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Gamma EZ Travel Cart (250)


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Gamma EZ Travel Cart

The Gamma EZ Travel Cart PRO XD 250, a lightweight cart designed for mobility, rolls lightly over any surface. The EZ Travel Cart PRO XD 250 can hold up to 250 balls, making it significantly larger than the EZ Travel Cart 150.

The same sturdy nylon ball bag attaches firmly to the cart’s top, and a unique cross brace provides additional support for the bag below. Swiveling rubber wheels ensure easy movement (two locking wheels).

If you need to get from your car to the court quickly, the EZ Travel Cart PRO can be folded up and stored away in its own carrying bag in less than 15 seconds.

Choose the Gamma EZ 250 Tennis Travel Cart to improve your tennis training sessions. This lightweight tennis accessory is easy to transport. The inner construction is comprised of strong, lightweight steel powder-coated wire. The sturdy nylon bag can hold up to 250 balls and features a strong zipper. The basket’s cross-support structure adds further safety. The Gamma Ballhopper EZ Travel Cart folds and has a removable handle. Included premium case.

Note: Balls are not included as standard and must be purchased separately.

Specifications of the Gamma EZ Travel Cart

  • Capacity: 250 Tennis Balls
  • Colour: Black
  • Durable and detachable nylon ball bag
  • Compresses easily and packs into its own carrying case.
  • Cross brace support with a patent
  • Rubber wheels that swivel easily and have two locking wheels
  • Redesigned wheel assembly

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10 reviews for Gamma EZ Travel Cart (250)

  1. Alyssa C. Henley

    This was amazing. I grew up using shopping carts for tennis balls, but wanted something that could fold into the back of my SUV for my son who is just starting out. I was really tempted to buy the metal ones; however, I am very very pleased with this purchase. 1st, the legs/base/wheels shipped completely put together. I assumed I would have to assemble it and that was a wonderful surprise. It is light-weight and easy to move and folds nicely. I really do love this!

  2. JayMK

    Incredibly easy to take out of car, use and put away afterwards. Wheels roll easily for court use. Cart will hold enough balls to fill a high capacity ball machine. Perfect for lessons and drills. The zippered top keeps balls inside for travel. I love this one!

  3. Michael H.

    I use this to feed balls to my (now) 10 yr old daughter. Been using it for over two years now and I have to say it is an indefensible part of our training! A must have for us…

  4. Terrell

    I am not a natural athlete. I have to practice quite a bit to improve, especially on my serve. In the past I have used a ball hopper (metal basket that you can pickup balls with and then invert the handles to stand the hopper up to waist height to get to the balls easier). This has been ok, but the inverted handles weren’t that stable and the hopper would occasionally fall over when I was taking balls out of it. Also, as I was picking up balls with it, I found that as the hopper got fuller, it was harder to pick up additional balls.The Gamma Ez Travel Cart is solidly constructed and easily assembled and disassembled. Once disassembled it has a low profile in its carrying case in the trunk of my car. The nylon ball bag that comes with the cart is durable and is quickly secured to the four corners of the cart by small straps with clips. If I’m in a hurry, I don’t necessarily bother with the straps as the nylon fittings at the corners of the bag fit over the corner supports of the cart and keep the bag open. The zip secured mesh cover keeps the balls in the bag when I have it in the back of my car.The wheels for the cart can be locked or unlocked. So far I am just leaving them unlocked and it is easy to move the cart from place to place during tennis practice. The ball bag in the cart is at a perfect height for me to get the balls out (I’m 6′ tall) and unlike the ball hopper/pickup item I previously used, there is no danger of tipping the EZ cart over if I’m a little too enthusiastic in getting a ball out of the container.The Ez cart is not designed to pickup balls. So I’ve matched it up with a “Unique Tennis Tube 21 Ball Pickup” (available on Amazon). It’s a long plastic tube that easily and quickly allows me to pickup tennis balls. This combination has allowed me to maximize the number of serves I hit in a one hour practice on a rented court during the winter months. Very little time is wasted in setting up, picking up balls or packing up at the end of a practice session.The Gamma Ballhopper Ez Travel cart is a great product and I’m glad I purchased it.


    After using a metal ball hopper for years, this one has been a sight for sore eyes. I am able to get around the court with such ease. I highly recommended it.

  6. Serena

    I love this. The bag is sturdy yet light. Holds a lot of balls so you can do drills and go through a lot of balls before you have to stop and pick them up. The base is also sturdy but light. Rolls around easily. I love it!

  7. Ohmster

    Read a bunch of reviews of the various different offerings and settled on this. As one reviewer said, ‘Spend the extra bit of money, it’s well worth it’. That’s certainly true. The bag goes in and out of the frame very easily and quickly. The frame collapse with a simple tug of the centerpiece. Really happy. Was not surprised to see 2 other folks at the courts with the exact same one…..

  8. Ronald W.

    I really like this product. Then I realized that you could actually jack a basket from Safeway or Trader Joes, and place it on top of a stool from Goodwill. That together will cost you less than $5. However, this cart makes you seem like a professional, while the Safeway cart method will make you look more like one of those families who took home DIYs too far. Dude, the balls will end up costing more than the basket. Should you get it? Only if you have cash to spare, and you want to look like a semi-pro in front of old ladies with too much plastic surgery at the country clubs.

  9. M. Weng

    I’m an independent tennis coach, so having a cart that rolls around is an important item as it reduces down time during my lessons. However, as I teach on public, outdoor courts, I also need to have something that is portable and easily carried back and forth between my car and the courts.Enter the Gamma EZ Travel Cart.The wheels are smooth, and the cart is perfectly balanced. It doesn’t suffer from the subtle “limp” that sometimes even more expensive carts may have. The cart can really hold up to 150 balls, and possibly a few more if you want to pile a few extra on top. It’s sturdy, and the bag part stays perfectly in place because it has clips on all four corners to secure it on to. When you’re done with it, just remove the bag, collapse the frame, and put them into the tube bag specifically included to store it. Nice and tidy.Oh yeah. So what’s the surprise feature? Well… two of the wheels actually have a little pedal on them. One end says ‘ON’ and the other ‘OFF’, as in, brakes on and brakes off. This was an awesome touch, and I find myself using it all the time. Especially if it gets a little windy, as the cart has a tendency to run away from you if you don’t put the brakes on. My only concern is that I may wear it down prematurely. Apart from that, I am extremely satisfied with how well-designed this cart is.NOTE: To prevent confusion, I should state that this isn’t technically a “ballhopper”. It doesn’t “hop” around picking up balls, and in fact the ball holder isn’t even so much a structured cart as it is a tough, square bag. The cart part is really just the apparatus (a collapsible frame, if you will) that holds the bag in its square shape. With that said, this cart is an extremely good investment for me.

  10. Rhonda

    I have two of these and it makes group lessons so much easier. One is full of balls, the other one I keep empty. During group drills, I feed with the full hopper, while the empty one is in the back of the court. After a student hits, say 6 balls, I have them run to the other side and pick up 6 balls. When the hopper I’m feeding from is empty, I just roll it to the back of the court and take the full one. Saves a ton of time.

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