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Dunlop Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube


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Dunlop Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

The Dunlop Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube is lightweight and convenient, making it ideal for coaches who need to pick up balls from the court. It can hold approximately 15 tennis balls, has a tube length of 38 inches, and is easily washable by hand. It’s entirely made of plastic.

Specifications of the Dunlop Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

  • Capacity: Holds about 15 tennis balls
  • Handwash
  • This lightweight tennis ball tube helps coaches easily pick up balls from the court
  • Tube length: 38 inches
  • Note: tennis balls are not included
  • imported

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9 reviews for Dunlop Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

  1. forever

    The tennis team likes it.

  2. Robert Parlade Jr.

    I just received the Dunlop Tennis Tube and Thank God I listened to the Holy Spirit in shopping online in His time. Two weeks ago, I shopped around town in Las Vegas Tennis Stores and could not find it anywhere. Living in Florida for the passed two years, ball tubes were everywhere 2b found. Here on the west coast though, they are unheard of. Praise Jesus I found them here on amazon.com with free shipping from amazon prime.I’m very pleased with the two tubes with the net height feature, fun transparency, and bazooka- like look upon pouring the balls into the basket/ hopper. I recommend these tubes to anyone looking to save your bending of the back/knees. Especially entertaining for kids to have fun picking up & look forward to loading their bazooka ball tubies ;)Thank God!Deacon Roby10is Pro 4 Christ Jesus

  3. SL Thomas

    Definitely worth the slightly higher price. I’ve had this ball tube for 5 outdoor seasons since 2013. I’m a teaching pro and use it outdoors April through October. This ball tube is a high quality, durable build and has survived the hands of many of my students. This ball tube has been in the hands of my 5-year-old daughter and all the way up to my oldest of students. Never any problems with ball pickup. Conveniently fits in the back of my trunk & has even survived me running over it with my Honda Accord when I forgot that I left it leaning against the back of my car. It was a bit flattened but wasn’t cracked or broken. I simply tried to reshape it back to its original shape and it’s been fine since. The attached photo was taken since it was run over. Mine has a handy white line towards the top of the tube for quick net height measurements. I don’t bother using the two elastic straps that go over the top of the tube. I find that it’s too cumbersome to remove & replace after ball fills. The kids always fight for this ball tube when its time to pick up balls after drills. I’m going to have to buy another one.

  4. AmandaC

    It works well. You don’t have to keep bending down to pick up the balls. Saves your back! Get it!

  5. J

    Abit longer than expected, cant really fit into my tennis bag. Would be great if it had a shoulder strap

  6. Amazon Customer

    Just what we needed for our 15 yo tennis superchamp to go and practice with the ball machine. We can go through 300 balls on the machine plus the serves and need help with pick up. Nice and easy to use.

  7. Gustavo Cavalin

    Although a ball hopper picks more balls at a time and can hold 50 balls or more, it is heavier and more difficult to handle. This tube holds up to 15 balls, but it is very light and fun to use. I also like the fact that it is transparent. I have used the tube for one month and I have no complaints about its quality.

  8. david gabel

    We use it for picking up balls. in back yard We have a gun that shoots balls for our pet to chase. Saves our back. from having to bend down and pick them up. Makes for easy storage tell next play time.

  9. Cosmin A. Miholca

    I’ve had it for a month already and considering that I pick up over 600 balls with it every day (i am a tennis private coach) it works very well. It is light and easy to use. The only “small” disadvantage is that it only holds 15 balls compared to the other tubes I used before which held 18-20 balls.I would recommend it to everyone!

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