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Fitpolo SmartWatch for Android and iOS


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Fitpolo SmartWatch for Android and iOS

The Fitpolo 2021 Upgraded Smart Watch, with its 1.33-inch TFT-LCD full touch screen, is a significant advancement in button touch fitness watches and advanced health smartwatches that help you tune in to your body with tools for sleep tracking, sports recording, menstrual health tracking, relax guidance, alarm, timer, and other features.

Works with iOS 8 and higher and Android 4.4.4 and up. Download and install the free “VeryFitPro” APP, connect this smartwatch to your phone, and you can receive calendar, SMS, incoming calls, and SNS (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, and more) alerts on this watch; it will never let you miss an important event.

Features of the SmartWatch for Android and iOS

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker. Keep track of your heart rate and sleep cycles (Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Wakeful time) in real time. The app tells you how long and well you slept, allowing you to make changes to your routines or habits.

IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch & Long-lasting Battery – Fitpolo Smart Watches have an IP68 waterproof rating, so you can swim in the pool while wearing one without fear. Longer endurance is provided by large capacity and low power consumption designs. It supports 7 days of normal use and 35 days of standby time.

More Useful Gadgets & 9 Exercise Modes – The Fitpolo smartwatch has many useful features, including customizable watch faces, alarm clocks, stopwatches, timers, music controllers, sedentary reminders, adjustable brightness, and find the phone. The app is called VeryFitPro, and it is only compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and higher-end smartphones running Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0—IT IS NOT FOR PC OR TABLET.

Specifications of the Fitpolo SmartWatch for Android and iOS

  • Color(s): Black
  • Model Name: VeryFitPro ID205L
  • Style: Modern
  • Screen Size:1.3 Inches
  • Product Frequency: 2402-2480 MHz
  • Battery Capacity: 210 mAH
  • Charging Volatage: 5V±0.2V
  • Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
  • Battery Life: 8-10 Days
  • Waterproof Level: 5 ATM
  • Weight of Product: 35 g
  • Operating Temprature: 20°C – 40°C
  • Bluetooth Version: BLE 4.2
  • Special Feature: Menstrual Health Tracking, 9 Sport Modes, Alarms, Music Controller, Stepdown Counter, IP68 Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Step Tracker, Calorie Burned CounterMenstrual Health Tracking, 9 Sport Modes, Alarms, Music Controller, Stepdown Counter, IP68 Waterproof, Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Step Tracker, Calorie Burned Counter

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10 reviews for Fitpolo SmartWatch for Android and iOS

  1. Jeff Brown Jr.

    I’ve had this model/brand of watch before. After long years of daily wear and tear, the strap finally broke. (My job is very hands on) To this day my old one still works and still charges well, just no wrist strap anymore. This brand of smart watch is really good for the price you pay. I personally don’t use some of the functions, like the email and sleep app, but if you want a nice smart watch, and don’t want to pay an outrageous price, this is the one you want.

  2. AZN8TV

    I ordered this as a step tracker. What I got was so much more.I love the big, bright display. It tells me what time, day and day of the week. As a retired person, I need that sometimes.The app download was pretty easy, yet I’m not sure I will use it much. I don’t care to have my information shared or like to compete with others in step count. Personal preference.This watch/step counter would be great for any older person who needs a little help by way of a simple watch.As far as the battery goes, I only wear it during the day. I take it off when I go to bed. The temptation to check the time would interfere with my 8 hours of sleep. The battery has lasted WELL. I got in on Friday, charged it, then started wearing it on Saturday morning. So far, I’ve only used 10% of the battery.Love this product!

  3. Candee

    This watch has been fantastic. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but all I needed was a wristwatch and this one has held up great. After two years of lots of athletic use, the little band that holds the loos strap to the fixed strap broke and even though this was long past warranty, Fitpolo offered to send me the broken piece for free! That is excellent customer service!!!

  4. Marielle

    I’ve been using this for a few days and I like it a lot. It was easy to set up with the app, and it charges quickly. I bought this to monitor my heart rate because I have somewhat frequent heart palpitations especially when I’m stressed out. In addition to seeing a cardiologist, I think the ability to monitor how my heart is doing is great. Sleep tracking seems accurate enough, too, which makes me feel more conscious of my overall health. Since this is my first smartwatch to own, so I don’t know if it’s really good in comparison to other smartwatches, but so far, I’m not disappointed and glad that I got this. It’s really nice to have a reminder on my wrist to take better care of my health!

  5. LDR

    Nice looking watch. It performs as described in the manual. Tracking steps was the only downside for a while until I bought new bands. The original band was either too tied or too loose for my small wrist so I was not getting accurate count. Now it is performing perfectly, new text, alarm, time, tracking activities.

  6. Angela M.

    Literally just like an apple watch or fitbit but way cheaper. I use it to track my daily steps, workouts, track my heart rate, set timers and alarms, and more. The sleep tracking works a little iffy but when it does its nice. The app is nice to use and see all the data the watch collects. It also has a little meditation feature which us great. You can also set up receiving text/ call/ social media alerts if you want but I haven’t. Batter life lasts a long time and the watch is super comfortable to workout/ sit/ sleep/ swim(It’s completely waterproof!/ anything in. If you’re a hiker, it doesn’t track elevation but does track steps. Love!! Would totally recommend.

  7. Diana

    I like that it was easy to sync w my android. I’ve been wearing it and have bumped it and got it wet and it’s still like new 9 months later. For the money, you’re getting a quality product.

  8. marva knight

    Thus watch I’ve purchased I think 3 times. First 2 times the band kept breaking because I’d get it caught on something. The first time I purchased…returned and received a replacement. 2nd watch broke too but I just put super glue on it and kept it because I liked the functionality of the watch. Well I decided to purchase again and I am so pleased with this watch. The watch gets caught often because I’m clumsy but now with the metal pin it fixable. But I don’t agree with the sleep tracker…I would definitely recommend this watch

  9. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a watch that did not have to be connected to my phone and this is working perfectly! I can track my steps without having a phone on my wrist.

  10. Olivia

    Great watch!! I must say that it didn’t have a actual activity for swimming which I was upset with. I took off in shower, but at work I wash my hands a lot no issues . Need a better selection of watch faces. But other then that it’s a really good brand, I updated and gave this watch to family, they love it !!

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