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Pete Sampras: Greatness Revisited


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Pete Sampras: Greatness Revisited

Pete Sampras is the greatest male tennis player from the United States, a legend in the sport, and a significant figure in the sport’s development. After a dream ending to his career at the 2002 U.S. Open, Sampras was gradually forgotten by fans who were more fascinated with the successes of players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. This career biography of the indomitable Sampras, written by Hall of Fame author and historian Steve Flink, recaptures the enchantment of the man, bringing this uniquely gifted player vividly back to life by recounting the extraordinary hold he had on his era.

About the Author

Steve Flink, an International Tennis Hall of Fame member and tennis journalist has covered over 100 major tennis tournaments. He is the author of The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time and a columnist for TennisChannel and Tennis.com. He was a senior columnist for Tennis Week and the former editor of the World Tennis magazine. In Katonah, New York, he resides.

Specifications of Pete Sampras: Greatness Revisited

  • Number of Pages: 380 Pages
  • Date of Publication: September 1, 2020
  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: New Chapter Press
  • Idiom: English

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10 reviews for Pete Sampras: Greatness Revisited

  1. Linda K of PA

    I highly recommend this book to all tennis fans! I was a big Pete Sampras fan during his entire career and followed all his matches and thought I knew almost everything there was to know about Pete, but I was mistaken. Steve Flink skillfully narrates Sampras’ career recounting his critical matches, providing interesting insights and interviews with Pete, his opponents and active tennis commentators. Pete also had physical obstacles that he was dealing with that I was unaware of. This only made my admiration for what Pete achieved even greater!

  2. David Beilinson

    Another great book written by Hall of Famer Steve Flink. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Pete himself, along with Pete’s friends and competitors. Steve did an amazing job capturing the greatness of Pete Sampras.

  3. vivian bridgewater

    it takes you every match !

  4. Cliente de Amazon

    I’m a Sampras’ fan and this book helped me remember so many points and matches and even search for videos from some matches I wasn’t able to watch (no TV coverage in my country) and OMG he is just the best!!!

  5. Chris Chaffee

    Steve Flink is a great story teller. He does an amazing job writing a master piece about Pete Sampras, the tennis player, the athlete, the man, and what made him special. The way he tells the story is an inspiring and flowing documentary type way but thru words. I couldn’t put this book down and was just in awe about how awesome Sampras was. Steve describes the passion that fuels Pete’s goals, hopes, and dreams. Driven by his mind, his heart, and his desiring will.We get to relive some of the important and epic matches and hear from his former coaches and some former legends and peers of the game. There is only one Pete Sampras and his legacy is never forgotten from this well written deserving tribute of a legendary hero.

  6. Mn

    If you followed the career of Pete Sampras, this is a joy to read. The game by game descriptions bring it all back again!

  7. robin954

    Full disclosure. I’m a huge fan of Hall of Fame tennis player Pete Sampras and Hall of Fame tennis writer Steve Flink so I was excited to read Flink’s new book, Pete Sampras: Greatness Revisited. The book, released on September 1st, did not disappoint.The book begins with a great foreword by tennis legend, Chrissie Evert. She clearly relished the opportunity to present her thoughts and analysis on Sampras. Evert loved Sampras’s championship mentality.Flink does a great job of analyzing how Sampras was able to succeed at the highest levels of tennis over such a long stretch of time. He examines Sampras’s career in a comprehensive manner. Flink views Sampras as the greatest American male tennis player.As Flink points out, one of Sampras’s greatest achievements was winning his then record 14th Major in 2002 at the U.S. Open. However, unfortunately for Sampras, that seemingly insurmountable record was quickly eclipsed by three of the greatest players of all time, Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic. That is unfortunate for Sampras as his then record did not stand the test of time. Flink also notes that Sampras was unfairly labeled as “boring” in an era of flashy players such as his greatest.As Sampras explained to Flink, he played the game on his terms and left the game the same way after winning his final Major, the 2002 U.S. Open, fittingly, over his greatest rival, Andre Agassi. Sampras recounted to Flink that there were so many more doubters at that point than believers as Sampras had lost in the second round of Wimbledon that year.Flink takes us on Pete Sampras’s journey to the top. Sampras’s parents knew little about tennis but were convinced that their son had a bright future in the game. As a junior, Sampras was guided by Coach Pete Fischer who convinced him to change from a two-handed backhand to a one handed stroke. As Michael Chang recounted to Flink, he, along with many others, felt this was a disastrous move, especially after Sampras began to lose matches to opponents he had easily beaten prior to the change. Sampras, however, was looking at the big picture and had no problem emulating prior greats of the game such as Laver, who had used the one-handed backhand as part of an arsenal that allowed for aggressive play. This culminated in the development of Sampras’s attacking net game.Of course, no discussion of Sampras is complete without a focus on one of the greatest first and second serves in tennis history. Numerous legendary players including Billie Jean King discuss Sampras’s serve in the context of his overall extraordinary athleticism. That athleticism was also on display with Sampras’s trademark leaping overhead.This thoroughly researched book is full of great anecdotes and analysis from legendary players such as John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Mats Wilander, Ivan Lendl, Tracy Austin and Martina Navratilova.Flink does a tremendous job of putting Sampras’s career into perspective by comparing him with tennis greats that both pre-dated his career and those that came after him as well. There was no dearth of analysis of Sampras’s achievements by the legends of the game.No book on Sampras would be complete without examining the rivalry that he had with Andre Agassi. Flink recounts how Gilbert was in the coaching box for Agassi during some of the most intense matches in their storied rivalry. Gilbert recalled that Sampras had an uncanny ability to turn up the pressure on his Agassi and raise the level of his game at precisely the right moments.As Flink points out, you don’t win Wimbledon 7 times, achieve the year-end number one ranking 6 years in a row from 1993 to 1998 and win 14 Majors without possessing tremendous athletic ability and the mind of a true champion.I recommend this book, without any reservations, to all tennis fans!

