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Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine


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Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Plus-2 model combines all of the attributes of the original Plus model with the more sophisticated Player model capabilities.

In comparison to the previous Plus model, the Plus-2 now supports the Player’s Drill Maker App, allowing for complete drill setting programmability.

Unlike the Player model, the control panel on the Plus-2 model has an OLED display, making it easier to access the horizontal and vertical oscillations. As a result, utilizing the app to set the oscillation drills is not required. Simply press the drill button on the Plus-2 panel to access the same 12 drills as the Player model, and then switch between them using the + or – buttons.

Specifications of the Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

  • Ball Capacity: The collapsible hopper can accommodate up to 120 balls.
  • Plus2 model = Plus model + Player model
  • Color: Green
  • You may program each shot with your phone for speed, roll, height, angle, and feed rate; there is no extra charge for remote phone updates.
  • The player model may simply do any style of swing.
  • The charger is included; the battery is sold separately.

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Weight25.22 kg
Dimensions60 × 45.2 × 63.4 cm

10 reviews for Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

  1. besafewearmask

    I used my new machine for the first time last weekend and I was very impressed. It was quite easy to maneuver around and i was able to start hitting balls quickly. I used the factory pre set drills, which gave me a great workout and allowed me to hit a wide variety of balls. I used the app on my i phone to operate the machine and I was able to switch from drill to drill with out having to run back to the machine. You can set up any scenario you want and practice shots that give you trouble during math play. I think this machine will really help me build my consistency and improve my game.

  2. AW

    Built tough in metal enclosure but not too heavy to lift. Compact with handle bars easy to get into car. Retractable handle broke on day one but spinshot quickly sent replacement part. The onboard user interface gets confusing but Free phone app makes it a lot easier to use and control the machine but occasionally loses connection. My machine shoots out a little to the left so I would just aim the machine slightly toward the right instead of straight ahead at the baseline midpoint.

  3. Douglas James Palmeri

    I just purchased the SPINSHOT Player Plus 2 in May, 2022. Great machine ! Couldn’t be more pleased. However in June SPINSHOT just released a new version of their software which adds new features to their already impressive machine. I contacted SPINSHOT service to check if my machine could be upgraded. Service was outstanding ! They are sending me a new control panel with the latest version of the software. I couldn’t be more pleased. Great company and Great people ! The SPINSHOT PLAYER Plus – 2 is an incredible, eminently configurable and controllable tennis ball machine ! Quiet, powerful and configurable for players at all levels it is a tremendous machine for stroke practice, movement and tennis drills. The machine comes with a series of preset drills that are easily customizable for the individual player. Virtually every aspect of the shot can be preset; speed, height, placement, spin, etc. and can be modified in a series of shots for each drill. The machine links easily to an app ( I use an iPhone and Apple Watch) and can control the machine while playing either through the app or my watch. It’s just an incredible machine and a tremendous training and practice aid for players at all levels.

  4. Anthony

    I have a Tennis Tutor and SpinShot is well better than because it is made of of metal instead of plastics and much more function.The service by Jason and Richard their service team is impeccable. They are efficient and very knowledgeable.The BEST

  5. jong

    I bought this machine for my kids. this machine is great for their practice, we love random ball feature.I was able to focus on their swing and footwork without feeding them balls myself, I am electronic technician, this machine has strong motors and great covers. I did a lot of research before purchase, I am really happy with it. My 8, 10 and 11 years old kids played tennis already for 3 years and they are doing great, this great machine made a lot easier for them to like play tennis. it’s really strong and durable and has variety features. this is great partner for my kids. they warm up with it and practice and play…”Great looking machine and Great working Machine”

  6. Gloria

    I bought the Spinshot Player Plus-2 in March 2022 and the experience so far can not be better. At the beginning I felt a little intimidating about how to use it and get the best of all the features but it took me only two visits to the court to fully understand everything. The app and Wifi works perfect. I have not a single complaint. When I received the machine there were a little issue that was resolve immediately by customer service. Great experience so far. I do recommend this product.

  7. Jed J Harris

    I really like this ball machine for personal use (I’m a 4.5 player) and also for my two kids (ages 7 and 8). It worked right out of the box and it’s pretty self explanatory how to change the ball speed, height and spin. It’s light enough that I can carry it up stairs and durable enough to handle some abuse going up stairs and in/out of the trunk of my car. Overall, I really like this ball machine! I was worried that the speed would be too slow but it works just fine for me.

  8. Val Kolton

    This machine is amazing. I haven’t played tennis for a long time (15+ years), so I wanted to get the reps in… Sure enough, I am getting back to better than before within DAYS.I can’t be happier. I like having the readout and the app control both…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!I wish I had bought earlier, I would have been much better!!!

  9. Reed

    I live in a rural area with a court nearby by limited number of people to play. I was looking for a virtual partner, but mostly the cardio exercise and ability to play whenever it suited me. This has been great.-Remote/App: iphone works just fine. No problems connecting. App has a lot more potential that could be unlocked.-Speed: as advertised and per other comments certainly not up to par with those I have played but quite sufficient.-Controls: takes some getting used and needs adjustments depending on wind conditions. Needs to be tweaked for center each time, but its usually a minor adjustment. Horizontal control could be a little wider. On a rare occasionally, it will get a little wonky and height changes. A pause and-Support: informed me that the battery would be shipped separately once order was placed. Battery arrived same day as unit.-Battery Charge: charges overnight consistently. I’ve used up to 2 hrs at top speed and it has not run out of battery yet during a session.-Areas to Improve: App, Speed, Hold More Balls, but very happy with purchase so far.

  10. Anthony S. Thompson

    We purchased this for my son to get more work in. Using a machine as a youth, I know this is the best and fast way with get reps in.This machine has a ton of options . You can create almost any shot or sequence. You can take it easy or create complex approach sequences. It does amazing moon balls and even drop shots.The app to control it is a work in progress. It locks up and had trouble “keeping state” with the spin shot. It has improved slightly but it seems they might want a new team on this. It seems simple enough. I am not sure why they are having trouble prefecting this but, since no one else has this capability, I did not hold this against them in the review the nice part is you can program the sequences off line and it will pick them up the next time the app and machine sync. You can also get it working again by closing and opening the app.This review is also preliminary. We got a “Friday Build”. It had a screw that was grinding in the motor when we first started it. It makes a racket when it starts but the support has proven awesome thus far. They are sending us a new machine with no hassle.even with the noise, the machine works well.

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