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Tennis Elbow Sleeve from Adidas


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Tennis Elbow Sleeve from Adidas

The Tennis Elbow Sleeve from Adidas supports the joint without restricting movement, making it an excellent choice for adding extra support during vigorous activities such as sports and training.

The Tennis Elbow Sleeve has been designed to follow the joint’s organic curvature, providing support without restricting motion. The tennis elbow brace is kept secure throughout activities by the nylon-reinforced trim and the breathable fabric, which wicks away moisture.

adidas elbow compression sleeves are designed for performance and recovery and allow you to move freely during high-contact sports. The elbow brace is designed to be worn during exercise for flexibility and strategic reinforcement.

With the Adidas Elbow Sleeve, you can practice and compete while maintaining complete elbow motion. A strong nylon binding holds the sleeves in place. The elbow sleeves are composed of a stretchy, sturdy, and breathable nylon blend to help you achieve your exercise goals.

Please note that measurements should be obtained directly above the elbow. We have several sizes available. S: 8.6 – 9.7 in, M: 9.7 – 10.2 in, L: 10.2 – 11.2 in, XL: 11.2 – 11.9 in.

Specifications of the Tennis Elbow Sleeve from Adidas

  • Size: Small: (215 – 240) mm, Medium: (240 – 260) mm, Large: (260 – 280) mm, XL: (280 – 330) mm
    (Measurements should be taken just above the elbow.)
  • Colour: Black
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Flexible frame for a full range of motion.
  • Reinforced nylon trim for a secure fit.

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Negro (Grande), Negro (mediano), Negro (Pequeño), Negro (XL)

10 reviews for Tennis Elbow Sleeve from Adidas

  1. Edoardo

    Acquistata per il gomito. Taglia S, molto aderente, con il tempo non perde la sua elasticità. Prodotto consigliato. Molto buono.

  2. Trevor

    Love it

  3. Karen Pitre

    It works well for my husband. Just what he needed.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Solved my tennis elbow issue when playing badminton/tennis

  5. froattj

    Great arm brace for a pinched nerve in my elbow. This brace fits snug and stays that way. It relieves the tingling feeling in my forearm muscle. Looks good too !!

  6. Ahmad Al Mansour

    As expected exactly

  7. Stealth

    Great quality, works perfectly for my tennis elbow. The logo is stitched in, it’ll never fall off, unlike other brands. Plus it’s Adidas!!! If your measurement is right on the borderline of the next size up, go for the next size up. Either wise, it’ll be too tight.

  8. Sohan Saraf

    Very good product

  9. Mark Cornelsen


  10. Ihsan Chughtai

    Amazing product

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