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L8star Watch Fitness Tracker


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L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

The L8star Watch fitness tracker is the best one for you if you want a watch that looks good on your wrist and has a few fitness features thrown in for good measure.

It offers a full, large color screen, the ability to display the time, mileage, and calories, to deliver important notifications right to your wrist, the ability to track fitness metrics like heart rate and sleep, as well as the ability to receive the simple message and notification alerts from your smartphone and an almost 10-day standby time.

Benefits of the Fitness Tracker SmartWatch

  • Your heart rate will be automatically measured every one to two to six to twelve hours on a smartwatch, allowing you to clearly see your level of fitness throughout the day, week, or month.
  • 6 sport modes on a fitness tracker, with steps: To select a sport, long-press first. To enter sport mode, long-press again. It will count 3, 2, 1, and you can then begin your exercise.
  • Long battery life, 2-hour charge, 5-day standby, and 10-day average use. Call reminder and 10 messages storage, as well as call and calendar checking and message storage.
  • To change the watch’s time, date, and step and heart rate data, we must download “FlagFit 2.0” on a smartphone.

Specifications of the L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

  • App: Flagfit 2.0
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0;
  • Material: upper casing: PC + Metal; strap: TPU
  • Dimension: suits for wrist size: 6.5 inch – 10 inch
  • Battery Type: 240mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
  • Working Time: 10 days
  • Charging Time: 1.5-2 hours

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57 reviews for L8star Watch Fitness Tracker

  1. Johanna

    Accurate Step Tracking

    For the price, I like this step tracker. The band is uncomfortable to me, but I still wear it all the time, so bearable. The steps seem to be really accurate. I have compared with MapMyFitness and it was exactly the same. I like the sleep tracking, but it doesn’t seem accurate. For example, if I go to bed at 10pm and get up at 5am it will say I got 8 hrs 40 min of sleep.

  2. Tom Sheehan

    I can’t connect the thing to my phone. You call customer service and you have to pay for it. Ripoff.

    Customer service stinks, because you have to pay for it. I had the dam thing one day, and you can’t help me with my problem. It seems like a nice watch, but I can’t access the things I need. Don’t buy it.

  3. Randy Thomas

    Most reasonable and useful watch in this price range I found in over a year researching.

    I found this fitness tracker/watch easy to set-up and also to pair with my iPhone texting and phone call prompts. It’s been great for when I golf (frequently) and go to the beach in the bright sunlight where the colorful and relatively large screen and clock numbers are easy to see.By purchasing the L8star Fitness Tracker I am able to combine the type of fitness information I’d receive from my Fitbit with a watch that is easily readable so I don’t need to decide on wearing one over the other, or both.It is sturdy and classy looking, and fits my fairly thin wrist without looking bulky. In fact, my wife is so impressed that we are getting her one as well (in red – mine is black). I highly recommend this quality and reasonably priced product to others looking for the uses I have mentioned, plus it has numerous other features I have yet to explore.

  4. Cat

    Needs improvement

    Was looking for something like an Apple watch but for far less of the cost. I found it. It monitors my steps, I can track my step history, my text messages come through on the watch, and I can hang up calls without having to pick up the phone (can’t pick up the call though). It doesn’t do everything Apple can but it does enough for me. The rubbery watchband is a little annoying to slide through the straps, but the tradeoff is that I can take an alcohol swab to it. The touch button can be a little sensitive – brushing up against something will change the time screen (there are 3 options; when I look at the time it’s never on the setting I left it). I like the heart rate monitor as well but it takes a minute to start.Update: I started having problems with my watch connecting to my phone a month or so ago. I did all of the updates, re-paired the watch with the phone, all to no avail. Now, less than a year after purchasing the watch I’m lucky if it connects at all. I can’t get the heart rate monitoring to work for more than 20seconds because it disconnects while the 2 are next to each other. How frustrating.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  5. Triplestack

    Worked well while it did, edit, refunded

    Edit: customer service contacted me and offered a refund or a new Fitbit sent. I requested the refund via Amazon gift card. Will update when I receive the refund.Original:Got refund, very good customer service. If you want to give a Fitbit a try, try this one. It worked for me for a while and the company will make it right.It worked while it did. I’ve had it a couple months. Then one day I noticed it get real warm on my wrist. It wouldn’t respond or nothing. I left it for a day and tried recharging it and it worked again… For about a month &1/2. Then today it just died, and won’t take a charge again.I did like it though while it worked, really enjoyed the sleep tracking of it. But it doesn’t do anything anymore..

  6. Donald Edwards


    So, I was skeptical at first due to the price. Thinking you get what you paid for. I was wrong…this watch is awesome. I was buying this for my daughter for the holidays. My original intent was to buy a Fitbit or something similar. However, Fitbit and Apple were out of my pay range. I love this watch it does all that I need it to do. I love to go and workout and it gives me all the categories I need to track my progress. I highly recommend this watch for people looking for a sound device at a cheap cost. I am a newbie to the fitness watch world. I even watch a YouTube video comparing it to apple and there were a lot of similarities. Now I have to get one for my son and wife!!!

