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L8star Watch Fitness Tracker


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L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

The L8star Watch fitness tracker is the best one for you if you want a watch that looks good on your wrist and has a few fitness features thrown in for good measure.

It offers a full, large color screen, the ability to display the time, mileage, and calories, to deliver important notifications right to your wrist, the ability to track fitness metrics like heart rate and sleep, as well as the ability to receive the simple message and notification alerts from your smartphone and an almost 10-day standby time.

Benefits of the Fitness Tracker SmartWatch

  • Your heart rate will be automatically measured every one to two to six to twelve hours on a smartwatch, allowing you to clearly see your level of fitness throughout the day, week, or month.
  • 6 sport modes on a fitness tracker, with steps: To select a sport, long-press first. To enter sport mode, long-press again. It will count 3, 2, 1, and you can then begin your exercise.
  • Long battery life, 2-hour charge, 5-day standby, and 10-day average use. Call reminder and 10 messages storage, as well as call and calendar checking and message storage.
  • To change the watch’s time, date, and step and heart rate data, we must download “FlagFit 2.0” on a smartphone.

Specifications of the L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

  • App: Flagfit 2.0
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0;
  • Material: upper casing: PC + Metal; strap: TPU
  • Dimension: suits for wrist size: 6.5 inch – 10 inch
  • Battery Type: 240mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Working Time: 10 days
  • Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours

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10 reviews for L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

  1. Journeyman

    First, let me say that I really don’t like smart watches, but I’m a health & fitness coach & enjoy a lot of sports when I’m not working with others. That being said, I wanted a decent fitness watch that had limited “smart” functions… & it seems I’ve found it in this little guy.I’m normally against pairing my phone with anything but a mic, due to the battery drain (I like my 8-9 day standby… esp. when I’m 150 miles into the backcountry with only a single 10k mah power pack to get me through another 150 miles to the next recharge station), but after keeping this watch & my phone paired non-stop for a couple of days now, the pairing has only added a 1.5% addition drop (per day) to my phone, & the watch has yet to drop by a bar yet.I can’t speak much on the remote alarm (& prolly won’t, the phone alarm works for me) or sleep monitor, since I haven’t tried either yet, but all of the other app & watch functions seem to work flawlessly… & there’s quite a few options. The only “smart” function I’ve found is setting the watch to notify you of phone calls & texts (which will show the first couple of lines of your text). I LOVE this feature as it isn’t like other “smart watches” where it’s intractable… it just lets me know with a quick vibration & notification that someone has tried to reach me. As an added bonus, once you’ve paired the watch to the app (to update the time, etc.), you can unpair it & use most of its functions without needing to be tethered to the phone.I haven’t owned it long, but I’m usually pretty quick to determine if something will work for me… & this guy fits the bill. I just hope it has some longevity (if I can think about it, I’ll update this review later… but if the watch continues to work as beautifully as it does now, you may not hear back from me, lol; that’s a good thing, actually). For any other reviewers who have any complaints (other than the occasional defective one you’ll get)…. “What did you expect for a $30 fitness watch?” We aren’t talking Apple or Google here, but at the same time, this watch has INCREDIBLE functionality & precision for a budget watch. If you aren’t looking to spend $200+ on a main-brand watch, this guy does a close job for a tenth of the price tag.As a final thought, if I had a complaint it’d only be that while it’s sleek not to have any micro-usb or other charging port holes on any side of this watch, its charger is unusual & I worry about its long-term functionality. If you look at my pic of the back of the watch, you’ll see 2 little gold-colored holes. The charger is a strange-shaped disc which clamps (gently) onto the watch, & has 2 prongs which must line up with those 2 holes in the back of the watch. If you’re successful, you’ll see the watch briefly light up (if the screen is off). Other than the unusual charging feature, this setup on this this is about as easy as they come. Just download their app (called FlagFit), then launch it. There’s instructions on where to find the menu option that pairs the watch with your phone. Once paired, it’ll update the time on the watch to your phone (mine is military time, for example), & you can then browse the menu to turn on the features you want.I hope this review helps some people, even though the watch setup & maintenance is pretty straight forward.

