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K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Women’s Tennis Shoes


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K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Women’s Tennis Shoes

The success of Hypercourt has resulted in the introduction of a new hero model to the K-Swiss family, one that is geared at the competitive and aggressive young player.

The Hypercourt Supreme is a high-performance shoe for competitive pressures based on input from elite players.

In addition to Surge 7.0, which allows for maximum energy return, and Dragguard 7.0, which allows for increased outsole durability, the Hypercourt Supreme incorporates innovative technologies.

In addition, the smooth and stretchy upper of the bootie ensures a secure fit on the foot.

The product is suitable for use on both hard and clay surfaces.

It’s possible for players to slide into their strokes thanks to a durable rubber outsole with a redesigned pattern that gives excellent traction on every court surface.

Note: K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme is available in a variety of colors; choose your favorite.

Specifications of the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Women’s Tennis Shoes

  • Size Based on Color(s): 5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.5,9.5,10,11
  • Black/White/Highrise: 11
  • Barely Blue/White/Blue Glow: 5.5, 11
  • Black/Purple Heather: 5, 5.5
  • Graystone/Peach Nectar: 5.5
  • Pink Tint/Rose Gold: 5
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Textile Collar Lining
  • Rubber Outsole
  • CMEVA Midsole
  • Molded EVA Sock Liner
  • Lace Closure

Fatcts of the K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Women’s Tennis Shoes

  • Rubber sole
  • UPPER: Durawrap Flex and DragGuard 7.0 technology protects the lightweight and breathable mesh.
  • For dynamic performance and a secure fit, a soft inner bootie conforms to the curve of your foot.
  • In addition to a Seamless structure and a Heel Grip Lining that keep your feet in place, these shoes feature Stay-Tied Laces.
  • Middlesole: In the middle comes Surge+ 7.0, a premium lightweight cushioning system from the firm. Maximum energy return and plush underfoot cushioning are provided by this shoe.
  • DragGuard 7.0 provides increased durability for aggressive players, while Asta 7.0 high-density rubber outsoles give exceptional traction without leaving any marks on the court surface.
  • Stability and torsional control are improved with the 180 PSC (Planar Support Chassis).
  • Liner: Molded EVA Sock Liner guarantees a snug fit for competitive and aggressive movers.
  • Ideal for use on all types of tennis courts, including hard courts, clay courts, pickleball courts outside, and platform courts.

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5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 9.5, 10, 11


Black/White/Highrise, Barely Blue/White/Blue Glow, Black/Purple Heather, White, Graystone/Peach Nectar, Icy Morn/White/Love Bird, Pink Tint/Rose Gold

9 reviews for K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme Women’s Tennis Shoes

  1. BenBen

    The heel has an extra piece with a hook to help you pull the shoe on. I don’t see the need for this as the shoes are easy to put on and it irritates/rubs my heel during play that doesn’t feel good. I fold it down into the shoe and it seems to be a solution. Otherwise the shoes are great!

  2. Rita

    I am VERY satisfied with these shoes. They are supportive and the have side support which is necessary for tennis playing. The fabric is very durable, and my toes do not wear through the top. I would purchase these again. The toe area is substantial. I LOVE these shoes and would recommend very highly!!

  3. Linn

    I have worn K-Swiss tennis shoes for years, on both hard courts and clay courts. The wider width across the ball of the foot made this the perfect size for me. For this version of the shoe I have found it to provide good stability on clay courts which has helped prevent falls on dry, loose clay. As I have a high arch, I replaced the less supportive insole that came with this shoe with one of better quality and support.

  4. Kris Fettig

    Love how they feel so light on my feet. I played Pickleball for three hours straight and they never pinched or hurt my feet. Love them. I’ve already given info to my friend who wants a pair as well. They arrived on time and there was a pen and a sticy pad inclosed. Nice touch.ThanksKris

  5. Amazon Customer

    i was having difficulty getting my regular new balance shoes out of stock so i googled which shoes are best for wide feet and these are perfect. I won’t go back to new balance after wearing these.

  6. Love to Paint

    I have been an Asics girl for years and on a whim decided to try these shoes. I absolutely love them. Wore them all day yesterday on and off the court. They’re so comfortable i forgot to change my shoes. I play tennis 5x’s a week.

  7. Jean

    These shoes work real well especially for my quick lateral moves, due to the great design of the bottom soles (i.e. they slightly angle outward, giving a very stable “base”), giving me stability, good cushioning and comfort. I have pretty bad bunions (i.e. “wide feet” in a way) and my feet feel pretty comfortable in them after my typical 2 or 3-hour play time. I also have arched feet so I use orthotics in all of my tennis/pickleball shoes.I’ve tried other brands and do like ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Wide (my second favorite), especially for forward-fast sprints – it “feels” to me like I can do a sudden-sprint-forward movement better with ASICS Gel-Res8 vs K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme but I like K-Swiss more for my lateral movements (as compared to ASICS) and for my all-around high-intensity pickleball games. Both of these btw are good all-court-surface shoes. I also wear the Head brand (very light and good for wide feet) every once in awhile for outdoor plays. ASICS NetBurner Ballistic FF 2 (Indoor) also have similar sole design feature I mentioned above and I wear them occasionally but my wide feet sometimes start to hurt a bit after 2 hrs.All in all, this K-Swiss brand does real well for me. I haven’t worn any other K-Swiss models but did do some research and these were most suitable for my foot issues; after playing in them actively for a few months now, I still love them the most.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I like the color choices, no break in time, they feel sturdy but not heavy. I have played in them for hours and they were still comfortable.I use them to play doubles, they are a bit heavier and not as responsive as I like for singles. But these are a great shoe overall.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Love the brand, style and stability of these tennis shoes. I play at least three times a week and own four pair. The only thing that I am disappointed about is, that I cannot find them in my size on Amazon anymore. If they have your size, scoop them up, you won’t be disappointed!

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