  7. Anna

    The Best Purchase Ever

    I bought this watch two years ago for work and I still have it today! It works amazing and has withstood being smacked around and against hard objects. It is able to handle being underwater even though it’s not “water proof.” It’s easy to charge and hasn’t given me any issues to date. I can’t attest to how accurate the tracking is (I know the heart rate sensor isn’t accurate) but it seems to follow my steps pretty well.

  8. Samantha Gilbert

    Good basic step counter

    I retired my HR2 Fitbit and didn’t have the money to replace it. (I don’t want another until they fix the bands that consistently break.) So I jumped on Amazon and found this one. Overall it seems fine, but it does NOT monitor your heat rate continuously. Therefore your calorie burn will not be accurate. It’s basic and gets the job done for my step counting.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  9. Amazon Customer

    Looks big and works great

    It was pretty just did not fit my wrist, it seemed too big, I do have small wrist, it’s hard to find something that works for my wrist. I thought this would be good and i don’t think it would work. Kind upset that was the case, over all the product does what it does. Love the fact that everything is super easy Understand and comfortable to have access to. Still learning more about it.

  10. gary

    Read my review

    On the positive side, good battery life and it does count steps. On the not so good side, no history for accumulating step counts. The face arrangement (time, steps) changes and is a pain to change back to my preference. Outside the face is hard to read, I bought this for step count so would be great if the count was a lot bigger. Not even a good watch because you have to raise and rotate your hand to activate face and if outside, can’t easily read the time. I would not buy again

  11. Kenneth E Martin

    Easy to set up

    I liked the price, the appearance and the functions of the watch. The foot steps seem fairly accurate when I tested with 200 steps. Have not relied on B/P or heart. Needed to monitor my sleep pattern and watch seems accurate. Very pleased

  12. The imsjimkim

    Exceeded my expectations !!

    I am quite suprised at the features offered , i wasnt expecting much (from what ive seen in stores with the same type of products in the same pricepoint) but it exceeded my expectations and is well worth the money ($28). It had more options than i expected ,the app is not difficult to use and has all of the options i wanted (plus more) . The only issue i had was with signing up it states (press here for capcha ) and nothing happens when pressed but the capcha goes to your email that you entered beforehand and you have 90 seconds to get it from your email and put it in before it expires . im very happy i purchased it and will be getting another for my wife. I recommend this product

  13. Robert M Russikoff

    Very good product

    This fit tracker is an awesome tool to help you fight obesity it does more than just track your steps it monitors your heart it helps you with training on cycling running sleeping and other things the most important feature that I like is I go to meetings and when I am in the meeting my phone is always on mute because I have the ability to connect Bluetooth everything shows up on the phone text messages and phone calls I can even hang up the calls on my phone in the meeting and return them when I am done. Battery life is superb lasts a very long time on one single charge and the Price you won’t believe? In my opinion it is well worth the price and a tool that everyone should have in their life.

  14. Christal Pierce

    Does not work

    It doesn’t turn off and it continue to track steps even when standing still. And the steps it was tracking were inaccurate I was not happy with this product. I would not recommend anyone to buy this product

  15. Sara Michele

    Issues w/ the app, signs of wear within a year

    It worked fine for a while, but suddenly the app stopped working. I had to delete and then re-download it. Now I cannot get my watch to sync with the app. I reached out to customer service, but have not received a response yet. Even while the watch was properly synced to the app, I feel the information it tracked wasn’t always accurate. If I would get up in the middle of the night to do something and then went back to bed, it would think I was awake as of the first time I got up and wouldn’t continue to track my sleep. Seemed pretty glitchy at times… It has also started to show scratches, discoloration, etc. I haven’t even had it for a full year and take pretty good care of it. It doesn’t seem like it would look nice/hold up long term.

  16. Jasmine

    Seller gives incentives for 5 star reviews

    What I dislike about this product is the fact that the seller uses a free gift to customers in order to get these five star reviews. Idc if I was sent another free watch. That won’t make me give an automatic 5 star review if I don’t believe the product to be worth 5 stars. Some of these reviews are misleading because of that. The watch is ok. You get what you pay for. The app is iffy but gets the job done. Definitely isn’t an Apple Watch or fitbit like someone lied and said but again it begs the job done.

  17. Patricia Montgomery

    Excellent purchase!!

    I love this watch it’s easy to use, long battery life, charges quickly, easy to find the different options. The only thing I don’t like is that it changes sometimes to analog without me changing it… I use it for my every day workout. I got a second one for my daughter , she loves it.

  18. tatter09

    Great purchase!! Highly impressed !!

    This does what I wanted and much more!! I am impressed with this. It has the three different main screens you can choose from which I like a lot. The heart rate monitor on it does really well. I like it gives an audio sound for the heart beat. I love how much info is sent to me via this tracker. I love it does email, text, Facebook , Twitter and much more. It allows me to end a call from the tracker itself if I want. The band is waterproof and feels great on my wrist. In short it does way more than I thought it would. I am very impressed with it. I would recommend getting one for yourself. Don’t spend $100s on an Apple Watch, buy this and pay yourself on the back for a great purchase.

