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Dunlop Activector Men’s Tennis Shoes


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Dunlop Activector Men’s Tennis Shoes

Both the shoe’s fit and sole are distinctive and durable in the Dunlop Activector tennis shoe. You may switch between a thin fit and a comfort fit by simply replacing the insole of one shoe. As a result, the sole’s support is boosted by putting the heel closer to the foot’s sole. Unparalleled sole design that blends the stability of a flat sole with the lightness of a distinct bottom.

The Specifications of the Dunlop Activector Men’s Tennis Shoes

  • Shoe Size: 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.5, 12
  • OUTSOLE: Cushioned, long-lasting rubber sole.
  • MIDSOLE: An Eva and TPU shank running under the arch avoids torsion and adds stability.
  • UPPER: Mechanic leather in vibrant colors for added aesthetic appeal.
  • INSOLES: COMFORT insoles are incorporated into the shoe, with an additional SLIM-FIT insole given to provide an alternative fit choice. Experiment with both!

8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.5, 12

5 reviews for Dunlop Activector Men’s Tennis Shoes

  1. T Turner

    It’s so hard to find well made tennis hard court shoes with good arch support at a decent price… but these are incredible! AND they look stunning on the foot! The pictures really don’t do them justice!From the front they are blue but from the back they do this really cool color shift thing and they’re yellow!Lateral movement is a breeze and I feel like my take offs and stops are as speedy and precise as possible!They also come with 2 sets of inserts! One standard and one narrow fit that hugs the foot tighter.All in all… unbelievable shoe! I bought 8 pairs because the price was so good hoping I wouldn’t have to return them. I’m happy to say I’ll be using all 8 and wish I had gotten more at the price I paid, but the shoes are so good, I’ll pay the higher price just to keep my feet happy!Also of note: I usually wear 13… sometimes even 14. The 12.5’s fit me perfectly! Plenty of room in the toe box!

  2. Armand Molino


  3. david scarlata

    Fit well.. like the interchangeable insoles..puts Dunlop squarely in the crosshairs with this tennis shoe

  4. luis 1

    comodos, esperemos su desempeño.

  5. Atahualpa

    De buena cálida, valor/precio, excelente producto

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