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Yonex Super Grap from Tennis Accessories (30 per Pack)


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Yonex Super Grap from Tennis Accessories

The Yonex Super Grap 30-pack can help you deal with perspiration whenever it happens. This over-grip improves the handle of your racquet by absorbing sweat and decreasing vibrations. It provides a good grip on the racquet handle due to its tacky, sticky feel. A pack contains 30 grips, 15 in each of two sets.

Specifications of the Yonex Super Grap from Tennis Accessories

  • Capacity: Contains 30 Grips per Package with finishing tape
  • Color(s): Black/Black, Red/Black Yellow/Red, Yellow/White, White/White, red/white, Black/Yellow, Red
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Sweat-absorbing and vibration-reducing material improve racquet handling.
  • The tacky, sticky texture provides a good grip.

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10 reviews for Yonex Super Grap from Tennis Accessories (30 per Pack)

  1. Ben

    This is a high end quality wrap. It is both for dry/wet palm. It is durable, lasted over 5 hours and still feel the tape like new but after 10 hours see a bit of white get dirty a bit. It is depend on your hand and how much you keep it clean during the game. My favorite grip is this Yonex, then Tourna, then Wilson, the rest are not that well made because the cheap ones colors bleed into your palm or the material is so stiff that it would cause cartilage.

  2. DK-O’C

    Probably the best combined tacky/absorbent overgrip available. At least as good as Wilson pro overgrips (the white ones) but usually cheaper. Better than TournaTac grips, although I like those also for their (trademarked) classic blue appearance and for being made in the USA. Bulk packaging is great for frequent changes due to lower price per grip. A little tricky separating each grip from spool, but that is similar to all grips sold in this fashion.

  3. Josh

    I have been a die-hard user of this over grip for 5 years now. The white one has the most tack out of all the colors. For those of you that don’t know, the different colors DO actually feel different. This grip doesn’t get slippery when wet unless you sweat from your hands profusely, then you should probably go with Tournagrip or something. I refuse to try other grips after using this one, I literally have never used a different grip in the last 5 years since I first started using this. It is priced very decently, especially here on Amazon with Prime, I used to buy it from Tennis Warehouse, but the pricing here is better. So yeah, best overgrip evah

  4. DLuds

    These are my favorite overgrips, I use them in a very hot and humid climate. I was ordering 3-packs, until I finally bit the bullet and got a 30 pack, which is definitely easier and more economical if you play often enough. I change my grip after about every 4-5 times playing or so.

  5. Alex Y. Yoon

    this is absolutely the best over grip that I have ever used.Just perfect tackiness with soft feel. Also the over grip last much longer than my other over grips.I am very satisfied customer. and I will buy them again.

  6. Adam

    I found these grips back in college and have stuck with them ever since. They have a great tack feel to them and don’t become slippery when wet.I would highly recommend them to any sine looking for an overgrip.

  7. Rich Eddy

    Thin, and just tacky enough for my tastes. This is my go to when it comes to wrapping my tennis racquet and pickleball paddle grips.

  8. Chompy

    I’ve tried a dozen different types of overgrip over the years, and Yonex Super Grap is my grip of choice. I’d really like to give it 4.5 start if I could, as its moisture management capabilities are a bit inferior compared to Tourna Grip or even Wilson Pro (my next favorite grips). However, it is *much* more durable than both the Wilson and Tourna. The Wilson Pro is a bit softer and more comfortable, but I find that it loses many of its characteristics after about two hours of play, and I don’t like having to replace my grip every time I play.

  9. Tech.Tennis

    For most of the year when it’s not too hot and humid, I use these. Definitely a great grip for the drier days but even works well for the more sweaty days. However, if it’s humid and you’ve got sweaty hands…you might need something else. Everyone is different with this kind of thing but I can’t play with these in the hot summers we have in the valley of California for very long.

  10. jimbo92107

    Good, tacky feel, and they’re reasonably absorbent. The material is stretchy, so it should fit any size handle, and the little sticky tab at the butt end holds the wrap tight, no problems. Eventually they get dirty and turn into a rag, but that’s their purpose, to take the wear instead of your leather grip. The bone-white color looks really classy when you put on a new one. Not so pretty after a month, but who cares? If you play an hour every day, I figure one of these should last a month or two, tops.

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