  19. Loren Hunt

    Simple to setup and use. Easy to view display. Good battery life

    I have have gone through three Fitbit watches in 4 years. I’m tough on these fitness watches. Decides to save some money and go with the L8Star. So far I am impressed. It does the things I need it to do which is mainly tell time and count steps. I wear a heart monitor around my chest so I don’t need the heart rate monitor but I have noticed when it it checks my HR it is fairly close to the chest strap in reading. The battery life is great. I wasn’t expecting the IP68 level of water protection but it’s a nice feature.

  20. bikeko

    Short lifespan but good customer service

    I only had this tracker/watch since July 2019, today it just went black. Couldn’t reset it from my phone and it had recently been charged.I did hear back from the company and was issued a full refund. Although was disappointed that it quit on me, I am satisfied that the company was willing to refund or replace my purchase.

  21. Journeyman

    Quick-Summary Review from a Happy Customer

    First, let me say that I really don’t like smart watches, but I’m a health & fitness coach & enjoy a lot of sports when I’m not working with others. That being said, I wanted a decent fitness watch that had limited “smart” functions… & it seems I’ve found it in this little guy.I’m normally against pairing my phone with anything but a mic, due to the battery drain (I like my 8-9 day standby… esp. when I’m 150 miles into the backcountry with only a single 10k mah power pack to get me through another 150 miles to the next recharge station), but after keeping this watch & my phone paired non-stop for a couple of days now, the pairing has only added a 1.5% addition drop (per day) to my phone, & the watch has yet to drop by a bar yet.I can’t speak much on the remote alarm (& prolly won’t, the phone alarm works for me) or sleep monitor, since I haven’t tried either yet, but all of the other app & watch functions seem to work flawlessly… & there’s quite a few options. The only “smart” function I’ve found is setting the watch to notify you of phone calls & texts (which will show the first couple of lines of your text). I LOVE this feature as it isn’t like other “smart watches” where it’s intractable… it just lets me know with a quick vibration & notification that someone has tried to reach me. As an added bonus, once you’ve paired the watch to the app (to update the time, etc.), you can unpair it & use most of its functions without needing to be tethered to the phone.I haven’t owned it long, but I’m usually pretty quick to determine if something will work for me… & this guy fits the bill. I just hope it has some longevity (if I can think about it, I’ll update this review later… but if the watch continues to work as beautifully as it does now, you may not hear back from me, lol; that’s a good thing, actually). For any other reviewers who have any complaints (other than the occasional defective one you’ll get)…. “What did you expect for a $30 fitness watch?” We aren’t talking Apple or Google here, but at the same time, this watch has INCREDIBLE functionality & precision for a budget watch. If you aren’t looking to spend $200+ on a main-brand watch, this guy does a close job for a tenth of the price tag.As a final thought, if I had a complaint it’d only be that while it’s sleek not to have any micro-usb or other charging port holes on any side of this watch, its charger is unusual & I worry about its long-term functionality. If you look at my pic of the back of the watch, you’ll see 2 little gold-colored holes. The charger is a strange-shaped disc which clamps (gently) onto the watch, & has 2 prongs which must line up with those 2 holes in the back of the watch. If you’re successful, you’ll see the watch briefly light up (if the screen is off). Other than the unusual charging feature, this setup on this this is about as easy as they come. Just download their app (called FlagFit), then launch it. There’s instructions on where to find the menu option that pairs the watch with your phone. Once paired, it’ll update the time on the watch to your phone (mine is military time, for example), & you can then browse the menu to turn on the features you want.I hope this review helps some people, even though the watch setup & maintenance is pretty straight forward.

    A 133 personas les resultó útil

  22. Robert Manley

    Stocking stuffer

    It was a great stocking stuffer works.very well

  23. denpick

    Pefect for SMS message and phone calls and long Battery Life

    I needed to see messages (SMS) and who called and be able to reject a call. I prefer long battery life. This watch did what I needed. It’s ok counting steps and it will do heart rate, calories, etc. but those are minor to me. Nicest is that it remembers several text messages so you can review them.For users who don’t want an account and give their Email etc. it works fine if you click to skip that option on the first screen of the app. Some messages are not SMS (“Multi-media”) such as those to multiple people and those don’t show on the watch at least using my Samsung 5S.It is is quite light weight and comfortable. The band is soft and appears to be easy to replace using conventional band pins. Also, it takes a distinct wrist movement to activate so it does not false triggering and distract your friends near by. Also if it doesn’t display, a simple tap will activate.It displays long enough but that is settable in the app to 10 and 15 seconds. So far the battery is unchanged (2 of 4 bars) so I suspect it will be 2-3 weeks. That’s outstanding compared to smarter watches which struggle to make it a day or two!Hints: the touch screen has a single spot to touch. I found a deliberate touch (on that spot) rather than a quick “tap”, worked very well. Same is true to cycle through the options. Experiment a little. Other options are activated by touch and keep touching for 2-3 seconds to activate. For example, it can find your phone (if misplaced but nearby). Tap to the “Function”– then tap and hold a couple seconds and then tap through the functions including “Find”. Then the app will sound your phone’s ringer for a few seconds.Hint: To get into sub menus (Messages, Functions), Tap and hold a second. For example, to review messages, tap tap tap to Messages, Tap Hold 2-3 seconds. Tap-tap-tap to cycle through messages.Everything I tried worked fine. Great “starter” smart watch.Others mention the odd charger setup. It’s fine. I get that adding a usb-C jack adds weight and bulk. The designers made the right choice.I purchased an H4-V12 from amazon (3X cost) and it oddly failed to store even one message, even the most recent. So I returned it. If you want SMS, time, InComing call notify (which includes your contact name) and battery life much much longer than a day or two, this will be hard to beat for the under 30 price.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  24. Cmerkey

