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String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis


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String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis

String Theory is a wonderful and exciting collection for tennis fans. Here are David Foster Wallace’s renowned writings on tennis, collected for the first time in a lavish collector’s edition. They are five masterpieces written from the perspective of a rival and the fervent passion of a fan. As he celebrates the otherworldly brilliance of Roger Federer, dissects Tracy Austin’s autobiography, considers the artistry of Michael Joyce, a supremely disciplined athlete on the verge of fame, avoids the crush of crowds at the U.S. Open, and remembers his own career as a “near-great” junior player, Wallace brings his dazzling literary magic to the game he loved.

Whiting Award-winning writer John Jeremiah Sullivan provides an introduction.

About the Author: David Foster Wallace (1962-2008) was born in Ithaca, New York in 1962 and raised in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. While still in his teens, he competed in regional junior tennis competitions. Infinite Jest, Girl with Curious Hair, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, Oblivion, and Consider the Lobster are among his works. The Pale King, his final book, was released posthumously in 2011.

John Jeremiah Sullivan is one of America’s finest long-form magazine profile writers. His work has appeared in the NYT Magazine, Harper’s, The New Yorker, New York, Oxford American, and GQ.. He is the author of Blood Horses: Notes of Sportswriter’s Son and Pulphead.

Specifications of String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis

  • Number of Pages: 158 Pages
  • Editorial: Library of America
  • Hard Cover
  • Idiom: English
  • Publication date: 10 Mayo 2016

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10 reviews for String Theory: David Foster Wallace on Tennis

  1. H. Zelaznik

    Wonderful set of essays. The essay on Federer was priceless. I have a friend who was a ranked Junior from Illinois a little before DFW, and loved the descriptions of junior tennis. Right on the mark.

  2. Admiral Ackbar

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with this purchase. I fell in love with the mind of Wallace through his many youtube interviews and analyses. I highly recommend searching for these talks as finding them interesting and liking this book are one in the same (in my eyes)

  3. Lisa Bonnett

    This fantastic hard cover book by David Foster Wallace is brilliant.

  4. Art Gibbs

    You don’t have to be a tennis fan to enjoy this collection of David Foster Wallace stories on the sport. From his autobiographical “How Tracy Austin Broke My Heart” to the pinnacle of tennis (and maybe even sports) writing – “[Roger] Federer as Religious Experience” – this book covers the best from the late, great writer. You can find each of the essays online with some creative Googling, but there’s something about reading these in print in this beautiful, hard-bound, green volume that is a must-have addition for the bookshelf of fans of tennis, writing or both. I’ve read each of these at least five times and still find new things to enjoy every time.

  5. Kenny T.

    I don’t know what the other reviewer here is on about, but I absolutely adore this essay collection. Granted, I’m a tennis player and a huge DFW fan, and his writing style isn’t for everyone. If you’re a tennis fan you’ll definitely love this. If you’re a DFW fan you’ll probably enjoy it, especially the essays focusing more around tennis culture instead of the game itself. Really well done, and I normally wouldn’t mention this but the book itself is very high quality, as in it looks and feels like you got your money’s worth. Plus Sullivan’s intro is pretty cool.

  6. Zimmozon

    ALL of these have been published in other collections, but as Wimbledon approached, what better way to prepare than by re-reading all of DFW’s fine essays on the game and its players (including DFW!)

  7. Hande Z

    This is such a delightful book – for tennis lovers. There have been many wonderful sports writers, and I count Simon Barnes as one of my favourites. David Foster Wallace is not generally regarded as a ‘sports writer – there is no derogation intended, as Barnes has proven, writing about sports is a work of literary art as writing a novel, which is Wallace’s main claim to fame.This book is a collection of essays, or articles, if you prefer to regard them as such, on a game that enthrals millions including DFW. The piece entitled ‘Federer Both Flesh and Not’ is one of the best descriptions of Federer and his game. Nobody does it better – both Federer in playing it, and Foster, in describing Federer’s play.Listen to Wallace’s submission as to why tennis is the most beautiful game. You may be convinced, if you not already a believer. Follow his article on Michael Joyce before you embark (or encourage your children) to embark on the professional tour. And his article on ‘Democracy and Commerce at the U S Open’ before booking your ticket. Even if you aren’t going, this book makes delightful reading anywhere, anytime.

  8. Doug S.

    Wonderful essays from a tortured soul. Makes tennis more cerebral than I play it!

  9. Lester Solomon

    Wallace certainly knows his tennis. Maybe the best book on tennis ever written. Book is heavily footnoted. Have dictionary and magnifying glass handy. LS

  10. JNathanL

    If you enjoy tennis, you will this collection of essays entertaining and insightful.

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