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Wilson EZ Tennis Net


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Wilson EZ Tennis Net

The Wilson EZ Tennis Net allows you to set up a tennis court in your own backyard. This net is 10 feet long, quick to set up, and comes with a carrying box for convenient portability. This net is excellent for novices, but it can also be used by seasoned players to conduct depth exercises. For greater adaptability, the net may easily be raised to the height of a standard badminton net.

Specifications of the Wilson EZ Tennis Net

  • Tennis net length: 10 feet
  • Colors: Red/Black
  • No tools are required for setup or dismantling.
  • Raise the height of the badminton net
  • It disassembles to fit within a backpack.
  • Ideal for youths and juniors learning tennis

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Wilson EZ Tennis Net (10-Feet), Wilson EZ Tennis Net (18-Feet)

10 reviews for Wilson EZ Tennis Net

  1. Amazon Customer

    Would buy again

  2. John G.

    The shipping took forever. Like a couple of Weeks. It is a nice Red Ball Mini Tennis Net. I bought the 18″ size because that is the official dimensions of a Red Ball Court. A tip. to untangling the net: I place one end of the net over one of the side net poll and I place my thumb and index finger together and drag my hand across the top red part of the net. It does not have to be these particular fingers. But this works Great.It is lite weight so it will blow around in heavy wind like 20-30 MPH or so.

  3. CH

    Great activity and easy to setup in a double wide driveway! Stores easy too!

  4. Jim

    I had two needs for my nets and this 5 star review is based on the fact that two of these 10 foot portable nets perfectly met my needs.I needed then to be durable and set up quickly and be portable, that is, easily transportable in a small passenger vehicle. These nets set up quickly and are durable for outside use and fold up to carry very easily. They met all these needs.I wanted them for beginner kids, to add a “second net” for the beginners while the intermediate kids could play full-court. I do not buy into the entire USTA “Quick Start” stuff but I do use foam balls with beginners to get them rallying with each other and I switch to yellow balls when the kids are capable or rallying with the yellow balls.I teach an afterschool elementary school tennis program outdoors and do private beginner “Quick Start” lessons although I don’t buy into the low-compression balls (I think they bounce way way tooooo low) or the weird lines on the court. There is always a way to teach by using regular balls and what exists already on the court and throw-down lines without permanently marking up a perfectly good tennis court.My other needs is that I do private lessons with adults and I wanted to be able to raise the regular net up about three feet for deep ball drills to emphasize topspin and high net clearance and I put two of these ten foot nets together and raised them up to the “badminton height” so that it basically just makes a regular tennis net three feet higher if you set it up parallel to the existing net on the court and is perfect for the adult deep ball drill.For any parent with a kid or kids who play tennis and you have a driveway, you could probably not make a better investment than this net and some foam balls.And the cost was very reasonable.

  5. A. Chan

    This is the high-quality net I was looking for! I bought another cheaper net from Amazon before this one, and it was a total piece of garbage. I didn’t get this one at first because I thought the extra price was just for the name. Trust me: you want the name-brand. This net is sturdy, well-made with high quality materials and manufacturing, and is dead-simple to assemble. No tools required – just pop all the tubes together (you can do it without any instructions), slide the net on, and voila! The 10′ version also raises up to be a badminton net (or possibly volleyball – I don’t know the required heights for those sports). We have it set up in our basement right now since it’s winter, and just play volley games with a foam ball, but this will go in our driveway in the spring – I can’t wait!

  6. FredB

    This product is fantastic! I love it! It is very light-weight and easy to assemble. In fact it is so light weight that you will need to add a sandbag or some kind of weight to a leg on each end, (I add a paver stone to each side).If you don’t add this stone or some kind of weight (about 10 lbs) to each end, the net will pull the uprights together too much and you get a sag in the middle. (To be honest, the company should add two 10-lb sandbags to the kit and instruct you to put one on the right leg, one on the left leg, but this is a minor point).It has been well worth the money. I am 56 and don’t feel like driving up to the courts in my neighborhood which are often already in use anyway. I put this across the end of my driveway so that my driveway becomes one side of the court (mini-court) while the other half of the court is in the cul-de-sac. We make our own rules around stupid Covid!!I teach my neighbor’s daughter who is only 6. She already knows how to assemble the net with me and she fetches the paver stones to put weight on the legs. I have very tiny spots of gray spray paint in the street and on my driveway that show the court corners and mid-lines, etc. My neighbor’s daughter holds one end of my tape measure and we connect the paint dots in a straight line. Then I make the court marks with sidewalk chalk. Has to be redone after every rain, but it only takes 15 minutes and the paint marks in street and my driveway are imperceptible unless you’re really looking for them. Trying to respect the beauty of the street and property.The kids in the neighborhood love it and I let em all play. Some adults have come out to play too! So much more fun on a mini-court at my age! (Only half the normal running back n forth). We use the kind of tennis balls for kids that have no interior pressure. You can hit as hard as on a regular court and they don’t go so hard or fast but make a very nice THWACK!! when you hit the ball.Honestly I have more fun these days with this little net than at a standard court.Believe me, while this is great for young kids 6 years and up, it is also great fun for adults!!I can submit pictures of my cul-de-sac set-up with court dimensions if anyone is interested.

  7. skomorokh

    + super easy to setup and repack- finish scratches easily on concrete tennis court

  8. K. Post

    Perfect for driveway tennis and on a tennis court while running a tennis clinic.

  9. Clare

    Use the net to play tennis or pickleball. Fun activity for the family!

  10. Blue Eyes

    Now my review is different from all others. I did NOT buy my three to play tennis. I bought them to act as a pool barrier for my elderly dog. For reasons I can’t explain, my dog likes to walk around the pool. Unfortunately, due to impeded eye sight she would mis-step and fall into the pool. This was neither pleasant for her nor I.These nets make a barrier that allows her to enjoy the pool area without danger.9!It’s so simple to put up and take down. Great quality and for me, a brilliant investment.

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