    not the most accurate

    I bought this because I wanted to upgrade an old fitness tracker I no longer used.This watched seem to always place my step counts above 11k for a given day. which seem really high for me at the time of purchase. I would finish many nights with 12-14k, I knew there was no way. it was always 3-4k higher then my old oneBecause of this I bought a much more expensive one instead, but here is what I learned about this watch.The sleep tracker seems to be on par with the other one I bought, which was surprising. so I will have to say the sleep tracking works well at least for me it did.The pairing features offered didn’t always work for me. I have a Samsung 8S and text messages never worked for me ever, my wife also bought this watch and with the same model phone she got text messages work half the time. the button on the front wasn’t always responsive, but for a cheap watch it still managed well. I compared the step counter to my old one and the new more expensive watch and this watch was always 2-3k more on my favored wrist, and about 4k more on my non-favored wrist.Wearing this watch while driving was a big problem and a part of the issue. Every time I would shift gears (manual transmission) this watch would sense the motion as walking. In a short drive I could get 100-200 hundred steps.if your looking for accurate step counting I don’t think this is the watch for you, it seems way to sensitive for a working adults life.Another thing is I reached out to the company for the free extended warranty like requested at the time of purchase and to claim my free watch (scratch off) and I never herd back from them either thru email or facebook. so the customer service was pretty crappy too.

    A 4 personas les resultó útil

  25. BTC

    Used until I dropped it!

    Not a bad unit. Does what it says and I’ve found the replacement (another brand) is less accurate on walking (high count). The app works fine and I liked the unit overall. My only complaint is that the band was uncomfortable. The band doesn’t have a lot of adjustment and causes me to sweat around the wrist. I accidentally dropped it and this caused the screen to half way not work, so I ordered a replacement, a different brand. I wanted more function than this original watch offered. Of course I paid more for the replacement.This isn’t to say this watch is in any way bad. As mentioned, the only issue I had is with the watch band itself. The band is easily replaceable if you wish. If I hadn’t dropped the watch (totally my fault), I would still be using it today. If you’re looking for a watch that offers the functions this one does, it’s a good buy, good quality, and works very well. I still like its accuracy in steps counted better than my current watch. I also appreciate the customer support – which is superior to most. After posting this review, customer support contacted me and asked if I would accept a replacement or refund. I refused both, not because of anything about the watch but because the watch was damaged by my own error, by dropping it. I greatly appreciate the support team contacting me and making an offer to replace or refund the purchase, but the problem wasn’t their fault, so I couldn’t accept the offer. However, this shows that they fully support their product and customers, which is excellent. If in the future I will certainly do business with them. It’s difficult to find great customer service like this.

  26. Barbra Mcclung

    Pretty nice little watch

    I just wanted something to count steps, not connect me to everything on the planet and report my health……this watch is pretty nice. I have a few issues but they are so minor…….first, I find I have to wear it tighter than I have worn other watches (they discontinued the LifeTrac watch I have worn for years) but I am getting use to that; I am not sure how it knows when or if I am asleep; it lights up at night everytime I move my arm..am getting used to that as it is like having a flashlight on your wrist if you get up in the night…; and I find it a little difficult to navagate at times, but I am getting used to that as well. I am not sure about the connection to my phone, but it seems to work OK. The watch does not keep historical data, only the day you on on. I do not mind that really. All in all, a wach that I think will work for me once I get more used to it and learn a little more about it.

    A 49 personas les resultó útil

  27. McCoy

    Good but needs improvements

    I purchased this because I wanted a device to track my calories without paying the Apple Watch price. I really like that it doesn’t look cheap and I like the softness of the band. The calorie count and heart rate monitor appear to be accurate. However, there are some annoyances: (1) the device counts calories even with simple arm movements; like when I’m using my laptop (2) the device will not sync my text messages to my phone. I have tried turning it off, deleting and downloading the Flag fit app, going into phone and app settings and NOTHING. This is really baffling because calls from my iPhone come to the device; but not text messages. I mean, I guess it’s really not a big deal per se, but I believe that ALL the features should be working whether being used or not. So that’s why I gave it three stars.UPDATE: 5/15/20The company’s representative contacted me via email on 5/12/20 and offered to resolve my issue by sending a new device or giving me a refund. I decided to accept the refund. The refund was provided in two days via Amazon gift card. So Although the device needs some improvement, I really appreciated the company moving swiftly to accommodate me. So because of that, I have changed my rating to five stars.

