Dunlop FX 500 Tour Tennis Racket


The Dunlop FX 500 Tour is a versatile tennis racket that combines speed, power, comfort & added control to take your game to the next level. On a 1-10 scale, its power and control are rated 9 and 8, respectively.

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Dunlop FX 500 Tour

If you’re looking to improve your game, the Dunlop FX 500 Tour Tennis Racket is your ideal companion. This heavyweight racquet combines the best of speed, power, control, and comfort, and is the perfect tool for intermediate to advanced players. Let the FX 500 Tour take your game to the next level!

Experience unmatched performance and playability with the latest racket technology from SONIC CORE. Our technology utilizes Infinergy foam to reduce racket vibrations by up to 37%, resulting in a more comfortable hitting sensation. With the addition of the Power Boost Groove, players can take their game to the next level with increased power, a larger sweet spot, and greater comfort. We’ve also added a unique high-performance thermoplastic elastomer compound to increase touch and feel. Finally, our Power Grid String Technology creates a 30% larger sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed for an all-around improved playing experience.


Dunlop FX Series: Trailer

Specifications of the Dunlop FX 500 Tour

  • Grip Size: 4 1/2
  • Series: FX
  • Length: 68.6 cm (27 inches)
  • Head Size: 632 cm² (98 in²)
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • Unstrung Weight: 305 g (10.8 oz)
  • Beam Width: 21-23-22 mm
  • Stiffness: 70 RA
  • Unstrung Balance: 315 mm
  • Item Weight: 907 g
  • Item Model Number: 10302130

Dunlop FX Series: Power at Full Force

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