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Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis


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Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis

Mental and Emotional training for Tennis is a fantastic guidebook that goes over the mental and physical aspects of one of the most demanding games ever created. If you want to succeed at this sport it’s important to come up with excellent routines which are explained in detail within these pages. It teaches players three key things: how to compete when to learn and how to honor oneself.

Compete: By giving our all during every match, no matter what happens; we are working towards being the best competitor possible.

Learn: We need to constantly be open-minded learners because when you’re willing to work hard for anything, you’ll never stop learning new things about yourself or others around you.

Honor: Lastly, doing things with a sense of honesty and integrity will show respect for other people – even if they are opponents outside of tennis matches – which only further emphasizes your true self-worth.

Maintaining these principles might be tough at times but this guide offers ideas that can benefit any athlete looking for ways how to improve their performance.

Reviews for Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis

Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis: Compete Learn Honor is an exceptional resource for coaches looking to change the lives of their players. Dr. Scales has eloquently and practically nailed this concept your character is what makes you a better person and player. I highly recommend this book to coaches, players, and parents of all competitive levels and ages. –Larry Lauer, Ph.D., United States Tennis Association Player Development

Every youth sports coach in America should read this book! Coach Pete s philosophy of Compete Learn Honor provides a roadmap that helps coaches in any sport build their athlete’s character by behaving with honor as a competitor and a person while constantly learning and striving to win. Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis: Compete Learn Honor is an outstanding coaching resource and a wise life guide for all youth sports coaches, parents, and players! –Ruben Nieves, National Director of Training, Positive Coaching Alliance

Coach Pete s Mental and Emotional Training For Tennis: Compete Learn Honor is an inspiring and effective book that weaves together knowledge, suggestions, and stories to truly help tennis players of all levels to develop stronger mental and spiritual strength. This book will benefit and support any coach, mentor, teacher, or organizational leader in their professional paths. I highly recommend it, and I am enthusiastic to work these new ideas and habits into my coaching, on and off the tennis court, and in my personal life. –Kelly M. Stahlhuth, Head Women s Tennis Coach, Washington University in St. Louis

About The Author

Peter C. Scales, PhD., USPTA, is the head of JV Girls’ and Boys’ Tennis at Parkway South High in Manchester, Missouri. He holds a Doctorate from Syracuse University (1976) in Child and Family Studies; an Associate Certified Professional Teaching Pro class certification from the United States Professional Tennis Association; and Double-Goal Coach Certification by the Positive Coaching Alliance. 

His writing spans more than 20 countries and the center of his expertise is in positive youth development, specifically helping those who are just coming out of adolescence or around it – to find themselves; acknowledging that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. He speaks all over the country about this very subject matter because he recognizes himself within them as well – feeling alienated when nobody understands where you are coming from, but realizing what a privilege it really is when someone does come up close enough to actually speak out loud with empathy and understanding.

This man has served many masters, alongside him on his journey through life while staying true to himself and never forgetting where he came from (despite being raised rich). Everywhere he goes, eyes light up when he walks into a room; glowing warmly along with his own inner self-confidence; hearing their laughter ring inside his ears until weeps tears down onto their cheeks even brighter than before because of its recognition – validation for everything done and suffered.

He was ranked 4th in Men’s singles and 3rd in mixed doubles with his wife Martha Roper at the West County Tennis Ladder. He also had the honor of winning bronze in singles at the 2007 St. Louis Senior Olympics.

Specifications of Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis

  • Number of Pages: 184 Pages
  • Date of Publication: December 14, 2018
  • Paperback

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7 reviews for Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis

  1. Maureen (Mo) Doss

    I first heard about this book from listening to a podcast featuring an interview with “Coach Pete” by Essential Tennis’s Ian Westermann. Dr. Scales gave several extremely helpful insights into what’s really important in the game of tennis and how they could be used to improve the mindset of the student athlete up to players at the elite level. He also included several simple strategies for achieving better focus and playing “in the moment” during matches. I was so excited to learn more and promptly ordered his book the same day! I was able to implement some of those strategies in my next match with a very favorable outcome…..both physically and mentally! I have recommended this book to my teammates and am looking forward to what we can accomplish by following Dr. Scales advice and suggestions!

  2. Martha R. Roper

    Yes, I’m the author’s wife.I thought I knew Peter Scales the person and the psychologist with a specialty in adolescent achievement. I thought I knew his ideas about the mental and emotional game after playing tennis with him for years and attending countless end-of-season tennis banquets, and then the book came out. I read the table of contents and the preface and decided to write a review to say that these ten pages have given my own game new life. I’m going to copy the table of contents and carry the chapter titles to every game I play. I’m going to read them in the car before I step onto the court.To all the coaches out there, you may want to read the chapters that pertain to you or to read the whole book. As for me, I’m good with the table of contents. My game is forever changed.Martha RoperP.S. I have now read the whole book and understand why Peter explained the ideas in the table of contents. It takes a whole book to do it. Now I have more tools to learn how to improve my mental and emotional game. I have recently taken up pickleball, and the same principles here apply there. They probably work for most sports.Coaches, if you’re not intentionally spending time during practice talking with kids about the mental and emotional game, please consider adopting at least a couple of principles and go from there. Young people need to hear us talking about how to develop mental and emotional skills to strengthen them in life—now more than ever. I taught high school for forty years, and I saw the need. Now as grandparents, we talk with the kids about having a goal and working on it every day–to improve in their academics and sports and to become a better person.

  3. SVallone

    What an incredibly important contribution to all the young athletes who will benefit from the coaches who integrate the authors suggestions into their personal coaching style! Living the sport of life with this guidance would help us all

  4. Richard

    It is a great book

  5. Molly Morris

    I love this book. I actually play pickleball, not tennis but the advice works for both sports. I liked it so much I am rereading it and taking notes.

  6. KSal

    Highly recommend. I’m reading as an adult player of pickleball–I did not play sports in high school or college, so never had coaching or “mental training”. It has helped me tremendously with being in the moment, with re-setting mental attitude and with a multitude of ways to learn-honor-compete.

  7. J. Pelland

    Easy to read easy to understand. As a peak Performance coach it reminded me and taught me of great concepts to address and work on with all athletes.

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