  28. Designer1

    Nice watch, mostly works well

    The main reason I purchased this watch is for heart rate monitoring during exercise. The first one I received was off by as much as 30 BPM – way too much to be useful for my purposes. The seller was kind enough to promptly refund my watch after return and to send me another. The second one was a little better, but varied from 3 to 20 BPM incorrect and still not useful for heart rate monitoring. If consistantly off by less than 5 like some other watches, it would be useful enough.Otherwise, the watch is very nice. Great battery life. Nice comfortable size and band. Clear display. Easy to use. Other functions, like steps or calories are approzimations anyway and seem OK. The pairing app is good enough.I only took off 1 star because, while not for me, it seem like a nice watch for many folks.

  29. Ronny Acosta

    Easy to use

    Wasn’t sure how easy this watch was going to be, but the app and instructions it came with made it really clear and simple. I was able to easily set everything on the watch with no issues but the app, that was even easier. With the app, I was able to set all of my information and now I can track my steps, heart rate and now my sleep pattern. Not to mention, on the watch, I get notifications of phone calls, text messages and even when certain apps have notifications. What I really like is with text messages, it actually shows the message. When I go running, it tracks my mileage and will actually show me on my app and keep track of my miles. Not to mention, this watch is really comfortable to wear while working out or just wearing it out and about.

  30. Jessica Christopher

    Inaccurate for fitness, great as a watch

    The watch as a time teller is great and it does pretty well with sleep tracking and as a message reader but other than that I would not recommend it as a fitness device. I do a lot of biking, walks, jogs, and weight lifting and after a week of testing it is horribly inaccurate. The step counter shows a few hundred more step that I did in the day, calorie counter has been off quite a bit, and the heart rate monitor? That is just horribly off, I based my testing off being hooked up to medical devices at a hospital gym and the gym equipment that tests for BPM. For example of BPM, as I was running the medical equipment had me at around 180bpm but the watch only had me around 130-140. Like I said before as a watch and sleep tracker its great but for fitness wise it is a no go for me. If it was just a little inaccurate I could deal with it but it just isn’t close at all even for 30bucks.

  31. Karina Gonzales

    Loved it!

    I joined a 80 day fitness challenge and was looking for something to help monitor my daily activity. I didn’t want a Fitbit, and I wanted something that had the look of an Apple Watch, but without the outlandish Apple product price tag. I looked around and around, and this watch could not be more perfect! It is super comfy and EXTREMELY easy to use; not to mention that it has a ton of the features the Apple Watch has, yet didn’t put me into debt at all! The app that you download is perfect, and very user friendly! I love the look of it, how I can read my texts from it, reject calls from it, and set alarms to wake up or to remind me to do something without and annoying ringtone, but vibrations on my wrist instead. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It has far exceeded my expectations, and I cannot wait to tell everyone I am doing this fitness challenge with all about this watch! You cannot beat the price! If you are looking for a watch to track your fitness progress, but has many of the same functionalities at the Apple watch without the Apple price tag, or you have one of those clunky or tacky looking Fitbits and want to get rid of it, DEFINITELY get this! I promise you will love it!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  32. Norm L

    Great value for the price

    I waited a full month before reviewing just to see how the watch would hold up. I’m also going to qualify my rating: this is a 5-star product because it is reasonably well made, the display is nice and bright, the app makes accurate time sync-ing a breeze, lets you know if an SMS message comes in on your cell, and the battery lasts a long time…all for under $30, so I’m rating on bang-for-the-buck. I did notice one glitch where the time seemed to be off by an hour but upon opening up the app it immediately fixed itself, haven’t seen that happen again. And to be honest I don’t trust the accuracy of any device for measuring steps or sleep activity so I haven’t even tested those functions.If you think you can get the capability of an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy watch for about 1/10th the cost, you’re just fooling yourself. But if you are in need of a simple watch with some nice features at a reasonable price, then you could certainly do worse. I’ll update this review if anything changes.

  33. VV from SoCal

    Loaded with Features at a Great Price

    I had lost my Fitbit and couldn’t afford to replace it right away so I wanted a watch with a stopwatch and step counter. This watch gave me what I wanted and much more for a great price. Besides counting steps and having a stop watch, this watch can monitor your heart rate, sleeping patterns, notify you of phone calls and much more. It’s a fantastic watch, but simple. You press the button once to go to the first feature, and keep pressing once to scroll through the features until you reach the feature you want (i.e. function/stopwatch). Once at the feature you want, you hold the button for 3 seconds to enter or start that particular function. Again simple. Like a fitbit, the watch turns on with an arm/wrist movement. You can also change the brightness. What I love about the watch is it holds a charge for a long time. My fitbit lasted a couple days (highest brightness), but this watch will last much longer. If you’re looking for a good watch at an economical price with basic features, this is definitely it.

