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Prince T22 Tennis Shoes for Men (White/Navy/Silver)


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Prince T22 Tennis Shoes for Men (White/Navy/Silver)

Because of its capacity to keep feet safe, secure, and stable, the Prince T22 has become one of the most popular shoes on the market over time.

The T22, Prince’s renowned sneaker, provides players with the same classic cushioning and sensation it has for decades.

Because of its support and stability, this shoe provides a good underfoot cushioning effect.

A breathable synthetic upper adds comfort and flexibility, while mesh panels help keep the shoe cool and airy.

The shock-eraser heel insert absorbs shock, while the Soft-spring PU Forefoot insert disperses it for further comfort.

The PRC 1000’s robust outsole compound and Herringbone tread pattern give long-lasting traction on every terrain.

By providing additional stability, the injected Wyshbone TPU Shank aids in keeping the foot steady throughout lateral movement.

TPU forefoot straps promote stability, while the RASH toe cap protects against abrasion and the Shock Eraser midsole absorbs impact.

Specifications of the Prince T22 Tennis Shoes for Men (White/Navy/Silver)

  • Size: 7.5, 8
  • Color(S): White/Navy/Silver, and Blue
  • Type of the surface: All Courts
  • 4Foot Wrap
  • Shock Eraser

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7.5, 8, 8.5, 9


White/Navy/Silver, Blue

10 reviews for Prince T22 Tennis Shoes for Men (White/Navy/Silver)

  1. R Y

    The T22 are wider than the 8P984149-T22 . I had to return the 8P984149-T22 because they were not wide enough for me as I have very wide feet.

  2. Econ Professor

    I love the Prince T22. I’ve been buying them for years. My local athletic and tennis store told me they were no longer being manufactured. I was so pleased to find them available again. I have a bunion on one foot and the wider toe box is great because I put my orthotics in the shoe and it works great. I’m out there 3-4 times a week on hard and clay courts. Fabulous support. Best tennis shoe I ever wore other than the Tretorns 40 years ago,! Lol!

  3. blondie2011

    My son is on his 5th pair of these tennis sneakers-not because they wear out, but because his feet are still growing. He is a Level 2 player and we have tried many brands for him. However this sneaker offers the support, comfort and wear that he needs on the court. All that being said, I feel these are particularly good for a wide foot. We buy a normal width Prince Mens T22 and he has a wide foot. Great tennis shoe-

  4. M Terry

    These are more stiff than my running shoes, but maybe that is to be expected for court shoes. I was pleasantly surprised that the fit was similar to Brooks or ASICS – my go to brands.

  5. Dean M. Fisher

    This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I’ve ever worn. It provides a lot of support laterally which is great for someone with flat feet (like me!) It has a wide base, is well cushioned and doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. I just purchased my second pair after wearing the 1st pair for about 2 years. I wear them for racketball during the Winter months and tennis during the warm months.

  6. Kenny

    These shoes are awesome, I wear them on the train. T train 2020 they are so fast they help me escape the crazies, good support comfortable they should last at least four more years.

  7. Keystone

    I’m on my 12th pair of these so I’m a very satisfied customer. These are the only tennis shoe I wear. They are great for me because I have a little wider feet and an ankle injury. My foot and the support fits in comfortable and I always feel supported in the shoe.

  8. BigShu

    This is my forth pair of these shoes and they are perfect for me. I really love the heel cushion. They make playing on hard courts very comfortable.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I reviewed this product on 2 other occasions at size 8 1/2. Then received this offer at $89.The offer was product with a T13 at the end, with no size selection.Assuming my prior product investigation and your way of remembering my product search Iassumed an 8 1/2 would be shipped no a size 13.I am returning them 5/2/19.

  10. Coqui

    I have been using this shoe for almost 10 yrs. Was glad that I found it online cause it is no longer produced. Great comfort & stability; not to heavy.

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