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Babolat Team Maxi Backpack


The Babolat Team Maxi Backpack comes with 1 main compartment, 1 racket compartment (up to 2 rackets) , 1 shoe compartment, and 2 pockets for accessories.

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Babolat Team Maxi Backpack

Although the Babolat Team Maxi backpack can accommodate up to two tennis rackets in its racket-specific compartment on the backside, it was designed to accommodate all your tennis gear in its main compartment. The main compartment is actually large enough and full of storage and pockets to accommodate all of your belongings without seeming cluttered. We have included two accessory pockets on the side of the bag, as well as a ventilated shoes section.

Due to its 44-liter capacity, the Babolat Team Maxi backpack will allow you to take everything you need for work (with its laptop/document compartment) and tennis without the need to carry two separate bags. Keep your belongings well organized with its accessories and smart pockets. Your pair of tennis shoes is kept separate from the rest of your belongings thanks to the ventilated shoes pocket.

Specifications of Babolat Maxi Team Tennis Backpack

  • Racket Capacity: 2
  • Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 11.5 in
  • Number of Handles: 1
  • Number of Straps: 2
  • Bag Capacity: 44 L
  • Material: 85% Polyester & 15% PU
  • Number of Pockets: 1 main  compartment, 1 racket compartment, 1 ventilated shoes compartment, and 2 pockets for accessories

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For a perfect match, we suggest that you go for a Babolat tennis racket suitable for your bag. And while you are at it, why not check out our Babolat tennis shoes and Babolat tennis apparel, as well? Happy tennis shopping!

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10 reviews for Babolat Team Maxi Backpack

  1. Willmark J.

    Maletín muy Bien manufacturado, se le ve la calidad a simple vista, muy grande, con espacio para todo.Recomendable

  2. Douglas

    This is a fantastic tennis bag and has recently replaced a huge (12-racquet) pro-style bag for me as my daily driver. It’s maybe the only bag I know of that addresses the obvious gap between tour-style bags and the dinky little backpacks at the other end of the spectrum – which is too bad, really, because there are a lot of serious recreational players who play several times a week, before and/or after work, and who need a bag which will hold a racquets, lots of tennis gear (grips, lead tape, string), towels, hats, sweat bands, water bottles, and a few cans of balls – while also swallowing a change of clothes.Conventional tour-style bags are great for holding racquets, but pretty terrible at holding anything else. The biggest ones have 3x 3-4 racquet slots, but the slots just aren’t that convenient for carrying larger stuff, such as a change of clothes or toilet kit for the post-hit shower. They’re organized pretty terribly as well, with few compartment dividers and poor approaches to accessories pockets (necessary for keys/wallet/phone, or overgrips/lead tape, or sweat bands, etc) poorly. With poor organization and a large, awkward form factor, you end up with an enormous bag, inefficiently packed, that feels both too big and too small at the same time. Lastly, if you show up with a 12-racquet tour bag, you’d better have the game to back it up, or people are going to laugh at you….But most tennis backpacks are just too dinky. Not enough accessory pockets, or too small accessory pockets, and the main compartments might hold a few cans of balls and water, but you can forget about a real change of clothes or warm-up.This bag finally compromises between these two extremes, and pretty well at that. Pros:- The main compartment is sizeable enough to swallow a lot of stuff. It will take easily double the volume of stuff most tennis backpacks will. I have fit a full change of clothes for the office, plus shoes, into this bag, alongside a couple of cans of balls, some towels, a coolie towel, a hat, and a few other odds and ends, with some room to spare.- The side pockets are large and practical enough to hold stuff as well. I have overgrips, lead tape, and a pack of string in one side, and a basic toilet kit with deodorant, hair gel, and a travel shampoo in the other. Both easily accessible and organized.- The shoe pocket is nice and large and easily accessible. It will hold more than just a pair of shoes if you like.- The accessory pocket on the outside at the top – FINALLY someone has made a pocket big enough to swallow an iPhone+ and a wallet and keys that is easily accessible. This has been a glaring oversight on virtually every other bag I’ve ever owned.- Conveniently, the bag stands up on its own. This isn’t something I thought of as that necessary but it is surprisingly nice to have once you’ve had to put your bag down on a court with no benches and need to access the contents.- The backpack straps are nice and comfortable.- Although I haven’t beaten the thing to heck, it seems to be build solidly and the material feels up for some mileage.Compromises that hurt:- 2 racquets only. I guess you could squeeze a third in, but it’s awkward. I’ve also stashed an emergency third in the main compartment, so it’s do-able. Even most good USTA 4.5 players probably rarely need a 3rd stick, but there are times when you do want or need one. This is the biggest issue I have with the bag, but it’s probably a compromise inherent to the design.- No thermal protection. Again, this might be inherent to the backpack design, but most strings don’t love the heat, and if you have to leave this bag in your car all day….A few quibbles:- As nice as the keys/wallet pocket is, I wish it had two zippers instead of just one. The way it’s configured with just one zipper, you have to start unzipping at the bottom of the pocket, and as the flap zips open, the contents can fall out. A two-zipper design would let you access the pocket from the top without fear of dumping your cell phone.- I wish there were one or two mesh pockets sewn inside the bag’s main compartment for better organization. It’s sort of a big black hole in there.- The main zipper design looks kind of cool, but the serpentine zip path makes the bag kind of a pain to open and close. It is sort of a design compromise, but I said these were quibbles….- I don’t personally see the need for the hip strap. It adds unnecessary bulk. I can’t imagine a time when I’d have so much packed into this bag that I’d need to carry the load like a sherpa.Overall though, this bag is pretty much the only one I’ve ever seen on the market that addresses the gaping chasm between tour-style bags and rinky-dink backpacks. It’s really darned good.

