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Epipoint Elbow Strap


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Epipoint Elbow Strap

Serious forearm and elbow pain could result from repetitive arm motions. The excess causes swelling and irritation in the tissues. During the activity, the support massages the tissue and speeds up metabolism. This may help the swelling go down quickly. The proper tendon attachments receive relief from pressure thanks to an incorporated elastic cushion.

The Oblong Viscoelastic Compression Pad relieves discomfort by providing focused intermittent compression at the lateral insertion point. The spinning compression pad can be adjusted to provide anatomically correct pressure and placement for either the right or left arm.

Forearm-wrapping and band-adjustable, this elbow support provides customizable compression. Too much tightening of the strap will trigger the appearance of the red warning section. Lightweight washable pile with a terry fabric lining for comfort and wicking away perspiration.

It is used for the treatment and prevention of tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and other forms of epicondylitis. It is adjustable and can be worn by anyone. a length ranging from 22.5 to 33 cm The circumference of the broadest area just below the elbow is the most reliable measure of forearm size when the arm is at a 90-degree angle.

All Bauerfeind products are made in Germany to the highest production standards in order to guarantee exceptional quality. In the past 80 years, Bauerfeind technology has evolved and has continued to set the standard for performance, fit, comfort, and support.

Specifications of the Epipoint Elbow Strap

  • 1 strap per Pack
  • Colour: Black
  • Helps massage tissue and reduce swelling
  • Compression to relieve pain
  • Professional technology to guarantee the best results.
  • Used to help treat and help prevent tennis elbow.
  • All Bauerfeind items are created in Germany to ensure quality.
  • length between 22.5 and 33 cm
  • For almost 80 years, Bauerfeind technology has increased performance, fit, comfort, and support.

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10 reviews for Epipoint Elbow Strap

  1. Adam

    Easy to place and adjust. Red line really helps not to over tighten

  2. ZoomZorch

    Generally, I’ll compare the devices: Sleeve vs Band/Mfgr. vs Mfgr. The existing Amazon reviews cover the individual pros & cons.For months, I’ve been dealing with moderate to severe medial epicondylitis or “golfers elbow”. Both elbows – more pronounced in right (I’m right handed). As my elbow pain began to become a very persistent problem, I decided to find a “fix”. I’m pleased to say my elbows are much improved … read on.The onset my elbow problems coincided with the failure of the pneumatic piston on my office chair which resulted in the chair sinking to the “bottom”/not staying at the desired height. Not realizing this would cause elbow problems, I procrastinated replacing the chair for a few months because, after all, it was still functional … just lower than I was accustomed to. Once the broken chair was identified as the problem, I immediately stopped using it and replaced it. Slowly, my elbows got better … but they were still injured and needed support to heal. Those of you that have epicondylitis from working at your desk, PLEASE try raising your chair up a few inches.Replacing the chair put me on the road to recovery. However, I soon discovered that healing my “injured” elbows was going to take some time. Riding my bike (road & mountain) inflamed my elbows and set me back in the healing process. Same thing with golf. Taking divots & grounding the club was very painful.Ongoing, my elbows would be especially painful in the morning. I had never experienced this pain before my office chair inflicted injury. I’ve researched & believe the pain is from sleeping with my arms tightly bent. Bending the elbow compresses the ulnar nerve and flexes the injured tendon thus exacerbating the injury. I started sleeping with elbow sleeves which reminded me to keep my arms straight(er) throughout the night. Soon, my morning elbow pain began to subside.So what’s the fix? Surgery isn’t an option for me. Advil & ice help but aren’t the cure. So I went to the internet to read all abut epicondylitis (including Amazon product reviews) for a potential fix. Lots of great reviews here on Amazon for various brands of elbow bands and elbow sleeves. Not sure what to do, and growing impatient with the limitations imposed by my elbows (really – I can’t pick that up because my elbow hurts??), I decided to purchase several of the better quality/more popular straps and sleeves that I found here on Amazon.For each device, I assume that I purchased the correct size based on the manufacturers sizing recommendation. This of course, doesn’t mean I got the correct sizes. Here are my measurements:Forearm: 11.5”Elbow: 11.5”Bicep: 12.5”A common problem with nearly all of sleeves & straps I purchased, are lack of directions. None of the sleeves tell you which end goes toward the bicep and which side of the sleeve goes over the elbow (top vs bottom). Looking at the sleeves, some have discernible differences in the openings and the weave on top/bottom. Using logic, I assume that I got them on correctly … but not sure in all cases. Same with all the bands (except the EpiSport). Where are they placed in relation to the painful tendon? How much tension should they have? How do they help the healing process? How do these things help prevent injury? The EpiSport has excellent directions describing the mechanics of the band and where to place it. These directions were very helpful making informed assumptions on how to wear all the devices.Strap or sleeve? Generally, I found the straps to be much better for targeting the muscle compression and therefore protecting the tendon. I’ve found the sleeves to be supportive giving some muscle compression & comfort while supporting the injured & surrounding areas.Straps:McDavid 489 Elbow Strap “L”: A comfortable neoprene strap. I found it helpful but limited because it compress the entire arm with some added neoprene high points for focused compression. Because the compression around the arm is mostly uniform, I don’t think it is as effective as the other straps.EpiSport Epicondylitis Clasp “L”: Excellent instructions on how to wear the clasp and how it works. Because of the instructions, I understand how the band is designed to work: “The clasp applies dual compression on the long tendons of the forearm extensor and flexor muscles making them more parallel to allow healing to begin and reduce inflammation and pain.” I wore it on the golf driving range and for a few rounds of golf. It was comfortable and effective. No pain during or after. I believe, this clasp does the best job of targeting and compressing the muscle while reducing the compression elsewhere on the arm.Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Strap One Size: Looking at their web site, I believe this strap is designed for tennis elbow and therefore any vague instructions are geared for compression on the outside of the arm. I reverse everything and use it for golfers elbow. Worked well for tree pruning project with heavy arborist pole saw. Pulling motion was too much for elbows. Not really believing this would help, I decided to try it. Figured it was worth a try since I couldn’t continue anyway. Also didn’t know for sure how to put it on since it didn’t come with any instructions other an elaborate multi language disclaimer booklet. I put it on and pain was gone! Couldn’t believe it. No pain afterward either. Later, Google helped me find this information on where to put the strap and the mechanics of how it works: “The strap should be placed around 2.5 cm distal to the lateral epicondyle”. Turns out, I had the strap too close to the elbow. I found the quote here: http://www.mikereinold.com/2009/07/are-tennis-elbow-straps-effective.htmlSleeves:Zensah Compression Elbow Sleeve “M”: Wore it on vigorous hour long mountain bike ride. Did the job. Supported my elbow. No pain during or after ride. The weave of the Zensah appears to be very specific for support & range of motion (this is the only way I could figure out how to wear it). The Zensah is a thinner lighter weave and therefore “cooler”. I think it generally helped with the constant vibrations.McDavid 512 Elastic Elbow Support “L”: Left arm on vigorous hour long mountain bike ride. Did the job. Supported my elbow. No pain during or after ride. Function was not quite as good as the Zensah. The McDavid, however, is a thicker heavier weave & and therefore “warmer”. If want the extra warmth, I will go with McDavid. I sleep with the McDavid sleeve on because it comfortably supports and helps me keep from bending my elbows tightly.Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support “Size 4: Comfortable neoprene and anatomical/form fitted neoprene sleeve with compression high points that don’t really compress much. It doesn’t come up onto bicep very high and tends to slip down more than others. Although it provides some support and limited compression, its best attribute is impact protection to the painful area. You will know what I’m talking about when you bump the painful tendon connection. I wear this when doing educational part of my Jiu Jitsu class. It won’t, however, stay on my elbow while sparring so I take it off to spar.

