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Master Your Tennis Game: 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics


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Master Your Tennis Game

Master Your Tennis Game contains quick mental tactics, strategies, and suggestions to help you enhance your performance and outplay your opponents. Use your intellect to be the best tennis player you can be. So Get your head in the game.

This book is short, entertaining, and easy to read, and it contains fifty proven strategies for maintaining composure and focus in every tennis match. Regardless of how clever your opponent is, you can still win by employing these strategies.

Master Your Tennis Game includes:

Streamlined strategies: Choose your mood music and analyze your opponent’s play style to improve your tennis game..

Overpower any opponent: Learn strategies for defeating popular play styles, including the aggressive baseliner, the left-hander, and others.

Popular player profiles: From Serena Williams to Roger Federer, learn all about your favorite tennis pros (and their strategies, too!).

Now, The ball is in your court.. Use these winning mental tactics to hone your tennis skills and dominate the competition.

About the Author: KEN DEHART is the director of tennis at the Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose, California. Ken is a Master Professional in the USPTA and has spoken at the Coaches’ Conferences for the US Open, Wimbledon, and the Australian Open on his tennis strategies.

Specifications of Master Your Tennis Game

  • Number of Pages: 176 Pages
  • editorial: Rockridge Press
  • Idiom: English
  • Publication date: 19 Noviembre 2019
  • 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics

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10 reviews for Master Your Tennis Game: 50 Mental Strategies and Tactics

  1. B. McCarthy

    This was a good book for improving your tennis game. I found this book to be helpful. I felt that it was easy to read. It had a lot of nice points that were very useful. There were some things that were very helpful, and some things that I already knew. Yet even when you already know something, hearing it again can be good to reinforce it.I felt that it was well written. It was easy to read and follow around. I think a lot of people would find it easy to read. It was a decent length and had a lot of content. How much you will get from it will of course be individual but I definitely think it can help some.

  2. AMaes

    Excellent primer for tennis players looking to take their game to the next level. I especially like the mental game aspects covered. The author goes into details for doubles play as well as singles. Although specific game strategies isn’t covered, the book provides all the details on how to approach your game, your opponent, and yourself! I found myself making notes on some specific info to improve my own strategies. (disclosure: Callisto Publishers gave me a free review copy)

  3. Ernest Stalnaker

    I read The Inner Game of Tennis several years ago, and this book reminds me of it. However, this is a shorter book, so the author is more concise and direct when making his points. This book is useful for players of any level. No matter whether you are just learning tennis or have been playing for years, the mental part of the game is critical. You can have the best forehand in the world, but if you don’t have the right strategy when playing your opponent, you will still lose.The author has several player profiles scattered throughout the book, where he talks briefly about a famous player that you probably know (Like Roger Federer or Serena Williams). This adds some variety and makes the book more interesting to read.

  4. FlaTnsPro

    This is a great book that can help any player that is competing. Ken has created an easy to read book that was very interesting to read. I also loved how he used examples from former and current professionals! I think this book would be a good addition to any tennis library.

  5. Madam Librarian

    I am not by any means, a great tennis player. I play for fun and even then… not very often. However I think this guide could really help improve anyone’s tennis game. Besides the 50 mental strategies in this book there are also player profiles, and lots of other great tips and tricks. It’s small and slim and can easily be fit into a sports bag or a purse to look at whenever you have a free moment. It’s not the kind of book you read all in one setting, but rather one that you savor and work on as you read. A great stocking stuffer for the tennis player in your life!

  6. loveguitar

    I’m female and play a lot of tennis, singles and doubles. I’m not a high-ranking player, only a 3.5 but I used be a 2.0 so I am improving more every year. I am passionate about the game and frequently play singles matches against opponents less that half my age (61) and win about half the time. I lost last night in a tough singles match, but she was a better player and my game improved because of it. I’m always looking for more knowledge and any edge I can get, to get the advantage on my opponents. I can still run fast and chase balls, but I need to think about other tennis tactics when that ability begins to fade. This book is loaded with tons of tennis insight, knowledge and practical advice that should be taken to heart if you really want to become the best tennis player you can be. Tennis is just as much a mental game as it is physical game and it’s both that I need help in. This book has given me a great deal of things to think about and work on and I will be talking about some of them with my tennis coach. It’s written in an easy to read/understand way, and is small enough to fit in my tennis bag. I strongly suggest it for those wanting improvement in their game. Pros might not get as much out of it but I bet there is something in it they didn’t know. I won’t delve into the chapters because you can use the, “Look Inside” function and see that for yourself. Though I am a female tennis player, this book is pretty much gender neutral with advice that both sexes can use.

  7. bernice

    Thank you

  8. Craig Stephans

    Ken Dehart takes his tennis seriously, and if you do too, then this is a must read for you. Dehart approaches competitive tennis and assumes that readers want to become master players at whatever age they are. The book has short, too-the-point chapters that focus on everything from equipment, sizing up you opponent, mental strategies, how to hit the ball, how to move, etc. There is almost nothing not covered. The 50 strategies have numerous gold nuggets of sports insights for winning and for being your best. This is very much about the internal workings of the player than about techniques and basics of playing. I also think this is a good book for any athlete who wants to excel in his or her sport. Some of this is particular to tennis but many of the insights translate to others sports as well. Dehart is writing from experience and study. He, as much as any similar author I’ve read, knows what he is talking about. For tennis players who are serious, I would recommend reading and rereading this book.

  9. Amazon Customer

    What strikes me most about the book, is how Ken has divided his thoughts and knowledge into bite size chapters to give the reader/player a chance to gain his insight without a lot of reading in a setting. As a retired high school coach of 37 years, I can see this being able to be converted to rainy day tennis use on all levels. Easy to follow topics and meaningful as well. Great easy read and great instruction. Thanks Ken, great book.

  10. Bill Dow

    Ken, you knocked it out of the park. This very easy to read book and it feels like you are talking to us directly. Your amazing years as a top-level coach, your down to earth approach makes it a page-turner. I like the way you laid out the book, the player profiles, and all your amazing insights. Thank you, Ken, for years of experience all wrapped in this amazing package. It is a must-buy for every tennis coach!I did recieve a review copy from the publisher, but that doesn’t change my review or thoughts on this amazing book. I can’t wait to purchase the hard back edition and add to my coaching collection.

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