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Zen Tennis: Playing in the Zone


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Zen Tennis: Playing in the Zone

Zen Tennis: Playing In the Zone is packed with insightful descriptions and deep observations, providing readers with a wealth of fascinating content. It is vivid and instructive, and it provides great depth for any tennis player of any ability level. The authors are worth reading; they offer a different perspective on sports.

From the bestselling author of ZEN GOLF: This breakthrough book blends Eastern wisdom with tennis knowledge to improve your game. With personal stories that are sure to inspire even non-tennis players, Zen Tennis will show how to break through mental barriers and reach a higher level of performance without losing control of your game.

About the Authors

Dr. Joe Parent is a well-known consultant and executive coach in performance psychology for sports, business, and the performing arts. He has studied, applied, and taught communication and psychological concepts, as well as mindful awareness, since the 1970s. ZEN GOLF: Mastering the Mental Game, among other works by Dr. Parent, has sold more than 500,000 copies in print, digital, and audio versions to date. Dr. Parent has taught hundreds of executives and athletes and spoken at conferences, business retreats, and training programs. He offers business seminars, executive coaching, and sports mental game training at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. He’s available for phone or video calls for mental game coaching in business and sports. Visit ZenTennis.net or ZenGolf.com for further details, online lessons, and remote teaching.

During his 13-year professional career, Bill Scanlon achieved a career-high ATP world ranking of #9 and won seven singles titles. He is well known for having the only Golden Set (winning a set 6-0 without dropping a single point) in men’s professional tennis history. The achievement is documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is also recognized for defeating top-seeded John McEnroe on his way to the US Open semi-finals. Scanlon has advanced to the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon and Australian Opens. Scanlon, who resides in Los Angeles with his wife Stephanie, owns an investment advising firm. He wrote “Bad News for McEnroe” and founded the Advantage USA Tennis Foundation, which coaches several professional tennis players.

Specifications of Zen Tennis: Playing in the Zone

  • Number of Pages: 174 Pages
  • Date of Publication: 29 May 2015
  • Paper Cover
  • Idiom: English

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10 reviews for Zen Tennis: Playing in the Zone

  1. Bart

    Great book on how to apply mindfulness to tennis and getting into the zone.It was fun trying out the techniques to see how they worked on the tennis game. For me personally, the visualization then handoff to the genie was quite effective. Definitely a game changer!I highly recommend this book!

  2. Amy Kotula

    I own the golf putting book he wrote and it was fantastic. I saw this and immediately purchased it for my HS tennis playing nephew. Very well written by a top sports psychologist. Perfect for EVERY level of play. Strongly recommended!

  3. Amazon Customer

    This book is something unique! I am a top 300 wta tennis player and it can definitely help me become the best player i can be. What Bill is teaching us in the book is something very powerful and it can be used to change anyones life.I highly recommend this book and the ones that truly believe in it will be very successful.

  4. Pete007s

    If you remember ‘The Inner Game of Tennis’, this book is the evolution of that groundbreaking work, as Parent and Scanlon meld their combined and vast knowledge of psychology, physiology and the game of tennis to create a break-though, yet perfectly understandable methodology to nit only improve your game but also improve your mental strength. I loved this book and have brought it with me every time I get on the court!

  5. You Know Me

    I really enjoyed this book. It is somewhat similar to a samurai mindset. The more relaxed you can get your mind, and get it to stay out of your body mind’s way, the better player you will be. I see so many rec players just screaming and yelling at themselves. Worse i see them screaming i suck i cannot hit a backhand volley. your body “hears” that and gladly accepts it…I have really improved my game on this one tact of separating my minds conciousness from my body’s awareness. Now i find myself asking gently how am i feeling? tired, excited nervous and tell myself “relax, let the body do this. you go this. the more i let go. the more im surprised at my results.”I read this after winnging ugly and inner tennis. inner tennis was very heavy and still important but this is very light. finding the zone is better.

  6. Katja Rieckermann

    Love this book! I don’t even play tennis but the concept of this book caught my attention. I am a professional saxophone player and a lot of times I have to play gigs where there is a lot of pressure. Reading “Zen Tennis” gave me the tools to get “in the Zone” and play my “Golden Saxophone”

  7. juan pablo maldonado

    5 stars

  8. Chaitanya Malireddy

    Awesome book, good mix of Zen psychology/stories from Dr. Parent and stories from Scanlon’s career and his application of those ideas in his training.

  9. James T. Freeman

    I love Dr. Parent’s take on coaching and learning. It’s reflective of Timothy Gallwey’s Inner Game approach. Highly recommended.

  10. Phlipp

    I liked the way the book focuses on your own mindfulness and skills. It’s about the love of playing tennis and personal performance.

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