  8. Son Nguyen

    Pete Sampras is my favorite tennis player. His style of play and clutch performance was what drew me in. The book covers his career and more detail than one can find. It covers the smaller tournaments and the lead up to the majors. These smaller details were what most folks would miss when he was playing. It covers the matches where he was clutch and aspects of his game that is missing in today’s game. Any sports fan would appreciate the read.

  9. tennis maestro

    Steve Flink is a literary luminary on the history of American tennis. His chapter “The Greatest American of All Time” is a highlight in a book rich in depth, understanding and appreciation for American tennis. “But the best American of them all across the Open Era and through all of time must be Pete Sampras.” Corrections – On page 177 It was claimed in a fourth round showdown under the lights at the 1996 US Open , Pete Sampras beat Australian Mark Philipoussis 6-3, 64 , 64 which is actually the incorrect scoreline. Sampras defeated Philipoussis by a 63, 63, 64 margin. On page 207 It was claimed at the 1997 Australian Open, Pete Sampras marched into the final beating Austrian Thomas Muster 6-4 ,7-6 ,6-3 which is actually the incorrect scoreline. Sampras beat Muster by a 6-1, 7-6, 6-3 margin. On page 290 It was claimed playing Marat Safin in the 2001 US Open semi final , Pete Sampras turned the tables on the Russian reversing the result of the 2000 final with a 6-4, 7-6, 6-3 triumph which is actually the incorrect scoreline. Sampras beat Safin by a 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 margin. On page 87 It was claimed in 1992 American Michael Chang climbed to No. 6 in the world and was ever so close to a spot in the US Open final which is actually incorrect. Chang was already ranked No.4 by the time of the 1992 US Open. On page 194 It was claimed the 1996 US Open was the only time in his career that Pete Sampras would rescue himself from match point down during the course of a major to win it in the end, a remarkable feat also realized at the US Open by Boris Becker in 1989, Andy Roddick in 2003 and Novak Djokovic in 2010 which is actually incorrect. Rafael Nadal won the 2010 US Open mens championship. On page 220 It was claimed Todd Woodbridge with partner Mark Woodforde won eleven “Big Four” doubles titles during his tennis career and four more alongside Jonas Bjorkman which is actually incorrect. Woodbridge and Bjorkman also won the 2003 Wimbledon mens doubles for a total of FIVE “Big Four ” titles together as a pair. On page 293 It was claimed in his 14th and final appearance at Roland Garros, Pete Sampras was ushered out of the 2002 French Open in the first round by Italy’s Andrea Gaudenzi which is actually incorrect. Sampras made fourteen appearances at the Wimbledon championship. At the French Open, the American competed thirteen times.

  10. Reg Lansberry

    Tennis Hall of Fame inductee Steve Flink has written the essential tennis biography about the essential tennis champion. PETE SAMPRAS: GREATNESS REVISITED takes the reader far beyond Sampras’ 14 major singles titles and the six consecutive years that he was ranked No. 1 in the world at year’s end. Sampras is typically forthright about his early years and how he learned to grow as a person as his game evolved on the sport’s biggest stages. His discipline, desire, abundant talent and peerless sportsmanship made him an enduring role model that anyone –young or old– could look up to and want to emulate. As befits the sport’s premier historian, Flink also provides valuable insights from fellow competitors and great champions of the past including John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl, Mats Wilander, and others. All agree that Sampras possessed a singular ability –the stuff of greatness which all champions possess– to raise his game at a match’s most critical moments when the pressure was at its zenith with no room for error. Close to two decades after Sampras departed the stage, it is nice to be reminded that true class, both on and off the tennis court, means every bit as much now as it did then. PETE SAMPRAS: GREATNESS REVISITED now occupies a deserved place in the pantheon of great tennis books.

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