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Garmin Solar Instinct – Standard Edition


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Garmin Solar Instinct – Standard Edition

Use Garmin Solar Instinct to continue doing what you love. This tough GPS smart Watch features solar charging, providing exceptional battery life while outdoors in smart Watch and Expedition modes. You can gain a better understanding of your health and wellness by keeping track of your heart rate, stress levels, estimated sleep, and Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition). Get more from your favorite sports with the help of preloaded activity profiles for activities like biking, swimming, and more. Smart wrist notifications keep you connected to what matters (when paired with a compatible smartphone). Integrated 3-axis compass, barometer, and multiple global positioning satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) track in more difficult environments than just GPS.

The rugged GPS Watch is built to U.S. military standard 810 for thermal, shock, and water resistance and is water-rated to 100 meters.


  • Solar Charging Capabilities: With a solar charging option, Instinct can offer our best battery life based on fluctuating sun exposure.
  • Military Standard 810: Instinct is designed to be thermal, shock-, and water-resistant in accordance with U.S. military standard 810. (rated to 100 meters).
  • Power Manager: Find out how different settings and sensors affect the battery life of your watch so you can make changes quickly to extend the battery life.
  • Sports Apps: Use preloaded activity profiles for things like surfing, strength training, running, biking, and swimming.
  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate:  Get alerts if your resting heart rate is too high or too low. Find out how hard your heart is working when you’re working out, even if you’re swimming.
  • Pulse OX: Pulse Ox wrist sensors measure oxygen absorption for altitude acclimation and sleep monitoring. (Pulse Ox is not a medical device and is not meant to diagnose or track medical conditions. In some countries, Pulse Ox is not available.)
  • Stress Monitoring: Your heart rate variability determines your stress level, allowing you to determine whether your day is calm, balanced, or stressful.
  • Monitor Body Battery Energy: Heart rate variability, stress, and sleep can help you choose between activity and rest.
  • Multiple GNSS Support: Multiple GPS systems help track in difficult environments (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo).

Specifications of the Garmin Solar Instinct – Standard Edition

  • Color(s): Flame Red – Solar, Graphite – Solar, Moss Green, Sunburst Yellow – Solar,
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model Name: Instinct Solar
  • Style: Instinct Solar
  • Screen Size: 1.27 Inches
  • Special Feature: Solar Battery; Military Standard 810; Power Manager; Wrist-Based Heart Rate; Pulse Ox; Stress TrackingSolar Battery; Military Standard 810; Power Manager; Wrist-Based Heart Rate; Pulse Ox; Stress Tracking

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Pattern Name

Smartwatch, GPS, Smartwatch + Watch Graphite


Black, Flame Red – Solar, Graphite, Graphite – Solar, Lakeside Blue, Lichen Camo, Moss Green, Seafoam Blue, Sunburst Yellow, Sunburst Yellow – Solar, Tactical Tan, Tundra, black lava


Instinct Tactical, Solar – Tactical Edition, Instinct Solar, 66s, Instinct, Solar – Camo Edition, Instinct – Esports Edition

10 reviews for Garmin Solar Instinct – Standard Edition

  1. Bryan

    Purchasing this watch was literally one of the best decisions I could have possibly made before my mountains trip last month. My friend got pinned by a boulder and I had to leave him and go get help. I used the “track me” function to find my way back to him after I called for help. I also used the watch to give the Search and Rescue his exact coordinates. My friend was rescued and I was evacuated as well because I was able to find my way back to him!

  2. Michael k.

    For me the battery lasts 2 weeks if I turn off smart notifications then the watch will last 3weeks and change. I clean it with awesome and it looks like the day I got it !

  3. RobertK3

    I bought this as an upgrade from my Forerunner 45 (now being used by the wife).The user interface is the same as are pretty much all Garmin wrist devices. One noticeable difference is the 45 has VO2 max and the Instinct doesn’t. However, the Instinct has blood oxygen which the 45 doesn’t. Even though the accuracy and usefulness of either of these data are questionable, I would prefer VO2 max over blood oxygen. Given the price difference between these two devices, it seems to me that Gamin could have included both on the Instinct.I only wear the Instinct for running, HR monitoring while paired with a Garmin cycling head unit and weight training (not a super useful feature for me but since it’s on the watch, I use it). Otherwise, it sits on my window shelf getting full sun in the morning. I charged it with the cable as soon as I unboxed it but never since. The battery indicator shows “days” available. I’ve seen it as high as “39 days” remaining. A 1 hour run using GPS will, more or less, knock off 1 “day”.The watch is lightweight and comfortable. As usual for Garmin, the screen doesn’t wash out in full sun. Actually it’s easier to see in full sun.If you are in the Garmin ecosystem, you are already familiar with the mobile app. It works quite well for syncing after a workout and for glancing at your stats. But, the Garmin connect website is much easier to use and has more detail. Keeping track of equipment is very useful to me since you can set default items to specific equipment (running shoes for running, tire life for cycling…). If you have an instance of not using the default equipment (for example, using your old running shoes on a rainy day), you can edit that in the workout stats.Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

  4. Outwest

    I love this watch: super long battery life (i’m talking measuring in weeks, not days) a simple graphics, easy to use, and it functions just as well without my phone. This is the perfect watch for outdoor activities, and it has a decent pule ox monitor, heart rate monitor, and probably the most excellent GPS capabilities of any watch (which is really what I wanted it for). I have some examples of the watch faces (which can be customized!) in the pics.It also has a simple and easy to use app which summarizes your day nicely.In all, an absolutely incredible watch.

  5. Kelsie Young Smith

    I didn’t really want a smart watch for constant notifications. I wanted to track steps, activities, workouts, etc. I didn’t want a dainty watch that I would worry about scratching or ruining. I work full time, chase three young kids around, cook a lot, garden, etc. I waited a long time to get a smart watch and I love this. I didn’t want to have to charge the watch every night and have one more thing to worry about. I love how this can be solar charged or plugged in to charge. I love all the outdoor and practical features that are usable from the watch interface. Timers for kids, compass, steps, so many things.It’s a perfect fit for a busy parent on the go that doesn’t want app notifications. I can easily turn those off.

  6. Diana G.

    Absolutely love this watch. It offers so much in such a small product. Absolutely worth it if you are an outdoors person.

  7. Diego Go

    La funcion solar lo hace autosuficiente, la calidad de los materiales es excelente, hay que dedicar tiempo para conocer sus aplicaciones y configurarlo personalizado

  8. Michael O.

    So, I used a Matrix PowerWatch2 prior to this, but it broke and the RMA has been out for 9 months now and I could not wait any longer for a replacement. While the charge does not last as long on the Garmin, 30+ days (with a little sun each day) is just fine for me. Also, I like the option of music controls. The screen could be a little better but I don’t mind for the price. I would definitely recommend this watch!

  9. Brian Finley

    Best smart watch I’ve ever had! Better than my Samsung Galaxy Active 2, Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Charge, and Moto 360.And the battery lasts about 2 weeks, even without being in the sun for solar charging. With solar it lasts even longer.I never have issues with the phone app disconnecting or losing sync with the watch. And I’ve never had to resync the watch to the phone (like with every Fitbit ice ever had) — it just works.

  10. mjo41232

    Love this watch for day hikes and multi-day hikes! Great battery life and gps tracking is pretty accurate.The sleep tracking is ok. I normally use my Vivoactive 3 for that. The Instinct tents to start sleep tracking a little too early when in bed. But the tracking and movement seems to be decently accurate regardless.The breadcrumb trail is plenty good for planned hikes. Import the gpx data into garmin explore and it will guide you through and notify you if you go off course.

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