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Aoneky Tennis Net Mini Portable for Driveway


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Aoneky Tennis Net Mini Portable for Driveway

Aoneky Tennis Net Mini Portable is Simple to assemble and disassemble. It’s so much fun to spend the weekend with some excellent friends playing tennis. Aoneky tennis net is extremely long-lasting. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. For deep holes, a net is an excellent tool for the junior player. Tennis players who have prior experience with in-depth drills will also benefit greatly from using this as a teaching tool. Because of this tennis net, putting down a little tennis shoe is quite simple.

Specifications of the Aoneky Tennis Net Mini Portable for Driveway

  • Tennis net length: 18 feet, tennis net high: 33 inch
  • Colors: Black
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Suitable for driveway, street, backyard, etc.
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 120 x 36 x 0.12 inches
  • product weight 4.6 pounds

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10ft, 18ft

10 reviews for Aoneky Tennis Net Mini Portable for Driveway

  1. Amber

    We are loving this. Fits perfect in the area we have. It is so much fun. Super easy to set up and take down. We are happy with it.

  2. Faye11708

    We bought this for our 5 year old grandsons to practice tennis in our driveway. It works well and keeps them outside playing instead of inside wanting to watch TV! It’s light weight which is nice if moving around, but requires a weight on each side. We used a bag of sand and it works well. The height is adjustable which is great for different ages.

  3. Poppies

    So we wanted to play pickleball in the driveway but we could not leave a pickleball net assembled, we don’t have the storage space. The usual picklenet or USPA nets (which are actually the same product from what I understand) look like they take a while to assemble, 8 minutes is what I read. That is 16 minutes if you are talking about putting the net up and taking it down. This net is slightly shorter at 18 foot, but is a breeze to put up and down. It has that stretchy bungee cord they use inside tent poles and it collapses like tent poles do. Those protrusions you see on the crossbar are foamy circles with slots to snap the pieces into as you disassemble the net. It ends up being in two connected pieces when you are done, very similar in size to two lighter weight folding camping type chairs you would fold up and put in a bag to carry on your shoulder. The net slips over the end poles. It has a stretchy C shaped clip that goes in a hole in the net to pull some tension. The net is pretty lightweight. The whole system is a bit light (which is nice for assembly/disassembly/carrying) but one time it started to tip in stronger wind although it has not toppled over.For an easy set up take down for pickleball on the go if you are ok with only an 18 foot wide court, this is perfection. The amount of wind it would take to knock this over is probably enough that you wouldn’t be wanting to play pickleball anyway which is a game VERY affected by the wind, unlike tennis. The net is plenty strong for a pickleball hitting it even with good velocity.Now, I don’t know, but I would suspect that this system would NOT work nearly as well for tennis. I think that the lightweight nature here would be a real problem: a) I don’t think the net would last long with tennis balls hitting it-it’s pretty delicate b) I could see a tennis ball even knocking the entire net over if hit hard enough and c) tennis is more playable in windy conditions when the net my topple over from wind.

  4. Christina

    Thank you!

  5. MomTravelerOCD

    It comes in a portable (strap) bag and can be easily transported in the trunk of a car. The photos I included are of the net set up for a red ball practice (USTA 8 and under red ball category). It was easy to set up after looking at the photos on the paper instruction that came with the net/bag. It’s kind of a smart design in how the metal tubes interlock and come apart for disassembling.

  6. Dell Y. Prater

    Net was easy to assemble and so much fun. Quality is great! My granddaughter, her friends, and I had a ball playing in the driveway.

  7. Joe

    Decent quality, very easy to assemble and disassemble. Sturdy during play

  8. esteban

    Todo me agrado

  9. Doriath19

    I bought this to play pickleball in the driveway with my kids. We have had a lot of fun! It’s really easy to set up and take down.

  10. Oliver Castillo


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