  34. erjunkee

    Initially Great, But Now on the Decline…

    I purchased this watch in September of 2019. I wanted to give it several months before writing a review. I first got it, I loved it. It was easy to sync via my phone’s Bluetooth. And it seemed pretty good w phone calls and text messages. As time progressed, I noticed several issues. At this time, it misses some text messages that show up on my phone. Also there is now a persistent issue w the battery not fully charging. I’ll let it charge overnight once the battery bar is down to one bar. When I check overnight, it does not go beyond charging the device to the second battery bar. And yes, I have made sure that all of the physical components and connections are correct for the device to charge. And so I know this isn’t the issue. One final issue I take w the watch is that I wished the watch or the app would show you the number of steps I’ve taken over the course of the week. I’m happy it tracks my daily steps with a moderate degree of accuracy (the watch now takes a lot of prompting to begin tracking my steps, which it didn’t do initially). But it’s difficult to know my weekly average and progress without this info.All in all it’s an ok watch for the price. But I’m retrospect, given the difficulties I’m having with the device 7+ months into using it daily, I don’t think I’d purchase it again. Ans I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, going forward.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  35. Kerry keenom

    Budget friendly watch that does exactly what it says it d

    I bought my watch almost a month ago.I am very impressed on how well it works without breaking the bank.It tracks your steps and sleeping patterns.I am a light sleeper and it tells me in detail how many hours of light sleep and deep sleep I had through out the night.I can get an estimated idea of how many hours of sleep I get per night. It also comes with a GPS feature on the app if you want to go for a walk or run and it logs in your distance and maps out your walk.I am a very happy customer and I didn’t break the bank and it is also very compatible with my LGstylo 4 android phone.Super bonus it is water proof.I don’t have to take off my watch to take a shower.The battery life is wonderful.I don’t need to charge for at least 6days and it doesn’t drain my phone battery. Overall if you don’t want to break the bank this watch is a budget friendly that does exactly what it says.

  36. kevbop

    Pretty good

    I was a bit unsure whether or not this watch would perform. I have had it about a month and so far so good. Let me be clear, this is not an Apple watch or similar. There is no GPS, you can’t answer a phone call. However, for about $30 instead of $400, you can’t expect all the features. It tracks activities of your choosing, steps, sleep, shows many social media messages, and texts. All for about $30. It is hard to go wrong at that price. The app is not as good as something like Fitbit and you can’t do things like adjust the length of your stride. For someone that just wants to track their activity and see things like texts coming in, it is great at a great price.

  37. Kiyi

    Battery efficient and User friendly.

    I waited 5 months to do a review on this watch to make sure that it would work with long time use. I get my amazon delivery notifications, Instagram, WhatsApp messages, Twitter, facebook Messenger, etc. You can’t reply, but you can see the notifications. I really liked this watch. I just wanted it to look at the time and track my steps. The battery lasts for weeks, that’s my favorite part about the watch. You just have to tap it once to skip to look at calories, distance, etc. Hold it for about 3 seconds when you want to change the style of your clock. Skip to “Heart” to take hearth rate, takes about 15 seconds to check your heart rate. I accidentally washed it in my washing machine, let it air dry for about 4 days, charged it, and it still works! I’m so amazed. I’ve also dropped it many times and the poor thing still works!! If you want something simple and easy to use, just get this watch.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  38. Smith

    Great watch for a great price. Does everything I needed.

    So far I love this watch/fitness tracker. The band is comfortable, very smooth and soft to the touch and seems to be very durable. I have a very small wrist and it fits with 3 extra holes to spare. The double straps on the band are great to hold all the extra band in place. The heart rate monitor and the steps are accurate. It was delivered really fast. It was fairly easy to sync to phone and begin using. It has a nice weight to it, doesnt feel cheap as some others out there do. For the price I am really pleased. I recieved a good luck giveaway scratch off with the watch and I had won 1st prize. Im hoping to get it soon, Ive never won giveaways or scratch offs before. Very pleased and I think most will be too.Update: I did in fact get my free watch with the winning ticket. L8Star replied in a timely manner and was very kind. I was sent the free 2nd watch fast. I would love to leave extra feedback…well deserved extra 5 stars. I still love my watch, I wear it every day. I gave my extra to my husband and he loves it too. Ill most likely be buying a few more nearing Christmas as these will be great for gifts.

    A 35 personas les resultó útil

  39. Cecilia

    Woreks really good for the price

    I got this for my autistic 14 year old son for Christmas to try out and see how well he would take care of it, before I got him something else more expensive. I have a Garmin, and we run together and I will say that the accuracy isn’t the best, but it isn’t far off. The app is very easy to use and navigate but we dont pay too much attention to the sleep tracking. He has had it for a month and a half and keeps track of remembering to charge it well, and likes the text show feature on it. He was able to figure out how to use all of the features pretty easily and is overall happy with it.

  40. Addicted Shopper

    Better than expected

    Despite having some binding issues at first I learned that the best thing to do is to never turn off your bluetooth of unbind the device. It’ll continue to work without a problem. Even after restarting the watch. I’m really pleased on being able to see my sleep pattern and as it turns out, I walk a lot more than I thought I did.For the price, this is a win.

