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Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper


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Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper

Wilson 75 Ball Pick-Up Hopper is ideal for anyone seeking simple access to more reps for game growth since it is made of lightweight graphite for long-lasting sturdiness. The carrying handles fold up for convenient storage and ball pickup, while the feeding legs fold down into the locking position. This 75-ball hopper can be taken anywhere, making practice sessions more beneficial for both students and instructors.

Specifications of the Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper

  • can hold 75 tennis balls.
  • Top lid hooks stop balls from spilling
  • For simple ball feeding, handles fold into locked legs.
  • Perfect for training and practice

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10 reviews for Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up Hopper

  1. ZubSed

    You need one of these, or something like it, even if you play semi regularly. It came in the mail very quickly and was really easy to put together. The construction is decently solid–I’ve had no issues with it yet. I do keep in in my trunk and sometimes the lid can get loose and some balls come out (but that’s after many, many days and I’m not the most gentle driver). I don’t think it’ll be an issue for most people.Sure it can be a little tough to set it up–it requires a bit of arm strength to get it to stand up on the handles, but it’s a reasonable amount of effort.Overall, I think it’s a great product. It makes picking up your balls at the end really easy–almost fun.As an aside, I am in no way affiliated with this product or company. Just leaving an honest review in hopes that it’s helpful. If you did find it helpful I’d appreciate it if you’d click that it was! Thanks.

  2. Amazon Shopper

    This hopper is great! I bungee it to a small dolly and wheel it across the street to the tennis court. One use for me is for serving practice. I am able to work on form serving the full basket as many times as I want. I can also use the hopper to pick up the balls, making it much easier for me (and my back) so I don’t have to stoop over. I also use it to feed balls to my aunt who I play once a week with. She is getting back into tennis after a 20 year hiatus, so she really appreciates the workout. The only thing that I do not like about the hopper is changing securing the “legs.” Once secured, it stands up fine but with a full basket of balls, it gets a little tedious trying to get the bar into the catch. But, that is just part of it and, I don’t think, a design flaw. It does not make the hopper any less useful and it still does its job. Though not an issue for me, the hopper can be very heavy once filled with tennis balls. So keep in mind that the more you add, the more it will weigh. Highly recommend.


    The metal is very good on this product. My favorite thing about this is I can hold it like a basket, push the bottom of the basket on the tennis ball on the ground, and the ball pops through the wire into the cage, and I can use the handles to prop up the basket to waist height so I never have to bend down to pick up 70 or so balls and hit them again. I also hold my Gatorades in the basket, and stick my rackets through the wire to hold it all with one arm.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I ordered it with other items for free shipping and it arrived the next day I’m in LA area. I think company is located in Compton? Works good, picks up Penn balls fine. I’m happy to not bend over so much. Simple to fold up from being a stand into being the hopper, but if you have arthritis or something (little kid?) might be tough to latch legs. But legs fit securely in hooks, doesn’t wobble when filled with balls. No balls slipped out, I think it’s good. It is a bit weighty when full but fine for me. Only 4 domed nuts and 8 washers, easy to put together, didn’t even read instructions. If the nuts rust or fall off in the future I suppose I’d just get more. I’m not paid for reviews, just a lazy tennis player ha.

  5. Troy C.

    After spending weeks helping my daughter practice Tennis, it was blatantly aware we needed an easier way to pick up the tennis balls while we practiced. This Pick up Hopper works perfectly. I read quite a few bad reviews and even hesitated making the purchase but I am glad I did. It went together without an issue and has worked perfectly so far.

  6. Jen Wagner

    Writing this review in hopes of negating some of the terrible reviews. I’ll admit I got nervous to buy this after seeing so many people say it wouldn’t stand or was “impossible” to get the legs to lock. Assembly was insanely easy & fast & it looks great! The FIRST thing I did was put my bucket of balls into the basket & attempt to stand it up & lock the legs since so many people said it was basically impossible to do it with balls inside the basket. It was FAR from impossible. It was incredibly easy, actually. And yes, while it is a little tough to get both sides of each leg into the lock position, it is NOT hard AT ALL to get one side of each leg in the lock. That’s what I did and it stands perfectly fine! It picks up the balls with ease too. Transition from hopper to stand couldn’t have been easier. I am thrilled with this purchase, especially for the incredible price!

  7. Ed_in_Chicago

    I adjusted the cover with a pliers to make it tighter and it rolls around in my trunk without spilling my balls, A couple in the adjacent court were looking at me retrieving my balls – I asked them about my Wilson Ball Pick Up Hopper and I told them it always works as expected. Much faster than retrieving each ball by hand. Especially when you’re on the court by yourself practicing 100 serves. I’d rather have a ballperson to retrieve but that is a different dimension.

  8. Irina R

    This size is perfect for trainings. Very easy to assemble and use. The only think I added is the big paper clip to keep cover safely closed when in car trunk. Overall, great size and quality, easy to use.

  9. Ronzo

    A few customers seem to be assembling this Wilson 75 Ball Pick Up with the base upside down. In reviews, buyers write about needing tools to apply force and having to bend the frame because of what they think is a design error. They have the base upside down but it is not their fault. The picture in the instructions is way too small. THE CHANNELS ON THE BASE MUST BE FACING UP. I’ve added an improvement to directions in this picture. If you make sure the base channels are facing UP, then everything aligns perfectly for a quick assembly.Recommend nail polish on the four threaded shafts before fastening nuts to make sure the nuts stay tight.Picks up balls well.

  10. Dr. White

    My mother has very limited mobility, but every day she goes outside and throws mini squeaky tennis balls for her shih tzu. The only problem is that while the dog loves to chase the balls, she does not like bringing them back. So my mom has to go out into the backyard and pick all the balls, which is very difficult for her. Then I came up with this great idea. I bought the tennis ball pick up hopper for her. The mini balls are too small and will fall through the bottom of the hopper, but if you turn the hopper over and reverse the handles, it works great!!! Now my mom does not have to bend over to pick up all the tennis balls. This product has really helped my mom. Thank you so much!!!!!!

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