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Tennis Elbow Strap – Avidda


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Tennis Elbow Strap – Avidda

Our Tennis Elbow Strap – Avidda is designed to improve physical activity while decreasing discomfort, pressure, and strain for the purpose of the elbow’s long-term health. The tennis elbow strap includes a large EVA compression pad that lowers joint stress and muscular strain in the forearm muscles, enhancing stability and preventing soreness after training.

For every athlete with tendonitis or who wishes to keep their arms safe from harm, this tennis elbow band is a necessity. Perfect for tennis players, golfers, basketball, volleyball, drivers, baseball, bowlers, landscapers, cleaners, carpenters, mechanics, and assembly line workers, among other sports.

For the best comfort, use breathable, cozy, and skin-friendly fabric. Double-layered velcro and double-line stitching make the elbow strap durable and rip-proof. Additionally, you can use this elbow brace if you have tendonitis in your left or right forearm.

Two fully adjustable velcro straps on this tendonitis elbow strap allow you to easily change the size and tension. Forearm circumferences ranging from 7.09 to 14.17 inches can fit tennis elbow. The elbow strap is also appropriate for both men and women.

Specifications of the Tennis Elbow Strap – Avidda

  • Quantity: 2 Pack Tennis Elbow Pads
  • Colour: Black
  • Professional Elbow Protection: Avidda is developed to improve elbow health by reducing discomfort, pressure, and strain.
  • Wide range of Uses: Is essential for athletes with tendinitis or who want to protect their arms.
  • High-quality material: Use breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly fabric for comfort.
  • Flexible Size Adjustment: This tendinitis elbow strap has two fully adjustable velcro straps for sizing and tension.
  • Men and women can use elbow straps.
  • Big EVA compression pad lowers joint stress and forearm muscle strain, enhancing stability and minimizing soreness after exercise.

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10 reviews for Tennis Elbow Strap – Avidda

  1. BigDaddySC

    After battling tendinitis for a couple of months in my upper forearm area near the elbow, I decided to try and do something else about it before going to the doctor. The tendinitis was bad enough that it would wake me up in the middle of the night from the throbbing. Also, I was starting to have gripping issues. It would be painful to grab something and carry it. At first, I was going to get a compression sleeve for my elbow. After researching it further, I came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t work and many complained that the sleeves were often not sized right or would lose their compression properties after a short time. I figured it wasn’t what I needed. While browsing compression sleeves, I stumbled upon these compression pads. It seemed better than a sleeve and most reviews on other products were positive. I went with the Avvida brand because it was one of the cheapest under Prime shipping and they included two of them. I’ve been using this product for a little less than three weeks and I’m impressed. When I received on an early Saturday afternoon, I immediately put it on and it did make the pain feel better. It didn’t completely go away but it did feel better. After several hours, a lot of the pain subsided. During the first week, I wore it almost all of the time, including sleeping. As things improved, on the second week I stopped wearing at night. Last weekend, I had to move furniture in and out of the living room due to new flooring being put in. This pad helped and my tendinitis didn’t seem to flare up any worse. I’m now part of the way through week three, I’ m only wearing it at work at my desk job and I take it off when I get home. Next week I plan on not wearing it at all or maybe 1/2 days and see what happens. One final point, just like with most things, sometimes things will get worse before it gets better. There would be days where my tendinitis seemed worse than the day before. When this happened, I’d adjust the pressure depending on how my elbow felt.

  2. Marco67

    After 3 years of suffering with tennis elbow I finally found braces that relieved the pain and are comfortable to wear. The braces that I received from my doctor never stayed in place unless you made them so tight that they made my pain worse. I sweat a lot and the tennis elbow braces I got from my doctors would just slide all over my forearms. The AVIDDA tennis elbow braces are comfortable, stop the pain and stay in place regardless of the activities I’m doing. I can now use my 40 volt battery powered chainsaw all day long with no pain. I originally ordered a four pack of the tennis elbow braces and when my wife saw them she wanted to try them for her tennis elbow as well. She loves the AVIDDA tennis elbow braces too so I ordered four more in the purple color. My forearms are different sizes so I wear blue braces on the the right arm and purple on the left arm and never have to adjust the size of the braces. These AVIDDA tennis elbow braces prevented me from having to have surgery. Thank you AVIDDA!

  3. Rhonda Koosmann

    Able to lift things without pain & rubbing my arm.

  4. Susan

    I have small arms and this fits really well. It’s comfortable to wear all day.

  5. Jarrod deRose

    Nothing bad to say about it. I’ma professional tire guy/mechanic and I put it through hell. Stood up great and most important, relieved pain.

  6. Lucy

    No frills with this one, but it is a good value for your money. It didn’t come with any instructions but a quick google search will help you know how to determine the right placement for you. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I wear it when I Crossfit and forget I have it on. I leave it to air out after my workout and it dries quickly. I’ve worn it several times and it doesn’t seem to hold in any odor yet. It comes with 2 which is great. Because I only needed one, now I can keep one in my gym bag and one at home for a backup. It definitely makes me feel 10 years older to wear in public, ha! but not because it’s ugly (it’s simple black and looks as good as any band out there.) I just don’t like admitting I’m getting older and can’t do everything I used to do!! I did notice a difference during and after the workout. It’s not going to heal you but it helps during and after your workout. If you’re looking for an inexpensive band to put pressure to help tennis/golf elbow (or in my case pushup elbow) pain, this will do the job. Anything to help you get back to your normal activity is a 5 star in my book.

  7. DG

    Glad there are 2: keep one tablet near another in my car. I find that after months of use, I can use my tablet longer and with minimum risk of pain. Comfortable. Would recommend.

  8. Helen

    This is a very decent brace. the padding is elevated and much better than other braces I’ve used. However be aware of the thin straps. most of the braces you find have these thin straps that can be like a tourniquet on your arm if you are not careful. Although the side straps on this brace can twist, I didnt experience that yet. Also note that the velcro area on the strap is small . Its about the size of a bandaid. The good in that is that it wont catch on your clothing.Another good thing is that you have two velcro straps, so if one wont stick you could perhaps sew it together and still use the other side strap. The bad is that if that area stops sticking it will be difficult to use the brace if you dont want to jerry rig it.Its an amazing value for the price so I guess you could keep some at work and some at home.

  9. Principessa

    This brace for me personally is MORE comfortable then the ace brand . here are my thoughts while the ace brand is a GOOD brace , it has harder plastic between a layer of neoprene ( i think ) which has an air pocket bubble , the harder plastic extends one side of bubble about 1 1/2 ” having a cloth like piece material over the extended plastic but not secured to it , material ,which doesn’t flex as much as this brace the AVIDDA ,the ace brace is wider as well and when I wore ace my arm felt severely restricted but not while wearing the AVIDDA brace . I can move my arm without the feeling of it being tied up per say . yet this brace provides the support and pain relief of tennis elbow I need which helps me go about my daily life thank you AVIDDA . I highly recommend this brace….. and I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS REVIEW

  10. Eagle Vision

    I had an acute bout of lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), not from tennis, but from moving my arms a lot from using a mouse a work.This product has excellent feedback, and it was possible to get it sooner than later with all of the virus issues causing delays. I received this in a few days. Other makers had set delivery a few weeks out. Another convincing thing for me was that I was purchasing two braces.This is an elastic brace with two velcro straps for sizing. The brace has a nice padded feature which would minimize the chance of soft tissue pressure sores with prolonged use.I finally got rid of the pain with some NSAIDS, stretching and wearing the brace.This also offered a satisfaction guarantee.How can you lose? Definitely recommend this.

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