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Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine with Remote Control by Phone


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Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

The Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine Player model is the world’s most advanced battery-powered portable tennis ball machine.  The pre-programmed drills can be used, or you can create your own. Utilize our free, user-friendly App to control the machine via the touch panel, your smartphone, or Apple Watch. contains 120 balls.

Pre-programmed drills: The Player-machine comes with 12 pre-programmed drills covering a variety of shooting positions. You can adapt each of these drills to your ability level by using the drill maker app.

Change the drills to fit your needs: Each of the 12 drills can be changed to fit you, your family, or the people in your club. Each of the six shots in a row can have its height, direction, spin, and speed changed.

2-Line Drills & Oscillation: 2-line drills can be made in any width and height. Vertical and horizontal oscillation are both possible. You can create each of these drills on your phone and save them to the device using the app. The next time you use the equipment, simply hit the appropriate drill # button to begin your game.

The battery in the tennis ball machine (included with the machine for US address) can last for two to three hours of use. After each usage, simply recharge it overnight to make it ready to use. A battery charger will be delivered with the device. To increase playing time, extra batteries or power modules can be purchased.

Remote control via an iPhone or Android app: Downloading our Drill Maker App for Android and iPhone is free. To see how it functions, read more about our Drill Maker app and download it to your device. Apple Watch users can also use the Drill Maker app.

Compared to other ball machines, this one is much easier to transport and store.

Specifications of the Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

  • Capacity: 120 Tennis Balls
  • Colour: Green
  • Pre-programmed drills: The Player machine has 12 shooting drills.
  • Customize your drills: The 12 drills are adaptable to you, your family, or your club.
  • 2-Line Drills & Oscillation: 2-line drills can be made in any width and height
  • Remote control via an iPhone or Android app
  • Machine Dimensions: 20″(H), 18″(L), 12″(W)
  • Weight: 42lb.
  • Speed: The Spinshot Player can deliver balls at speeds of up to 68 mph or can slow them down to 18 mph.
  • 2-year warranty on all machines

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10 reviews for Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine with Remote Control by Phone

  1. Harald B. Findlay

    I’ve been lusting after a ball machine for five years. I started playing tennis since I was five, but now at 57 want to seriously move my game to another level. Improving is a journey and you need this machine to help you do it. With my SpinShot, I hit 120 balls each afternoon and focus on a couple of things. It’s amazing what you pick up by working like this. It’s a required complement to lessons… you need to work on what the instructor says between lessons! So why SpinShot? I’ve played with some old school machines that require you to turn it on, then run around the net to hit the first ball. In the meantime, these machines have fired out four balls and you’re racing to get into the flow. With the SpinShot, I keep my iPhone in my pocket and start/pause when I’m ready. I can change drills on the fly… working right to left forehand/backhand, then move in for alternating volleys that hone your footwork at net. As you know, the app allows programming up to 12 six ball sequences with every possible combination. You can simulate a real life situation, or just work on finding your grove on forehands and backhands. I think the mechanics of the SpinShot are very efficient. I have yet to have a ball get stuck in the feed mechanism (I collect once-played balls from my men’s matches and keep them for the SpinShot hopper). My only advise is make sure you “start” the machine before booting up/connecting to the iPhone App. This will ensure the handshaking occurs properly. I have a few favorite toys… this is one of them!

  2. Rob K

    My sons and I just received this machine and have used it twice. Our first impressions are extremely positive. The machine has been in use for 3 hours and held its charge. There are 12 pre-set drills covering most anything one would want to do for practice. We used the flat shots, top spins, back spins, forehand, backhand, and lobs so far. The pre-set speed, frequency of ball feeding, and height were all reasonable but we liked having the ability to make slight adjustments to the height and speed of some drills.Every drill we tested out was extremely helpful and fun. I watched my older son stand next to my younger some and provide constructive coaching as he was making his hots. In doing this, the younger one was able to make some quick adjustments and improve his shots.We’re looking forward to using the same drills again and again to refine our shots while trying out some of the other drills. The random drills (random lateral, random height, and random both) will provide great workouts and help to simulate real playing.From initial use, we observed a couple areas where the product could be improved. The plastic side panels that are used to hold the balls are a bit flimsy and can become disengaged when hit by balls. These could have been made to be more sturdy. The wheels are a bit small and make for rather noisy and bouncy transport when traveling over rough surfaces. For this reason, we carry the machine rather than roll it on uneven surfaces.

