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Wilson Blade, Wilson Pro Staff, Wilson Clash, Wilson Ultra, Wilson Burn, and Wilson Triad


The Wilson tennis rackets fall into 7 series: Blade (8 models), Burn (3 models), Clash (9 models), Pro Staff (7 models), Triad (2 models), Ultra (8 models), and US Open (2 models). Scroll down for a brief description of each one of them.


Wilson Blade 100L v8 from Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Blade 100L v8

Wilson Burn 100 V4.0 from Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Burn 100 V4.0

Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 from Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson Pro Staff RF97

Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racket

Wilson Ultra 100 V3

Wilson Clash 100UL Tennis Racket

Wilson Clash 100UL

Wilson Clash 100 Pro Tennis Racket

Wilson Clash 100 Tour (Pro)

More about Wilson Tennis Rackets


The Wilson Blade series are ideal for aggressive, hard-hitting or powerful tennis players looking for greater control with a strong connection and feel for the ball.

The Wilson Burn series are ideal for tennis players that prefer to play from the baseline and hit with more spin and power.

The Wilson Clash series are ideal for tennis players looking for a tennis racket with incredible flexibility, as well as amazing stability, in order to maximize power, control, depth, and accuracy.

The Wilson Pro Staff series are ideal for tennis players looking for pinpoint accuracy, as well as classic control and feel.

The Wilson Triad series are ideal for tennis players looking for enhanced power and feel, as well as amazing comfort that reduces the amount of vibration reaching the arm and the chance of injury.

The Wilson Ultra series consist of light-frame rackets that are ideal for tennis players looking for easy and explosive power, enhanced control, and impressive stability.

The US Open series are ideal for beginner-intermediate tennis players looking not only for power but also for enhanced stability and added control.

Wilson tennis rackets are manufactured by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company, a U.S. sports equipment manufacturer founded in 1913 and based in Chicago, Illinois.

Some tennis legends (i.e., winners of multiple Grand Slam titles in singles and/or players who have been ranked No. 1 in the world in singles) from the past and present who played or still play with Wilson tennis rackets are Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Tracy Austin, Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras, Jim Courier, Lyndsay Davenport, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Justine Henin, Simona Halep, and Petra Kvitova.

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