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Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes


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Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes

Shock is absorbed and then reversed by the Yonex Power Cushion for a smooth transition to the next movement.

In comparison to traditional urethane cushions, the Yonex Capability Cushion design has three times the stress absorption power.

Dropping an egg from a height of 7 meters onto a Power Cushion sheet results in a 4-meter bounce with no harm.

To give a more adaptable fit, the Yonex Men’s Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Tennis Shoes preserve the comfortable qualities prevalent in the Fusion rev 3.

The inner bootie is flexible, and the upper has a more prominent Flexion feature, while Power Cushion, Power Cushion+, and Toughbrid Light are used in the midsole.

The Fusion Rev 4 is a fantastic matchday shoe for professional tennis players, giving both comfort and responsiveness in equal measure.

Features of the Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes

  • Upper: The Flexion Upper’s new asymmetrical lacing pattern prevents excessive pressure on the top of the foot. In comparison to normal mesh fabrics, Double Russel Mesh is 8 times more air breathable.
  • Top of the shoe Durable Skin, an adjustable material, is wrapped around it. It aids in quick footwork by providing the right amount of support while yet allowing for some range of motion.
  • P.U. Leather adds durability where it’s most required. Improved fit and support in the midfoot and heel regions are provided by the Toe Assist Shape.
  • The flexible Inner Bootie, which extends from the metatarsal to the heel, provides adjustable support for the wearer’s foot.
  • Power Cushion and Power Cushion+ are located in the midsole, with Power Cushion running from the heel to the toes. Shock absorption and energy return are greatly improved as a result of this combination.
  • With its stable molecular alignment, ToughBrid Light technology provides more responsiveness and form preservation even during high-impact play.
  • Stability is improved by using a Power Graphite Sheet and Power Carbon Blades.
  • Outsole: The combination of Endurance Rubber II and Round Sole stabilizing technology provides great support during high-intensity play on any court.
  • The smooth heel-to-toe transition provided by the rounded heel adds to the shoe’s overall comfort.

Specifications of the Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes

  • Size: 11.5, 13
  • Color(S): Red/White/Black
  • Type of the surface: All Courts

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11.5, 12, 13

2 reviews for Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes

  1. Sam

    These shoes fit like a glove. Very comfortable and true to size. Traction is amazing on pretty much any surface, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stick to ice.

  2. Charles E. Samuel

    This is one of the best YONEX tennis shoe ever made. Comfortable right out of the box. Great design and color cosmetics. I always get compliments on the shoe. Keep raining the bar YONEX!

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