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Tennis Strategy: How To Beat Any Style Player


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Tennis Strategy: How To Beat Any Style Player

The Tennis Strategy book provides you with a variety of tactical decisions and strategies to overcome even the most difficult opponents while playing tennis, whether it is singles or doubles. Sections are concise so players can quickly access points that address their needs without wasting time reading through an extensive discussion that may include information they do not need.

The quick-fix book is the result of 38 years of coaching, 50,000 hours of on-court experience, 2 years of research for uncommon knowledge, and over three decades of developing systems to find the fastest methods for students.

The Singles Strategy section provides useful information, such as: How to defend against a strong server and returner; what it takes to beat an aggressive baseliner or pusher; how to take down hacker-slicer, and defensive players. Likewise for Doubles strategy: you can see what it takes for defeating teams that serve well and control the net, who use 1 up 1 back strategy or are skilled at lobbying or poaching.

This section gives a unique perspective on how to handle victory and defeat during a competition; what it means when making mistakes, feeling pressure, or being afraid. It also helps you manage your choking tendencies and rise above adversity when necessary – all while playing at the very best of your abilities.

This book is designed to make your practices more efficient, loosen up your thoughts, and give you the knowledge to instantly outsmart whoever stands in your way.

About the Author: Grant Grinnell is a USPTA Certified Tennis Professional who teaches tennis to all ages, from beginner to advanced levels. His work has been published in major tennis magazines such as TENNIS Magazine and Tennis World Magazine.

Specifications of Tennis Strategy: How To Beat Any Style Player

  • Number of Pages: 86 Pages
  • Date of Publication: November 19, 2015
  • Paperback
  • Idiom: English
  • How To Beat Any Style Player
  • Quick-Fix Book

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10 reviews for Tennis Strategy: How To Beat Any Style Player

  1. B. McLauchlin

    I liked the way the author kept it simple and concise. In tennis there is so much to remember to become a good player from strategy, shot selection and mental attitude. This book gives you a short course in all. Easy to read and understand.


    Experienced compact guideline for tennis game

  3. Steve

    This is a great book for anyone who wants to improve their games to the next level. The book has three sections:1. Understanding Your Style and Your Opponents.2. How to Beat Any Style3. Quick fix Mental toughness tools.I recommend reading mental toughness section first since these are the areas you don’t normally learn from regular tennis lessons. It totally changed how I see and approach my games. My body movement changed dramatically having different mental state. It relaxes you, gives you more clear focus and consistency.I use this book before and after my match to improve my game mostly mentally, but also to improve my strategy. Highly recommended!

  4. Yash B

    Small, short tidbits on tennis strategy which could be very helpful for any middle school or high school player who is serious to improve their game. Gave this to my younger sister and she loves it and looks forward to apply it in her game.

  5. Alex N

    I would often hate how angry I got playing matches, so I stopped playing them. This book changes it all. It taught me that I can be a sportsman. I can compete and enjoy that, not the result. It has great strategies. Love it. The book is a great compliment to the Inner Game of tennis book and Winning Ugly.

  6. Bartek

    Quck description what and when should we do. This book should be used on every tennis match. Good approach to transfer as much info as possible in one pill.

  7. Archie Dan Smith

    Without question, this is the best strategy book ever! It is filled with simple clear suggestions on how to beat any style player, both singles and doubles. It also delivers on fixing one’s mental game. Even better, it tells you ‘How to Improve’. I have made notes from this book and review them before I play matches, and even before I practice. It all helps my game. I “Highly Recommend”!

  8. Samantha Zwicker

    This book is straight to the point and condensed enough in length for a quick read with great insight to competing against all different types of players as well as enhancing your mental game. So often there are tennis books written in full novel form, and you find yourself trying to extract the key points. In Grant’s book they are already summarized for you. I plan on keeping it with me for my upcoming tennis season Would highly recommend!

  9. Magnus

    I liked the mental tips most. I think you need to read it many times to let it all sink in

  10. CrumpyBuyer

    Big Kudos to Mr. Grinnell ! Thanks for short and so detailed recommendations and advises ! This ONE book costs 1000 of “coaches” !Didn’t go to sleep before finished it ! I’m reading with daughter page by page now ! It’s so useful that her coach today asked her what happened with focus and mind behaviour on the court ! Thanks to this book powerful and simple advises ! Never ever have written reviews but this book really changed my kid performance ! Thanks and big SALUD to Mr.Grinell !

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