Babolat SFX3 All Court Men’s Tennis Shoes (Black/Orange)


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Babolat SFX3 All Court Men’s Tennis Shoes (Black/Orange)

For its devoted fanbase, the new SFX3 is the ideal balance of comfort and performance.

The SFX has allowed athletes to remain comfortable while still performing well on the court. Babolat wanted to keep all of the elements that made the first model so popular with players all around the world for the third edition of the original model.

The primary factors for SFX design are player comfort and performance. The SFX3’s wide toe box is still present. To maximize comfort, the Babolat team created an entirely new insole. The new insole is manufactured using the same “memory foam” technique used in high-end mattresses, giving it a distinct sensation. An EVA patch is positioned underneath the heel to cushion it.

Providing further assistance was also a top goal. The shoe’s structure was upgraded with a new design to improve lateral stability. The SFX3’s upper is made primarily of mesh, which provides improved flexibility and breathability, which is appropriate for this style of shoe and gives it a particular personality.

With its elegant appearance, high-quality materials, and pillow-like cushion, the SFX3 has all it needs to win over existing fans and gain new ones.

Features of the Babolat SFX3 All Court Men’s Tennis Shoes (Black/Orange)

  • Upper: The addition of an external sidewall. It’s a one-piece design with an incredibly breathable grill mesh..
  • Durability: The toe bumper’s rubber composition enhances the upper’s long-term durability in the mid- and forefoot regions. Michelin’s solely-produced compound (DIN 35)
  • Cushion: The TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compression system provides high-performance shock absorption.
  • Comfort: Exceptional comfort thanks to the Ergo Motion multi-layer insole.

Specifications of the Babolat SFX3 All Court Men’s Tennis Shoes (Black/Orange)

  • Size: 40, 40.5, 41, 42, 42.5, 43, 44, 44.5, 45, 46, 46.5, 47
  • Color(S): Black/Orange
  • Type of the Surface: All Court
  • FIT: Standard

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47, 43, 40.5, 46, 42.5, 45, 42, 41, 44, 40, 44.5, 46.5





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