5. chris padilla

    Fit great, stretched out and washed and elastic did not shrink

  6. Kit Laird

    I loved this it is good to use for any sport and fits any head shape!!! Would highly recommend it.

  7. Aggienurse

    My daughter has 3 of these headbands for volleyball. They never slip. She loves them.

  8. Armand McNair

    Really comfortable, absorbes sweat good, recommend.

  9. Falcon_Jp

    I bought two of these. (One from the outlet, the other on here) Added the extra flare I needed! Never had any sweat in my eyes, and it fits very well on my head. I love the material, and there’s no elastic to irritate my forehead during a workout. My best headband so far!

  10. andy

    Pretty cool head band

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