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Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine


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Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

The Lobster Elite 2, which costs only slightly more than the Elite One but adds advanced triple oscillation to the regular battery-operated capabilities, is the ultimate match-play weapon. The Lobster elite two tennis ball launcher is unlike other battery-powered tennis ball machines because it not only sweeps randomly from left to right horizontally, but it also oscillates vertically, providing short and deep shots in a random pattern. Alternately, you can restrict yourself to setting up shots just in the vertical or horizontal plane.

By combining the functions of vertical and horizontal oscillation, the balls are thrown to all four corners of the court (to the left, to the right, short, and deep) to imitate a match. Develop your quickness of thought and footwork at the same time.

Achieve new heights in competition with lobs that soar into the sky and throws that reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. All of your tennis shots, not just your forehand and backhand, will be tested by these battery-operated ball machines.

The “High Spin” setting is a standard feature. The lobster’s heavy top and underspin, which can be adjusted down to almost no spin, are unparalleled.

Specifications of the Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

  • Ball capacity: 150.
  • Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Oscillation: random horizontal, random vertical
  • Speed: 10 to 80 mph
  • Feed rate: 2-12 seconds
  • Spin: top, back
  • Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
  • Power options: battery, electric, combo (options in cart)
  • Court time: 4-8 hours
  • Standard charger: included
  • Premium charger: optional
  • Remote: optional
  • Warranty: 2 years

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10 reviews for Lobster Elite 2 Tennis Ball Machine

  1. Mr. Fife

    This thing came fully charged and ready to go. After 1-2 hours of use it still had plenty of juice left. The controls are easy to use. Its biggest limitation is the angle which is up to a maximum of 50 degrees vertical, but this is still adequate to get some overhead practice. It can simulate just about anything you want. Follow the directions when you get it. The battery really does need to be charged when not in use for a while. The biggest con is that its a bit clumsy to lift … but its not too bad. Overall, I highly recommend this machine.

  2. Louie

    The Lobster Elite 2 is a great value for the money. It has enough options for feed rate, ball speed, spin, height, and oscillation to satisfy the advanced player as well as the novice, young or old. Our family summer lakeside cottage has its own tennis court, and generations of kids have learned tennis from patient parents willing to teach them and to share adult court time. Over the years, as motor boating and tubing became the exciting activity for kids, and there was less effort put into the discipline and patience required for tennis, there was much less family focus on the daily matches on both courts with family and visiting friemaintenance court was alloConsequently, enthusiasm for the sport began to wane for the upcoming generation of youth, much to the dismay to the older generation, just now in the still-actively tennis-playing grandparent stage of life. We decided to purchase the Elite 2 this summer, with the remote and two 60-count bags of pressureless balls. The decision was initially to help the one young teenager y grandchild, who is n b n llpllllpnmnbn passionate enough to about the game to play competitively, to be able to keep up on his high level of practice during his summer vacation. Lo and behold, when his similarly aged cousins saw him having fun & getting a great workout with a new machine that didn’t try to coach or criticize, they began to use the machine, too. Also, 5-7 yr old cousins, some fresh from a first introduction to tennis during short summer tennis programs at home, began to choose to forsake their cherished tube rides for some time with the new toy. Parents & grandparents are thrilled to see their kids’ newly acquired skills put to immediate use and enthusiasm develop. Busy parents can also slip in a hard practice between child-watching and meal preparation without the hassle of trying to arrange a quick singles or doubles game within a short window of time.Small and portable enough for easy storage and transport to nearest power source, an absolute must if there is none right at the court.One of our BEST decisions ever!

  3. Sara Mangold

    This has been a terrific purchase so far and very happy with the product. It would have been nice to have the remote included and that seems to be awfully expensive as a side item but other than that we are very pleased with this product.

  4. Michael

    Pros:o A practice partner that feeds consistent balls without ever complainingo Allows you to work on forehands, backhands, service returns, volleys, swinging volleys and overheadso Relatively compact (handles fold and unit fits into the back of my car)o Portable (can wheel this and a Gamma Ballhopper Whopper 140 onto the court in one trip)o Battery life seems good (have yet to run out of power during 1.5 to 2 hour practice session)o Separately purchased: 2-Function Wireless Remote Control works well (easy to install, saves you from running back and forth to the machine to start feed)Cons:o Included charger is so low tech, with no auto shut off (but works)o Helpful Wireless Remote Control is not included (booo)Net:o Not a perfect ball machine, but gets the job done (after 6 months of use)o Practice the stroke you want, when you want, where you wanto Compliments regular match play, lessons and hitting with a partner (person) in order to improve

  5. JP

    Bonne machine, efficace. Très satisfait

  6. Francois Pregent

    It is exactly what I expected and wanted.

  7. nj

    Love this. My husband got it for me for my birthday. We use it several times a week and have had no problems with it. Most fun birthday present ever.

  8. Carolina

    My boyfriend loves it and now he’s so active

  9. Stephjam63

    Have used it about 11 hours so far and no problems whatsoever. Has not jammed once. Only using regular tennis balls. I did buy the fast charger and the Lobster storage cover, but did not buy the remote because of high cost and unflattering comments. Very happy with the purchase!

  10. Shamrock

    I ordered this item and it arrived in two days though I did not expect it for 5-7 days from shipping. It was on the court within 1 hour and working with regular used tennis balls that I use for serving practice. I ordered the Tretorn pressureless balls but they haven’t arrived yet. Pressureless tennis balls are recommended. There has been a small problem with charging using the basic charger. However, tech support has been great and we are working it out. I am not concerned as I might have been because the machine can provide a great workout in about 1 hour. With 72 pressureless balls at a time, that is about 3-4 loads if you hustle. Normal battery charge is supposed to be 2-4 hours.My only regret is that I did not get this machine several years ago. It is well worth the investment into your development in tennis. Consider getting the Elite 3 machine that adds a nice feature that the Elite 2 does not have. (The Elite 2 can be upgraded to an Elite 3 by the manufacturer.)The remote is nice but the machine gives you twenty seconds to get into position before the first ball. After that, there is no need to stop until you finish the load. If getting instruction while using the machine, then the remote makes sense.Definitely get the premium charger. It goes much, much faster than the basic charger and doesn’t need to be watched (the basic charger requires user to watch light progression and stop when charged). The premium charger is wired into panel differently and bypasses the basic charger circuit.I gave this a 5 star rating because it has performed very well other than the minor problem with basic charger. And I have learned that tech support for the machine is excellent and I look forward to being able to maintain this machine indefinitely!

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