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Tennis Game Theory: Dialing in Your A-Game Every Day


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Tennis Game Theory: Dialing in Your A-Game Every Day

Tennis Game Theory is the culmination of Beardsworth’s works – magazine, newspaper, internet – during the last few years, and has received praise from some of tennis’ top authorities. The original 100 stand-alone parts have been combined into a comprehensive work that aims to give motivated players the essential core fundamentals they need to both maximize and enhance their on-court performance. More Than Just the Strokes, his debut book from 2005, appeared in the top 10 tennis training books on Amazon.

About the Author: The Tennis Director at the Twin Isles Country Club in Punta Gorda is Jak Beardsworth, a USPTA Elite Pro. He is the author of More Than Just The Strokes, has worked with Grand Slam winners and Davis Cup captains, and has lectured to tennis professionals all around the world.

Specifications of The Tennis Game Theory: Dialing in Your A-Game Every Day

  • Number of Pages: 236 Pages
  • Editorial: BookBaby
  • Paper Cover
  • Idiom: English
  • Publication date: 21 April 2016

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6 reviews for Tennis Game Theory: Dialing in Your A-Game Every Day

  1. Michael Semiao

    Having been a pupil of Jak’s many years ago I come at this book with some bias. Nonetheless I found this book filled with teaching moments from years gone by filled in with updated references. The reference points are simplified so that players at any level may leverage that information and apply it to there game. I always appreciated how Jak would approach a teaching session to get the most out of your ability with simple reminders of the task at hand. That consistently comes across in this book. I encourage those tennis enthusiasts to pick up and read this excellent knowledge base. Your game will undoubtedly improve.

  2. Andrew

    Best book to help me with tennis

  3. JoAnn Cancro

    The many and varying aspects of the game are delivered in clear and concise chapters making the messagesoooo understandable! Great perspective — gets inside your head. A ton of applicable tennis knowledge here.

  4. Richard A. Perras

    Great book for any player trying to improve or interested in really understanding things like shot mechanics.The organization of the book is very helpful with a lot of concise articles on particular topics. The sections on breathing techniques without shrieking should be required reading.Also practical, clearly presented tips on doubles play.

  5. Gregory R.

    I have worked with Jak for 30 years around the country. I have seen so many students of the game benefit from Jak’s coahing and workshops. He has a gift of always bring something new to the court no matter how long you have played. Tennis Game Theory is a must read!!!

  6. Peter Sullivan

    Looking for a good book as a Christmas stocking stuffer or a good read for all seasons? Check out “Tennis Game Theory” by Jack Beardsworth.Back in the middling years of the 20th century, Jak and I were taking tennis lessons with other lower-middle-class kids at a group discount rate. For a fleeting moment, I was the best of the bunch. As the days grew hot and humid, I went to the beach, while Jak persevered on the steamy pavement — all day, every day. He soon dominated tennis in our fair city for several years, winning senior titles while still a junior. To induce Jak to play me, I would offer to pay $10 if I won one game in a set. The last of these matches left me saturated in sweat, breathless and without a single point. Having no future in this game, I contented myself cheering his prowess on the court. Now I can cheer Jak again as an author of a superb book.It is a very readable compilation of accumulated wisdom from nearly from over 50 years as a competitive player and instructor. In crisp chapters, Jak sets forth tips on how to improve one’s tennis game. Topics range from serving, forehand and backhand strokes, footwork, practice, breathing, and screaming (for which he suggests a rule setting a decibel limit). And much more. My favorite chapters deal with the mental elements of the game and human interest anecdotes. The former includes memorable advice relevant to life in general (e.g., “Success is empty if there is no possibility for failure, but the primary focus must be on performance.”) The latter include vignettes about Bobby Riggs, Jimmy Connors and others.This is an enjoyable and illuminating volume for players and fans of tennis, or any other sport, or, indeed, for anyone who participates in any competitive undertaking that requires intelligence, discipline, endurance and determination.

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