  41. Amos

    You get what you pay for

    It’s a great value but you get what you pay for. After a couple of months it quit working. Then it started working again for a few weeks however it wiped out all my previous data and then never synced again. It still told time and kept steps but never kept track for me to look back. Now it works for a week then quits for a week or so. The battery life was great until it quit working then it was normal. It was good while it lasted but time to move on to another cheap smart watch.

  42. Dale

    Best fitness smart watch

    Best fitness tracker out there! I have had a Fitbit for years. When it died I began a search to find the perfect watch to replace it. I wanted a heart rate tracker and an app that would allow me to monitor and track my heart rate. For the price there is nothing out there that compares. The watch face size is large. The battery life is outstanding. One charge and I’m only down one bar after five days. Even the band is soft and flexible. Some watch bands are stiff and more like cheap plastic not this one. The screen is easy to read and there are three interchangeable watch faces. The second picture above was taken in bright Florida sun. The app is very user friendly also. It was easy to sync my watch with my iPhone. Several people thought it was an iPhone smart watch. This is a great fitness tracker watch

    A una persona le resultó útil

  43. Laura

    Best activity tracker and great price!

    With the current pandemic, I wanted an activity tracker to get me off the couch. I just wanted something to motivate me to move and count my steps, measure my heart rate, and calculate my calories burned. I’ve had 2 Fitbits in the past but they both broke. I considered an Apple Watch but I didn’t want to spend $400 on something that mostly duplicates what my iPhone does. So I bought the L8Star. What a great product! I could not be happier! It does exactly what I wanted to do. Plus, because I am over 40, I can clearly and easily see the time and all of the data displayed on the face. All of the numbers are cool, crisp, and nicely colored. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to track your activity at a very reasonable price.

  44. Mao F.

    Good product for its price

    It is very cool looking watch. There are upside an downside of this product. Upside are: long battery life. Pretty accurate step counts. Sleek looking watch. Downside: small font size of steps count, harder for older people to read. It dose not automatic taking heart rate, you have to starts and stop at phone app. I guess that is why battery life is longer. Anti-loss phone feature works as you phone starts ring if you steps too far, instead of the watch vibrate. If you walked too far to hear the phone ring, you would not noticed you left you phone. I found sleep tracking is not that accurate.

    A una persona le resultó útil

  45. Sandyva

    Multifunction watch at an affordable price

    I bought this for my 7 yr old who wanted an apple watch. He is very satisfied as it has the look of an apple watch without the hefty price tag. It was very easy to upload the app on my phone and the watch itself is very user friendly in that my 7 yr old is able to use the functions that apply to him. The watch came charged so he was able to use it right away and the screen has different styles based on your preference. At first, his step count seemed very high. But, I had not yet adjusted his height and weight, so it should be more accurate now. An added bonus is that he is motivated to walk and run more to get his steps higher than the rest of the family. This watch is a very good value for the quality.

  46. SMM

    Manage your expectations. It’s okay all around.

    The step counter is massively off, especially if you work with your hands. The sensor is just too easy to trigger and can’t recognize a hand movement from a body movement. Which I am sure is an issue with a lot of watches. I would not recommend for step counting.BPM seems fairly accurate so that is wonderful.I enjoy the clock displays and that I can read some texts on the screen or hang up on someone when they are calling without pulling out my phone. So I appreciate that.I don’t hate this item at all, especially considering the price that it retails as. I like it and will continue to use it until it breaks. I would not repurchase though.

  47. Spence

    not bad for the price

    it works well enough, the heart rate and tracking works fine.it doesn’t have Blood pressure like some adds for this item but the app does. My big problem comes with the app. The app has a hard time syncing with the watch. and every time the app losses the watch it sets off my phone with a notification. It also wants way too many promotions on my phone. Not sure I like that.UPDATE: I just got a email from the seller asking If they could replace or refund my money. WOW that kind of service you don’t get every day. My review wasn’t even critical of their product just the software.This seller will get my business any day.P.S. No i did not take advantage of their offer but was inpressed they did make it.

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  48. F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Pretty, but features are not convenient

    Pros: The numbers are big. The sleep part is interesting to see. Like the fact that you can shut the light off during sleep time. A vibration that lets you know you have not been moving for an hour.Cons: No second hand or counting on the face, so I can’t take my heat rate. The heart rate monitor is not accurate- it reads between 85-91 no matter what I do – exercising or ready to sleep. You have to scroll through everything to get to what you want, can’t do that on the run. Why table tennis, tennis and badminton?!!! Pretty big for my small wrist. I don’t need messaging; I have a cell phone for that, so wasted space on watch.

  49. Doreem

    Perfect For What I Want

    I needed a new fitness tracker because the band on my other broke and I couldn’t get a replacement band due to COVID19. So in search of a new one I found this tracker and it does more than my old tracker. I like the big screen, it makes it easier to see and there are different view settings! I like that I can track my blood pressure and sleep patterns (I sleep most on Saturdays). I subtracted a star because the exercise options do not include working out or weight lifting. I certainly do not play badminton or table tennis nor do I see it in my future. But running and cycling are. Good and smart buy!

    A una persona le resultó útil

  50. Amazon Customer

    Everything is off.

