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Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch (Black & Stainless)


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Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch (Black & Stainless)

Garmin vivoactive 3 is the smartwatch for your active life, from playing to paying. You can make contactless payments right from your watch, and with over 15 preloaded sports apps, you can choose how you want to exercise. The built-in GPS allows you to record distance, pace, location, and other data for your outdoor activities.

Fits You and Everything You Do
You are welcome to wear this watch outside in any weather. The Garmin Chroma Display is easy to read even in bright sunlight and protected by extra-durable Corning Gorilla Glass, making it safe for swimming and showering. Additionally, it has the Side Swipe interface, which enables quick menu and widget navigation as well as quick scrolling. You can decide how to wear it depending on whether you scroll with your thumb or index finger. Vivoactive 3 is comfortable, practical, and simple to see.

Download and Design Exercises
Keep your workout routine exciting and new. Create your own unique cardio, strength, or running workouts, then download them to your watch. Following that, your vivoactive smartwatch will record the exercises, reps, sets, and rest intervals for you.

Please Note: The Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch is available in three colors, choose your favorite.

Benefits of the Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

Pay Your Way

The vivoactive 3 is our first wearable to include Garmin Pay, which allows you to pay for items with your watch. You can use it almost anywhere you can tap your card to pay. So, even if you left your wallet in your locker or simply forgot it, that post-run caffè latte is still yours. Simply tap and go.

Make It Your Own

vvoactive 3 is compatible with our Connect IQ store, where you can download watch faces, widgets, and apps to transform your smartwatch into a watch. Keep track of when your Uber arrives, use the SmartThings app to turn on your lights at home, and even use the AccuWeather MinuteCast app to predict when the rain will fall.

Take Up More Sports

It’s simple to find a fun way to stay active with the more than 15 sports apps that come preloaded. Take a yoga class, play a round of golf, go biking, or even try stand-up paddle boarding. Without a phone connection, vivoactive 3 can track the specifics of your chosen activity when you go outside thanks to its built-in GPS. This watch is the ideal playmate for everything from snowboarding to swimming and at least a dozen other activities in between.

Tech of the Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

Daily Tracking of Stress and Fitness

With the aid of Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology, vivoactive 3 enables you to track important fitness and stress indicators to demonstrate how your body reacts under various conditions. For instance, it can calculate your fitness age and VO2 max, two measures of physical fitness that frequently get better over time with consistent exercise. Additionally, it monitors your heart rate variability (HRV), which is used to determine and monitor your level of stress. In order to find a way to reduce the pressure, vivoactive 3 can alert you when mental or emotional triggers cause your stress level to rise.

Always Online

Stay connected with your vivoactive 3 smartwatches while you’re playing hard or working out because life doesn’t have a pause button. When paired with a compatible smartphone, you’ll be able to view emails, social media updates, and more on your wrist, as well as receive and even reply5 to text messages. Locate your phone, get to the music controls, and allow friends to LiveTrack your sporting events. Your completed workouts will even be automatically uploaded to our online fitness community, Garmin Connect.

Share and Thrive

Garmin Connect is used for more than just data storage when you sync your activities with it. People on the go can connect and compete by taking part in challenges on Garmin Connect, supporting one another’s successes, and even posting their victories on social media. The Garmin Connect Mobile app for smartphones and the web both offer free access to Garmin Connect.

Specifications of the Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

  • Color(s): Black/Stainless Hardware, Granite Blue/Rose Gold Hardware, Black
  • GPS
  • Water rating: Swim, 5 ATM
  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • Connect IQ support
  • Wellness Monitoring
  • Smart notifications
  • Downloadable workouts
  • Rep counting
  • Garmin Pay
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days; 13 hours GPS

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Color Name

Black, Black with Slate Hardware, Black with Stainless Hardware, Granite Blue, White with Stainless Hardware

10 reviews for Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch (Black & Stainless)

  1. Le

    I bought this on a sale when the price was at $244. Having had this for about 6 weeks now I’m really pleased with the purchase. I am not a crazy avid runner by any means but my biggest pet peeve was having to lug my phone around. Waistbands looked clunky under my shirts or would bounce, armbands or storing it in a pocket would either slip or feel strange after some time with the extra weight. I just wanted to listen to Spotify while running, track some personal metrics, and track my sleep. Right now, I do NOT have my phone notifications sent to my watch because working from home means my phone is literally next to me so I didn’t want the redundant notifications, so my battery life is longer than I think most people’s experience with this watch. I may explore another app or two but this does exactly what I need right now.