  2. Smith

    So far I love this watch/fitness tracker. The band is comfortable, very smooth and soft to the touch and seems to be very durable. I have a very small wrist and it fits with 3 extra holes to spare. The double straps on the band are great to hold all the extra band in place. The heart rate monitor and the steps are accurate. It was delivered really fast. It was fairly easy to sync to phone and begin using. It has a nice weight to it, doesnt feel cheap as some others out there do. For the price I am really pleased. I recieved a good luck giveaway scratch off with the watch and I had won 1st prize. Im hoping to get it soon, Ive never won giveaways or scratch offs before. Very pleased and I think most will be too.Update: I did in fact get my free watch with the winning ticket. L8Star replied in a timely manner and was very kind. I was sent the free 2nd watch fast. I would love to leave extra feedback…well deserved extra 5 stars. I still love my watch, I wear it every day. I gave my extra to my husband and he loves it too. Ill most likely be buying a few more nearing Christmas as these will be great for gifts.

  3. Karina Gonzales

    I joined a 80 day fitness challenge and was looking for something to help monitor my daily activity. I didn’t want a Fitbit, and I wanted something that had the look of an Apple Watch, but without the outlandish Apple product price tag. I looked around and around, and this watch could not be more perfect! It is super comfy and EXTREMELY easy to use; not to mention that it has a ton of the features the Apple Watch has, yet didn’t put me into debt at all! The app that you download is perfect, and very user friendly! I love the look of it, how I can read my texts from it, reject calls from it, and set alarms to wake up or to remind me to do something without and annoying ringtone, but vibrations on my wrist instead. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It has far exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to tell everyone I am doing this fitness challenge with all about this watch! You cannot beat the price! If you are looking for a watch to track your fitness progress, but has many of the same functionalities at the Apple watch without the Apple price tag, or you have one of those clunky or tacky looking Fitbits and want to get rid of it, DEFINITELY get this! I promise you will love it!

  4. VV from SoCal

    I had lost my Fitbit and couldn’t afford to replace it right away so I wanted a watch with a stopwatch and step counter. This watch gave me what I wanted and much more for a great price. Besides counting steps and having a stop watch, this watch can monitor your heart rate, sleeping patterns, notify you of phone calls and much more. It’s a fantastic watch, but simple. You press the button once to go to the first feature, and keep pressing once to scroll through the features until you reach the feature you want (i.e. function/stopwatch). Once at the feature you want, you hold the button for 3 seconds to enter or start that particular function. Again simple. Like a fitbit, the watch turns on with an arm/wrist movement. You can also change the brightness. What I love about the watch is it holds a charge for a long time. My fitbit lasted a couple days (highest brightness), but this watch will last much longer. If you’re looking for a good watch at an economical price with basic features, this is definitely it.

  5. Kerry keenom

    I bought my watch almost a month ago.I am very impressed on how well it works without breaking the bank.It tracks your steps and sleeping patterns.I am a light sleeper and it tells me in detail how many hours of light sleep and deep sleep I had through out the night.I can get an estimated idea of how many hours of sleep I get per night. It also comes with a GPS feature on the app if you want to go for a walk or run and it logs in your distance and maps out your walk.I am a very happy customer and I didn’t break the bank and it is also very compatible with my LGstylo 4 android phone.Super bonus it is water proof.I don’t have to take off my watch to take a shower.The battery life is wonderful.I don’t need to charge for at least 6days and it doesn’t drain my phone battery. Overall if you don’t want to break the bank this watch is a budget friendly that does exactly what it says.