  3. Michael Hairston

    This machine was purchased after extensive review of just about every consumer level machine and this one clearly passed all tests. I have a family of 3 that I intend on teaching and coaching. The way I figured, a couple of months of lessons would more than pay for this thing, and I would get some good practice as well.What I was looking for was the following:Portability: Check. The machine is very small relative to what you get. The design is very good. Like others, I do wish the wheels were a little larger, but really a small thing relative to its benefits. it is light weight and would easily fit into pretty much any truck. A lot of checked luggage is larger. We have a large SUV, so certainly not an issue.Functionality: Check. I knew I wanted to be over with my family helping them with their strokes instead of messing with the machine to feed them. This helps me NOT have to hit balls to them and coach at the same time, rather work with them. I set the machine to go to each of their zones, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3 and so on. I help one while the other two are hitting, prepping for the next shot.Flexibility: Check. At first, most machines would work fine, place a ball here, there and so on. Random placements of the balls, back and top spin and overhead and net shots are all doable. I have used the Apple Watch to trigger the machine to start and pause. A WONDERFUL feature to stop and coach if I see something that needs correction.So far, few cons. I do think the flaps that holds the balls in place will be an issue over time, but my solution to this is simply not load as many balls in the machine at one time. I have noticed, like others, that the left corner shot does come up short. Not sure what causes this, but the fix is easy, move the machine over two machine widths from center line and viola, works like a charm.So far, I am very pleased. It appears to be a very well engineered machine, not over engineered at all, just right. I will use this some more and report back if anything new arises. We will be using this about 3 times a week for 2 hours each time it is used.If you are vacillating between this and the Plus model, get this one.I left another review for another unit I had. It spoke to the customer service. Suffice it to say, I am MORE impressed by service than I am the product. I figure products can be had from a variety of suppliers, service on the other hand… That is what makes the difference, and SpinShot has A+ service.

  4. Busy Mom in Trenton

    We have really enjoyed using the Spinshot-player tennis ball machine. The phone remote is also really great. We are starting to get a feel for how to change the various settings to get the ball in various spots to hit volleys, lobs, and forehand and backhand shots from the baseline. My girls have really enjoyed getting consistent hit shots to them from the tennis ball machine. So far the machine is performing as well as I hoped based on reviews before we bought it. We will be getting a lot of use of this machine this summer and so far the 2-3 hours of use after charging has not been a problem. Love the machine and how easy it is to transport in the back of our Toyota Prius. I would definitely recommend buying it.We did have some issues when we first received the tennis ball machine (a sensor got out of alignment during shipping), but the technical support from Spinshot was great. I sent some short videos and pictures of the machine and they diagnosed the problem immediately. Within a short 30 minutes later the machine was operating great. I’m really impressed with their customer service.

  5. S. Jones

    They say if you buy quality you only cry once… This is an expensive machine, but it is extremely well built and I expect it will perform well for a long, long time.I bought this primarily for my boys—10 and 15. They absolutely love it. Makes practice fun! They usually chose the full variable mode—the thing throws balls all over the court and at various speeds. A great workout and a technical challenge for them.The iPhone app works great for controlling the machine. They can do it themselves—or I can switch things up for them while I’m shagging balls.As an engineer, I did make two modifications to the machine that I’d recommend to the manufacturer. First, the machine is solid and so it isn’t super light. And that is fine—it is still very manageable. But there are not good lifting handles on the back of the machine—only on the front. You’ll see from the photos that I added three. Second, there is no way to tell the battery voltage without firing up the machine and the iPhone app—so I added a simple voltage meter (also in the photos) with a push-button switch to turn it on. Handy to be able to check and see if the battery is good to go to the courts!Overall I’d highly recommend this machine. Well built and a great performer!

  6. Canopus88

    This is my 4th tennis ball machine I have owned. I currently have a Lobster Grand IV (over 1+ year) and SpinShot Player (six months). Either machine is such an improvement over my 2nd ball machine (from Lobster), which I had last 15+ years until its pneumatic compressor gave out. (Some Kudo’s for Lobster, as good as their advertisement)I love my SpinShot and Lobster Grand IV, using them almost 4 times a week, each time shooting over 200+ balls, primarily for my daily exercise as my doctor ordered. My primary job is located in Far East, but my home being in the SF bay area. When I am in Far East, I use my Spin-Shot, while at home depending on my Lobster. Both machines delivered on their promises, performance and reliability. I love both of them.Many of my friends have asked me to compare the two. It is very difficult in my opinion to compare the two machines, both being superb machines, with a Lobster Grand IV being about $300+ more expensive than a SpinShot Player. The SpinShot player gives programmability, more control on each shot, and remote control through Iphone or Android phone. (I have only an Android phone, while the rest of my family on ardent Iphone users.)One thing I have noticed is that the highest ball speed in the SpinShot looks a little bit slower than that of the Lobster. For my level (3.5 to 4.0, depending on what day it is), it does not make much difference at all, but if someone is a 5.0 or better player, it could. If one sets a SpinShot at a feed rate of 2 seconds (its fastest feed rate) and use it for 200+ balls, then, the battery seems to become low (or discharged substantially). There is such a drastic decrease in the ball speed. In my opinion, this has more to do with the battery provided (12 Ah, 12 V) in a SpinShot being on a weaker side. (Lober Grand IV, 18Ah, 12 V). I have ordered an external battery extension option from a SpinShot, which I hope will solve this problem.As I told my tennis partners, I love both of these machines and in terms of reliability and showing up on time on the court, they are far more reliable than my tennis partners….