  2. jnak00

    The GPS functions on this watch are fantastic. It locks on pretty quick and works well The smart-watch functions are a little limited. The watch is not exactly user-friendly, with many options buried in various menus and it’s not always clear what does what. The Garmin Connect app is not much better, but it does present a LOT of useful information. Battery life on the watch is also good – without using GPS, it will last 4-5 days, and if you use the GPS for an hour a day, that might drop to 3-4 days. It charges pretty quickly too.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I have been wearing my Vivoactive 3 for several months now. It is very comfortable and has held up so well! I have a really small wrist (just under 6″) and this watch doesn’t look or feel too big. The rose gold hasn’t faded or scratched at all yet, and the screen also seems to be scratch proof. I have bumped it many times and not a mark. The white plastic has stayed white, front and back, with no yellowing or dirtying. Finger prints don’t seem to stick to the face, which is awesome. It always looks clean and shiny! The heart rate sensor on the back is flush with the plate, so it doesn’t dig into my wrist (which I found super uncomfortable with other smart watches I tried that have sensors raised from the back plate).Functionality is great. It takes a little bit of time to figure out the app, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy. There are so many features that I haven’t even used them all yet. I love how customizable the watch is. There are countless watch faces and widgets to download from the Garmin Connect site. The watch is great for tracking activities. I have used it for walking, swimming, yoga, and cross country skiing. The GPS is very accurate. The step count also seems very accurate too. It doesn’t count minute arm movements like some other watches I tried (some would even count steps when I moved in my sleep, but not this watch). The heart rate monitor is spot-on.The battery life is excellent. I can go 5-6 days on a charge (wearing it 24/7) if I don’t use the GPS. If I do, then the battery life is quite a bit shorter…2-3 days at most if I use the GPS every day. But I don’t mind because it takes less than half an hour to charge the watch back to 100%. I plug it into my computer’s USB port to charge while I’m in the shower and making breakfast.It is handy to be able to look at texts and email notifications on your watch if your phone is out of reach. You can’t reply using the watch, which I don’t care about. You can control your music using the watch, but it doesn’t store any music. Again, I don’t care because I always have my phone with me.Overall, I highly recommend this watch. I get compliments on it all the time. It’s comfortable and durable. When it dies, I will definitely be getting another Garmin!

  4. 4ksandknives

    The Vivoactive 3 just arrived and I’m very satisfied. I’m coming off of using a Sony Smartwatch 3, which had excellent charging speed (30 minutes from complete discharge) and smartphone notifications.Likes:Display – easy to read in sunlight and low light. Although display appears washed out and colours muted, but it’s okay. We’re not using the watch to watch movies or look at pictures.HRM – the Vivoactive 3 has an optical HR monitor and has the capability to pair with an external HRM such one sold by Garmin, or an ANT+ external HRM strap such as one by Tickr by Wahoo – connection was verified, but quality of connection was variable. Requires additional testing.Smartwatch notifications – easy to read emails and messages.Charging speed – approximately 1 hour or less depending on the amount of battery left in battery.HR history as a widget is fantastic. I need to track my HR patterns throughout the day.Edit: I found the timer and stop watch feature. Took a little time finding it, but it’s there!Cons:Can’t adequately reply to emails/text messages in part because there’s no microphone.No Android Wear or Siri functions – can’t use Google Personal assistance – This was not a big loss because I use a earpiece to activate Google – Microphone in smartwatches is usually a hit/missSome people need the GPS feature or the golf feature from the application. I’m not sure how valuable that information is. It’s a luxury, but not a necessity. The core functions of the device of the Vivoactive 3 are solid and meets my needs.

  5. AJ P.

    I bought the Vivoactive 3 to replace a 2.5 year old ForeRunner 35 that was feeling outdated and clunky. No actual issues with the ForeRunner (I gave it to a friend). I wanted something more intuitive for my various workouts and sleeker looking when I go out with friends for a night on the town. I’ve only had it a few days but I am not disappointed.1. The battery charged very quickly, with a full charge in about an hour. I have yet to kill the battery since I want to be able to use it 24/7 but even with 4 hours of GPS functionality, an update, etc. I still had 50% battery after 3 days.2. Comfort-wise, I have a very small wrist, and I find this watch very comfortable, almost un-noticeable compared to my ForeRunner, very light and not bulky at all.3. Very easy to use. It took about 15 minutes to figure out how to get to all my settings, select the exercises I wish to track, change the watch face using the Garmin App, etc. I only use Bluetooth when connected to Garmin Connect or Garmin IQ, I found the perfect watch face for myself and it uploaded and installed without a hitch. I had notifications on and they came through from my ipod without a hitch from iMessage and FB Messenger. I turned these off to conserve battery power as notifications from my phone is not important to me. I turned off the move bar, and a variety of other settings I don’t need. It was very easy to do. I also locked my screen “all the time” so there’s no real way to accidentally toggle or select something on the screen. You have to hold the physical button down for 1-2 seconds to unlock the watch.4. For the price, this was exactly what I was looking for. Good battery life, not overly expensive, tracks heart rate/steps/sleep/exercise in a nice looking package that is light and comfortable to wear, waterproof if needed. I have zero complaints in terms of connectivity or otherwise.I am very happy with this product and it arrived very quickly from Amazon.