    I originally got this watch because I wanted to keep track of my steps for Pokemon Go, since I walk a lot throughout the day but don’t always have my phone on me – but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a OS Watch or Fitbit. I thought it would be cool with the extra featuers, today is my second day. The step counter is wrong, I was painting yesterday which requires me to stand still and move down stairs. After painting it said I took over 3000 steps, when I probably took half of that. ( I was painting with my right hand, the watch is on my left) so my right hand was idle most of the time. I’m not sure how accurate the heart rate monitor was. The sleep tracker? 2 days in a row said I had a solid 8hrs of sleep for 2 nights. I have alarms set to wake me up, I get at least 6 hrs of sleep a night (if that, insomnia, ya know?), ill fall asleep at about 12Am and wake up at 5:30 or 6AM. The first night I took my watch off at 5AM to put on the charger (so after 5 hrs I still got 8hrs of sleep? ok lol) and the second night I slept 6… 6 1/2 hours of sleep and I still got 8hr of sleep. — Also their app is nicely designed, but you cannot sync it to Google Fit since it doesn’t require a google log in. — I will be returning this Product.

  51. B. Goodrich

    Very accurate step tracking and more!

    This device is equipped with very accurate step tracking!The device is perfectly sensitive to motion, the touch sensor is not as sensitive as a smart phone screen is and I was a little surprised by that but it does work fine.It’s easy to set up/activate. It took me a few minutes to bind the device to the app, but I’ve had no problems with device-to-app connectivity since then. If the app isn’t seeing it, make sure your phone didn’t find it already with it’s bluetooth. If it did, unbind it and go back to the app and let it discover it.I really enjoy the SMS alert feature, which allows me to view text messages I receive without having to check my phone.The heart rate monitor seems inaccurate on me, and the device’s charger is not as convenient as it could be. However, these downsides are a small price to pay for the other features that work great, such as the training mode, an excellent battery life, and a comfortable wrist strap.

  52. Vie

    i like it!

    very good deal for a fitness watch! the battery life is incredible, and the step counter and bpm monitor are fairly accurate. my only complaints would be the app features and sleep tracking. it would be cool if the app included a graph of sorts to track your steps, sleep, etc over time. it also seems as though the watch does not track your sleep if you fall asleep after midnight. you CAN access step graphs in the iphone health app, but it would be much more worth it to have a graph in the app.

  53. JAM

    Worked for 2 months UPDATED

    This was a pretty good inexpensive fitness tracker and the reviews seemed great so I bought this for my husband for xmas. It doesn’t interface with any apps (like Myfitnesspal, etc) but it showed steps and heart rate and sleep. He wore it daily, always taking it off for showers or anything water related. By the end of Feb it wasn’t charging well and then died beginning of March. Don’t recommend.ETA: After posting the 1 star review above, the seller reached out to offer a refund or a new watch within days. We opted for a new watch because there are so many good reviews and are hoping we just happened to get the odd faulty one. It came quickly – even during the COVID pandemic – and all is working. I’m updating this to 5 stars due to the customer service and working watch. I will update my review if there are further problems with the new watch.

    A 3 personas les resultó útil

  54. Rick Cousins

    Good cheap watch

    Pro: Cost, screen brightness, weight, battery life.Cons: App problems, small button is difficult to find, navigation/selection by long and short press is iffy and counterintuitive (not robust, esp. while exercising), no export to Google Fit, etc, heart rate seems low, data on the screens is small while the graphics are large (better to have a large pulse rate number and a small heart icon, you don’t really need to see a color heart taking up most of the screen). It also randomly switches watch faces from the two I can read to one I can’t (visually impaired).It would be unfair to fault a watch for being something it’s not supposed to be, but I’d return this for a full touchscreen model if I could, but the ad copy does represent what it is, so I can’t.

  55. Carlo

    customer service (update)

    I purchased one of these watches which works as it should. When I opened the box ,it had a coupon inside for 3 prizes ,so I won the first prize which was a watch,so I emailed the girls on the ticket to claim my free watch but never heard anything back,as of today .I will update my review if I get my prize.Update, so the company contacted me after my review and I did receive my free prize (watch), so I am now satisfied with my purchase, that’s all I asked for. Its a nice watch and it has many features, good watch.. Thank you.

  56. The Darklegend

    Simple little step counter / smart watch

    First off this isn’t a apple or Samsung replacement but, if you’re looking for an incredible step counter with extra features like text reading and call alerts I’d highly recommend this watch.The watch does an awesome job at counting steps and how many calories you’ve burned. Also it’s nice to look down and see someone’s calling.The only real downside I’ve had so far is the charging connection is a little funky but it works just fine.Overall for the price I would recommend this to anyone looking for a step counter or that wants an entry level smart watch.

  57. Chris

    Decent watch for the price.

    I like the watch but the heart rate is way off when I exercise. I tend to hike steep terrain and the steps counter is way off compared to my Onx and Base map data. This may be due to me using trekking poles and taking about 4 steps for every pole plant. The battery lasts about 10 days for me. It’s a decent watch for the price. The app kicks me out if I refuse to link the Bluetooth.

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