  6. denpick

    I needed to see messages (SMS) and who called and be able to reject a call. I prefer long battery life. This watch did what I needed. It’s ok counting steps and it will do heart rate, calories, etc. but those are minor to me. Nicest is that it remembers several text messages so you can review them.For users who don’t want an account and give their Email etc. it works fine if you click to skip that option on the first screen of the app. Some messages are not SMS (“Multi-media”) such as those to multiple people and those don’t show on the watch at least using my Samsung 5S.It is is quite light weight and comfortable. The band is soft and appears to be easy to replace using conventional band pins. Also, it takes a distinct wrist movement to activate so it does not false triggering and distract your friends near by. Also if it doesn’t display, a simple tap will activate.It displays long enough but that is settable in the app to 10 and 15 seconds. So far the battery is unchanged (2 of 4 bars) so I suspect it will be 2-3 weeks. That’s outstanding compared to smarter watches which struggle to make it a day or two!Hints: the touch screen has a single spot to touch. I found a deliberate touch (on that spot) rather than a quick “tap”, worked very well. Same is true to cycle through the options. Experiment a little. Other options are activated by touch and keep touching for 2-3 seconds to activate. For example, it can find your phone (if misplaced but nearby). Tap to the “Function”– then tap and hold a couple seconds and then tap through the functions including “Find”. Then the app will sound your phone’s ringer for a few seconds.Hint: To get into sub menus (Messages, Functions), Tap and hold a second. For example, to review messages, tap tap tap to Messages, Tap Hold 2-3 seconds. Tap-tap-tap to cycle through messages.Everything I tried worked fine. Great “starter” smart watch.Others mention the odd charger setup. It’s fine. I get that adding a usb-C jack adds weight and bulk. The designers made the right choice.I purchased an H4-V12 from amazon (3X cost) and it oddly failed to store even one message, even the most recent. So I returned it. If you want SMS, time, InComing call notify (which includes your contact name) and battery life much much longer than a day or two, this will be hard to beat for the under 30 price.

  7. McCoy

    I purchased this because I wanted a device to track my calories without paying the Apple Watch price. I really like that it doesn’t look cheap and I like the softness of the band. The calorie count and heart rate monitor appear to be accurate. However, there are some annoyances: (1) the device counts calories even with simple arm movements; like when I’m using my laptop (2) the device will not sync my text messages to my phone. I have tried turning it off, deleting and downloading the Flag fit app, going into phone and app settings and NOTHING. This is really baffling because calls from my iPhone come to the device; but not text messages. I mean, I guess it’s really not a big deal per se, but I believe that ALL the features should be working whether being used or not. So that’s why I gave it three stars.UPDATE: 5/15/20The company’s representative contacted me via email on 5/12/20 and offered to resolve my issue by sending a new device or giving me a refund. I decided to accept the refund. The refund was provided in two days via Amazon gift card. So Although the device needs some improvement, I really appreciated the company moving swiftly to accommodate me. So because of that, I have changed my rating to five stars.

  8. Norm L

    I waited a full month before reviewing just to see how the watch would hold up. I’m also going to qualify my rating: this is a 5-star product because it is reasonably well made, the display is nice and bright, the app makes accurate time sync-ing a breeze, lets you know if an SMS message comes in on your cell, and the battery lasts a long time…all for under $30, so I’m rating on bang-for-the-buck. I did notice one glitch where the time seemed to be off by an hour but upon opening up the app it immediately fixed itself, haven’t seen that happen again. And to be honest I don’t trust the accuracy of any device for measuring steps or sleep activity so I haven’t even tested those functions.If you think you can get the capability of an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy watch for about 1/10th the cost, you’re just fooling yourself. But if you are in need of a simple watch with some nice features at a reasonable price, then you could certainly do worse. I’ll update this review if anything changes.

  9. Ronny Acosta

    Wasn’t sure how easy this watch was going to be, but the app and instructions it came with made it really clear and simple. I was able to easily set everything on the watch with no issues but the app, that was even easier. With the app, I was able to set all of my information and now I can track my steps, heart rate and now my sleep pattern. Not to mention, on the watch, I get notifications of phone calls, text messages and even when certain apps have notifications. What I really like is with text messages, it actually shows the message. When I go running, it tracks my mileage and will actually show me on my app and keep track of my miles. Not to mention, this watch is really comfortable to wear while working out or just wearing it out and about.

  10. Kiyi

    I waited 5 months to do a review on this watch to make sure that it would work with long time use. I get my amazon delivery notifications, Instagram, WhatsApp messages, Twitter, facebook Messenger, etc. You can’t reply, but you can see the notifications. I really liked this watch. I just wanted it to look at the time and track my steps. The battery lasts for weeks, that’s my favorite part about the watch. You just have to tap it once to skip to look at calories, distance, etc. Hold it for about 3 seconds when you want to change the style of your clock. Skip to “Heart” to take hearth rate, takes about 15 seconds to check your heart rate. I accidentally washed it in my washing machine, let it air dry for about 4 days, charged it, and it still works! I’m so amazed. I’ve also dropped it many times and the poor thing still works!! If you want something simple and easy to use, just get this watch.

5.00 average based on 10 reviews