  6. ShaneMartin

    I bought this for my girlfriend and wasn’t sure how she’d like it because she’s not a techie and hates complicated technology. To my surprise, she loves it and finds it very easy to use. She uses it every day (for a year) for a variety of different things. The only complaint would be that battery life isn’t as long as she’d like but it isn’t bad. If she only uses it for general daily tracking, it lasts about 6 days. Of course, once you turn on the GPS/navigational functions it eats up battery life but it will last for a full day hike if not a little more. Multi-day hikes/trips would require a backup battery pack. The rose gold finish on it is very durable and only shows minor signs of wear. The strap is also very well made and only shows minor signs of wear. Highly recommend.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this watch and was skeptical as it was arriving – thinking that I should have gotten an Apple Watch instead. As soon as I received the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music those doubts went away. Garmin is known for making good products and this is no exception. The GPS tracking tracks fine and goes straight into my fitness apps without issues. I’ve been itching to get a watch to help track my running as I look into entering more races. The information from the garmin app itself is more intensive than I thought, seeing useful things I never really thought about.The watch itself is fairly simple to use and is quite light. In fear of smashing it while flinging arms are sleeping, I did order these bezel protectors/cases that came in silver and gold. The cases dress them up a bit more making them go well with more formal attire too.All in all I’m pretty satisfied.

  8. ubcgirl

    I’m pretty happy with this. I’ve never had a watch like this before and wanted something to help track my run distances as well as monitor my sleep. My brother bought a fitbit charge 3 not too long before I bought this and it already pooped out on him.The VO2 max is pretty neat and the sleep tracking is very accurate. I also like how I have to turn on the GPS when I go for a run or walk rather than it going constantly (although this can be set to automatic).Battery life isn’t bad, it lasts me about five to six days depending on how often I’m using the GPS. I also have my screen on low and have limited notifications with the vibrate function (you can turn on more).The treadmill distance isn’t accurate but I can manually change the distance after my workout is complete and this isn’t a big deal to me.There are times where it connects and disconnects a few times with my phone when they are right next to each other but this doesn’t bother me, it’s random and doesn’t seem to affect the function or overall connectivity.I find there are a lot of customizable features that are great for me. There are a few things I wish I had more control over – I don’t like the watch face options in the store as they are all kind of masculine.I’m pretty happy and would recommend.

  9. Jason P

    I’ve had this watch for 3 days now and here are the pros and cons from my short experience with it.Pros:- Great activity tracker. I’m a runner, and after tracking two separate runs (3mi, 8mi) the GPS was spot on with my phone.- Garming Connect app works great, love the info, no issues with syncing to iPhone SE, lots of data clearly displayed.- Comfortable to wear. Easy to forget I have it on. Looks classy enough IMO to leave on when out in a more formal setting (unlike the Fitbit). Like the traditional round look over the square Apple Watch.-Sleep sensor feature is surprisingly accurate.- HR, step count, smart notifications, music controls all work with no issues-Looking forward to trying out the golf feature, I’ve already found my local courses in Garmin’s databaseCons- Battery life won’t be 7 days as advertised. With regular activity, likely 4 days. (Still like this better than the Apple Watch, another device that needs charging every day)- Syncing data to Apple health. Steps are good, but sleep data and calories come in messed up. Might be because I have other apps writing data and they are not prioritized correctly-Smart features are limited. You can take calls and view texts, emails, other notifications but no option to reply (with iOS, Android has an option). Personally I like getting the notification on my watch then using my phone to reply.Overall I’ll give this watch 5 stars. Setup was seamless, and I’ve enjoyed the ease of use, amount of customization available and the fact that it’s a great fitness tracker. If you are looking for a more traditional looking watch with activity and smart features, you won’t be disappointed!

  10. Jean Boileau

    I wanted to upgrade from my Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro has I found it somewhat limited. I looked and researched Samsung S3 Frontier, Fitbit Versa, and Garmin Vivoactive 3 and after a week of heavy research and reading reviews from all over the net I bought this one and I am beyond happy.Beautiful watch faces, great apps I can use for specific workouts like cross country skiing, running, cycling, etc. It will even pair with the cadence sensors on my road racing bicycle.The battery life is great, the feel is awesome, and it’s jammed pack with so many settings and it has a classy, stylish look. I recommend this for the novice as well as hard core exercise individual. I’m in love with my Vivoactive.

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