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Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet


The Head Ti.S6 is one of Head’s most popular tennis racket models due to the tremendous power it generates, its high quality, and its relatively low price.

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Head Ti.S6


This Head Ti.S6 tennis racket contains a combination of titanium and graphite. The titanium creates a light racquet with strength and the graphite composite gives the racquet great feel and durability.

The Head Ti.S6 is actually one of Head’s best-selling tennis rackets. Ti technology in the frame uses graphite and titanium to create a light yet stiff racquet with plenty of power. It is long (70 cm) and has a large head size (742 cm²) to allow players to play with more power and precision with each stroke.

Specifications of the Head Ti S6: 

  • Grip Size: 4 1/2 (L4)
  • Strung/Unstrung: Strung
  • Head Size: 115 in² / 742 cm²
  • Length: 70 cm (27.75 inches)
  • Strung Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g
  • Balance: 8 Points Head Heavy
  • Swing Weight: 318
  • Stiffness: 75
  • Power Level: High
  • Composition: Graphite/Titanium
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Beam: 28.5 mm
  • String Pattern: 16×19

The Head Ti.S6 is endowed with computer technology which blends titanium into the graphite construction, resulting in a light, strong and rigid frame. This 27.75 in (70 cm) long racquet features a 115 in² (742 cm²) head with a large sweet spot that provides great precision. It also comes with a 16 x 19 open string pattern to maximize power and spin.

Its 225 g (7.9 oz) frame weight guarantees great manoeuvring while the heavy head provides extra power. The racquet is a perfect option for beginners but is also a great asset for intermediate level players. It is sold strung and is, therefore, immediately ready for use.

The black/gray design of the Head Ti S6 is modern and makes a good visual impression. The tennis racket is popular with beginners due to the tremendous power it generates, its high quality, and its relatively low price.

With a weight of 240 g and a balance of 370 mm, the Head Ti.S6 is easy to hold. The tennis racket thus enables good precision with good spin potential.

The head size of the Head Ti S6 is 740 cm² and is, therefore, in the oversize category. The large head offers a large sweet spot and the length is sufficient for adult tennis players.

The large sweet spot makes handling easy and even imprecise hits are compensated for. The racket is best suited for beginners and recreational players.

The frame of the Head Ti S6 is particularly light due to the mixture of titanium and graphite and thus enables good control of the racket. The racket offers good ball control and good precision even with stronger strokes. The price is relatively low, making it a good investment for beginners.

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10 reviews for Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

  1. Aged hippie

    I’d probably still be playing with my 20-year-old racket if I hadn’t recently broken a string on it. I demoed a couple of other rackets (i.e., borrowed my friends’), and loved them both immensely. But the reviews for this racket were so unanimously favorable, and this racket has been around for quite a few years, that Head must be doing something right, or this racket would have joined others on the scrapheap of time. So far, I haven’t been disappointed.I make for lack of skill with enthusiasm and mobility, but this racket has taken my game up a notch. Despite its large head size, it’s lighter than the racket it replaced. With a big sweet spot and lots of power, both my serve and ground strokes have improved. My only quibble is that I loaned it to one of my tennis partners who liked it so much he went out and bought one of his own…on Black Friday for half what I paid. As he said, “timing is everything.”

  2. S Forester

    THE best tennis racquet for an older person with slight bit of arthritis…good clean hits and less vibration. Holds up to lots of ball striking.

  3. Susan R

    Amazon is a great way to buy a racket for someone who insists on having the same design of racket year after year. It seems we have not exhausted the supply yet. Its a nice strong lightweight racket. It would be excellent for women as well as men.

  4. Fred S

    Very light and comfortable. lots of power. Great for beginners

  5. BillyDoc

    I’ve been borrowing racquets. Decided to invest in this one because it is frequently recommended as a good beginner racquet. So far so good. Played better with this than anything I borrowed. Very light.

  6. Stephanie

    After accidentally breaking his last racquet, he wanted it replaced with the same Head racquet. He uses this daily for tennis on his high school tennis team. I offered him more expensive racquets sold at a local tennis store, but he only wants this one.

  7. Obermeier Franz

    I replaced my 20 year old racquet that I use 1-2 times a month. Huge difference. Nice sticky handle, and it gives me more power and more control.

  8. Scott Floyd

    Not my first Head racquet. They are great quality. Very light. Good grip. Seems to have a large sweet spot. My 14 y/o son is enjoying using it this year.

  9. ariotech

    I took my first tennis lesson with this racket! I’m a tennis addict now

  10. tabriz42

    I was on my high school tennis team almost 40 years ago, and the last time I played seriously was about 30 years ago. Now in my mid-fifties, I wanted to get back in the game for exercise. My last racquet (remember how long ago this was) was an Arthur Ash Head Comp strung to 63 lbs with VS gut. I simply love the Head Ti-S6! I love it’s lightness, as it lets me move the head around quickly to make shots I couldn’t even make in high school. It has a lot of power, whether for volleying, or for ground strokes. The control from the baseline is better than I have ever had, and I can put those baseline shots right over the net with tremendous power. The synthetic gut the racquet comes with allows quite a good spin, and while I don’t know what the racquet is strung to, the strings feel taut, and have a lot of power. While it is of course still good to follow through, I’ve found that chopping when vollying still yields a fast return. The sweet spot covers most of the head of the racquet, and there is little vibration, with or without the included vibration dampener. Speaking of inclusions, when I bought it through Amazon from Bois Blanc Sports, it came with a very nice Head whole racquet case. Out of the box and with little practice, I am playing the best tennis of my life with this racquet. I much prefer it to my son’s Head Liquidmetal 4, and I love to keep that 14 year old running at my age. I don’t know if this is considered a geezer racquet, but if it is, I don’t care, since it helps me play a couple of levels above my competence. I simply love this racquet, and recommend it without reservations.

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