  7. cookie

    Wonderful machine. Just got this a few days ago and went out and played with it on day 1. Really easy to set up and used the pre set drills which at this time are fine. Got a great workout and loved the ability to just get consistent shots over and over. Definitely get the pressure less balls, but the machine handled the old tennis balls as well. Well built and the battery charged up pretty quickly (must have been factory charged some). The machine is fairly light but as mentioned in the past the wheels are a little small, but still rolled it pretty well in short grass. I looked at quite a few machines and felt this one was just right. At this time would definitely recommend. Hope this lasts for years and years. I have heard customer support is outstanding but I’m hoping to never have to use it. Shipped within 2 days along with a separate shipment for the battery which arrived on the same day. So far so good. Going to try and hit with this machine at least 2 times a week or more.

  8. Novi Sad

    It is over two years now that we own Spinshot tennis ball machine and we use it regularly, two-three times per week on average. It is easy to use, performs flawlessly and has been our tennis court companion since the day we own it.We have two eleven year old boys that play tennis competitively. Spinshot machine helped them greatly improve their game. Is it for the ball coming to the same spot to repeat a shot over and over, or is it a random setting that gives you a good physical workout, this machine has it all. Spinshot machine is a joy to use and it is light enough to put it in the car and pull it to the tennis court. It is a small machine that does it, day in and day out.The battery lasts three hours on a warm day and about two hours on cold days, and by cold days I mean really cold days, so cold that boys can barely hold their racquets as their fingers are freezing.At one point, the controller panel went bad and the machine could not adjust the elevation. The faulty controller panel was sent to me free of charge, it was easy to replace, anyone with a screw driver could do it, and the machine was as good as new.Highly recommended.

  9. Guitar playr

    This is a real quality product in an age of planned obsolescence. The construction looks like it was made to Army spec, given its metal body, substantial battery and bolted metal handles.After 2 uses this week, I have really started to perfect the programming subtleties.First time you use it, I suggest you put your racquet to the side and just finesse the program numbers for each of the 6 offerings. Let the machine spit them out, watch and adjust horizontal location, height, spin, speed and rhythm.Don’t hesitate. But it!

  10. Hug you

    Machine is great. I could practice almost all kind of shots. I use it for 1.5 hours before fun matches. I improved so much faster than when I didn’t have one.Customer service was even better. After 4 months of heavy uses, the machine kept moving right and left and never started feeding as usual. I was very depressed thinking about sending this heavy machine back to the manufacturer and not being able to self-practice for a while.Surprisingly when I called 1-800 number, customer service answered right away and asked me to send the video of how the machine shows a problem. After a couple of exchanges of emails, I could successfully fixed the problem as they instructed me to. What a wonderful customer service!!! They even reply emails when their time is after midnight.I’m very impressed by spinshot overall and I highly recommend because of the above reasons.Only turndown is that remote works only when WiFi works. I can’t get my phone connected to the machine 30% of chance depending on where I play at. Still I could use it manually no problem. Considering all of the factors above, I could rate it 5 stars!!!-Additional comments-After this comment was up, customer service contacted me to solve this WiFi situation. Now I don’t have any problem not connecting WiFi with my phone for remote control.After I year of use, my USTA rate went up to 4.5 from 3.5. Can’t think of not having this machine in my life anymore…I recently had a problem of not being able to push down the handle of the cart part all the way down. After contacting the customer service by texting, they sent me the parts right away. I really felt good that I chose to purchase this expensive machine from them. It’s really worth it!!!Now it’s the year of 2022. The warranty was supposed to be expired by now. I just wanted to order the replacement parts for worn tires, and missing bottom bases. Jason from the Spinshot, kindly prepared the shipment for free! They responded so quickly and acted to satisfy my needs, just as the same as when I purchased the machine in 2017. I’m very thankful for that and very happy about my purchase, again! They have a great customer service and I highly recommend to any tennis players to buy the spin shots.

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