  3. J. Jones

    This elbow brace is better made than most other elbow braces on the market. At least for me, it has been very effective. Helps reduce pain of golfers elbow during activity.

  4. Emma M. cestero

    Love it for playing tennis

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have golfer elbow. I’ve been unable to play without a brace. I’ve tried many. This is the first one that actually worked. One nice feature is you can tighten it up right before you swing then afterwards loosen it so it won’t cut off your circulation. Don’t hesitate at the price. It works.

  6. cindy

    Biy this brace for your tennis elbow, I was wearing a bandit and thought it was working great until I ordered this at the suggestion of my physical medicine MD. This works and is worthy the money, I just ordered a second so I have one to wear when I wash one

  7. Bill_OKC

    I play three hours of racquetball at least twice a week. I was developing bad tennis elbow from time to time. Even when I laid off playing, almost the first time back, my pain would return. This product lets me play without the pain. My only complaint is cleaning it. Can’t simply thow it in the wash. Therefore, I wipe it clean with diaper wipes or similar product (whatever handy at the time).I would highly recommend this product as I have to all who play around me that wear some type of wrist strap.This brand was first introduced to me by a fellow player who wore an arm “tube” that stretched over the elbow with points within the product that helped He was very happy with his product, but I didn’t want a tube-like one, so I tried the band. Great product.

  8. Edward Joon Song

    Outstanding. I’ve tried 2 other elbow braces from Amazon that were highly rated. This one has proven to be the best. I hesitated to purchase given the cost, but I’ve used Bauerfeind braces for my knee to great effect and when the other braces weren’t working, I decided to give this one a try.I use this for tennis and it has worked dramatically better than other braces. I do have some concerns that over time the 5 point pad may wear down, but having used this for the last couple of weeks, I can easily say this has allowed me a free range of motion without pain that I didn’t have earlier.

  9. Marcy L. Thompson

    Two years ago, I pulled my left triceps. While I was recovering from that, I have myself tennis elbow, by improperly compensating for the injured muscle. My doctor recommended a brace, so after some research, I got this one. It took a little practice to get it in the right spot, but once I mastered that, it worked great, and the tennis elbow went away after only two weeks of using it.Last month, I injured the right arm, including what felt suspiciously like tennis elbow. My doctor agreed, so I dug out this brace, switched it up for use on the other arm, and started using it. Again, it worked like a charm. I really like the convenience of only having to store one brace, as opposed to the wrist braces I use occasionally, where I have to have separate left and right braces.This is comfortable, easy to use, reversible for both arms. It also fits a wide range of arms, and has a warning guide to let you know if you’ et tightened it too far. Highly recommended.

  10. Kindle Customer

    Relieved tendinitis completely. Terrific tendon support. Not like any other strap. Little pricier than other products but worth every cent.

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