  3. Gabby P

    I’ve always been a Babalot person for racquets and bags. Before owning this bag, I had a bigger 6 racquet Babalot tour bag that I used during my high school tennis career. Now a sophomore in college, I play tournaments every month which require me to stay a night in a hotel during travels. I bought this bag because I was tired of bringing a seperate bag for clothes, toiletries, snacks, etc. and decided to try a backpack-style bag. I found this one and quickly decided to order it since I trust the quality of Babalot and I’m not disappointed with my purchase at all. I have more than enough room for court shoes, other sneakers, a couple extra outfits, toiletries, snacks, my two racquets and then some. Very please with the look and style of this new bag as well as the comfort and back support it provides. Other reviewers say it’s a manly bag but I’m an average-sized female and this bag is a great size for me.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Great tennis bag!!! Plenty of room for 2 pairs od shoes in the bottom if you have id say womens 8 or smaller shoes!!! Even has a laptop pocket!! Would be great for traveling too!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Fits my shoes, 2 cans of balls and 3 racquets with plenty room for more. Very comfortable and breathable when worn. Highly recommend

  6. M. Lau

    A little large but that’s what the daughter wanted for team play. Holds a lot for tournaments and travel.

  7. OZ4

    My Babolat team maxi backpack shipped and arrived on time and packed well for the shipping. No damages or other related issues with this order. The backpack is light weight making it a perfect replacement for my 12 year old tennis backpack which really helps now that I’m carrying more gear. The backpack comfortably carries my size 10.5 shoes, extra shirts and socks, couple of cans of balls, two rackets which the handle sleeve covers easily, side compartments can handle water bottles, sunblock, and other more tennis ball cannisters. The main compartment is cavernous and is separated from the racket compartment which helps with putting my rackets in the and taking them out of the backpack. I can’t comment on the durability or sturdiness at this time because it is too new and hasn’t made it out of the house yet, but my old backpack set a tough benchmark for this backpack to meet or exceed. Overall, this is a five star backpack that Amazon and the Tennis Warehouse did a great job of getting to me.


    A little big but the most clever, convenient, structured and discrète racket bag money can buy

  9. CTown

    I LOVE my new tennis backpack! It has plenty of space for all of my essentials, including my shoes without feeling cramped or crowded which is quite rare for tennis backpacks.The bag feels durable and sturdy, yet it’s flexible and expands as needed.Straps are very comfortable although the bottom waist straps are overkill IMO!5 Star Backpack!

  10. Fids

    Purchased this for someone who has a size 13 shoe, and they fit perfectly! It’s also quite sleek and awesome as a carryon! Tons of pockets and space. Awesome for 2 rackets!

5.00 average based on 10 reviews