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Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine


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Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot Pro offers top spin, backspin, horizontal and vertical oscillation, as well as multi-function speed control. To customize ball delivery to your training requirements, simply adjust the controls on the machine’s simple control panel. Multi-function speed control provides 68 mph ball speed, top spin, and back spin. The horizontal oscillation can be altered to enable balls to randomly move around the court. The ball height can be changed to produce deliveries ranging from a lob to a volley. It is possible to speed up the delivery of drill returns by controlling the ball feed rate, which can range from 2 to 10 seconds. This machine is incredibly portable, making it ideal for intermediate players to duplicate different ball return conditions and concentrate on key components of their game.

Spinshot Pro is more compact and lighter than any other ball machine with comparable functionality. The machine has towing wheels and a retractable handle, and you can load all of your tennis equipment onto it and tow it together.

Battery information: Battery Sold Separately. Battery charger provided. Customers need to order the Power Module as an optional part. The battery option can be ordered for free, and the main power module will be ordered at a price of $99. To fit the module into the machine is super easy and it can be referred from the UM. Normally charging time is about 6 hours.

Specifications of the Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

  • Ball Capacity: 120 balls
  • Dimensions: t20″(H), 18″(L), 12″(W)
  • Weight:37lb for the AC model, 42lb for the battery model
  • Ejection Speed: 10kmph to 120kmph
  • Feeding Rate: 2 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Ball Spin: Adjustable Top and Back Spin
  • Ball Oscillation: with Random Horizontal Oscillation to make the machine automatically feed the ball across the court
  • Ball Trajectories: Adjustable from Ground Stroke to lob angel
  • Battery powered with the charger sent with machine. An optional AC module can be ordered.
  • Playing time: 2 to 3 hours typical for the in-cage battery.

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10 reviews for Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

  1. Travis Klein

    This was a gift to my wife and myself for our birthdays. Even the 1st time using it, it was intuitive and super fun. We used it for about 1.5 hours on a full charge, without any sign that the battery was going to die. This tennis ball machine appears to be really well built and worked exactly as advertised. I had a question that I emailed to Spinshot customer service and it was answered same day, within a couple of hours. I am very satisfied with their support.

  2. June Niimi

    I purchased my SpinShot Pro Ball Machine from Amazon in August 2021. The machine was sent to my home expediently and it worked very well, initially. Unfortunately, I had some health issues and did not use the machine again until recently (but within a year of purchase). It would shoot out about 60 balls and then quickly lose its power after about 10-15 minutes. It would recharge but only go again for 10-15 minutes on the next usage.I contacted Spin Shot and Jason responded and agreed to send me another battery, despite the fact that the battery 6-month warranty period had already elapsed. Upon receipt, I recharged the battery and had it installed. I have used the machine twice now since the new battery was installed and each time the machine operated for longer than I had time to hit (about 4 full ball reloads) with power left to spare each time. What a difference from the short time period that I had with the first battery.Thank you, Spin Shot for the new battery and the longer practice time that I now have with my Spin Shot Pro machine. I am stoked, ecstatic and super satisfied with the performance of my machine now.

  3. Amazon Customer

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     My son is a Florida Top 10 national top 50 junior player. Playing ITF Juniors right now. I used to feed him balls manually for some specific drills, in addition to practice in academy. Feeding balls to a high performance player is pretty tiring and inconsistent, needless to say:-) Fortunately this ball machines replaces my roll very well and gives my son all kinds of shots he is looking for. And it is powerful enough for a good player like me son. It also charges quickly and the remote control is a good plus. Highly recommend it!

  4. Kindle oa@ Customer

    We have had this for a little over a month and my husband’s comment was: I wish we had done this sooner.” Works great, recharges easily. We don’t have an AC cord as it works great on battery and he uses it daily. Love it.

  5. Alan F. Cassetta Jr.

    Looks good and works good. Unfortunately mine did not ship with a battery from amazon. But i went down to local battery store and picked one up for about $70 and amazon reimbursed me for it. I have no complaints thus far. And im super glad its not made from cheap plastic.

  6. Trevor Givens

    After a year of good use my spin shot pro experienced a ball jam that caused a problem with the controller card. Even though it was technically out of warranty their tech support identified the problem in about 2 minutes on-line and had a replacement card in the mail within 2 days. Just outstanding support. My machine is back in service operating fine.

  7. Adventure Dives

    This machine does exactly what I wanted. We have 2 kids who want to play tennis for school, this machine allows them to develop consistency on their position and approach to the ball. In my opinion there is enough variation in the speed and ball delivery to focus on resetting your feet and moving to the ball to improve your stroke. The oscillator is good for larger side to side transitions. We have rotated up to 4 players using the machine through a couple rotations each and so far the battery has always out lasted our play time. If you have a tennis court you can use and want to work on you’re stroke, this is works well. Don’t expect it to be a substitute for real play simulation, it delivers a consistent ball in a predictable manor which is good for position and stroke practice.

  8. T. Sorensen

    This was a quarantine gift to myself! Really happy with the performance of the machine and the customer service. I had an issue with the charger when the machine first arrived. I sent a picture of the issue and the customer service team sent me a replacement straight away.I’ve been using the machine two or three times a week to improve my game and get back in shape. The oscillation feature and the large ball capacity makes for quite the workout!

  9. Shinuske

    Took me a long time to decide which ball machine to buy and this was the only one I kept coming back to in terms of quality and price. It hits well and works you out. The remote is a nice addition. Although I’ve only had it for weeks. I’ll adjust rating if anything happens months down the line but so far 5/5.

  10. Louis Bélanger

    Wanted a ball machine for a long time and chose a good one, it’s all that I expected, sturdy, compact, versatile, it helped my game already only after a couple of months. Quality is the best economy and this looks like the last one I ever buy. I also know that there is efficient and reliable customer service if ever something was to bug, which is important when you invest in mechanical equipment.

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